30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 27: Most Epic Scene Ever

I have mixed everything up now. Today is day 27, yesterday’s post should have been days 25 and 26 (amended now). Thank god it’s nearing the end of this challenge, I’m losing track of it all!

So here we go, most epic scene ever.

Isn’t that a little difficult? I don’t know there are so many games that have great scenes but a predominant one doesn’t spring to mind as I don’t tend to play games that have big, epic cut-scenes… I have mentioned this before in response to a similar question but I think that the scene in Bioshock where you first get into Rapture and you’re taken to the city is amazing, especially with the splicer at the end of it, she’s so creepy I needed a lot of nerve to get out of the little submarine thing after that.



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