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Final Fantasy IX – The Cute Effect

I was dubious about starting this game. After having fairly recently played Final Fantasy X and (shudder) X-II, did I really want to start another 300 hour adventure where I don’t know what’s going on? As I watched my other half play it though I slowly realised that yes, I did want to play it! I actually wanted to play a Final Fantasy game! My reasons for this are a little unexpected; My main reason is that I really like the graphics. Yes, they’re not realistic looking or cinematically breathtaking like recent Final Fantasy games but… I kind of like that, in fact I prefer it. I’ll delve more into why a bit later. The tipping point was the introduction of an unexpectedly adorable character:

Image result for vivi ff9
Picture credit to Maye1a from

He is the most adorable little mage I have ever seen and I love him. He also has one of the best Final Fantasy name so far… I think so anyway: Vivi. It’s not over the top and it’s not too boring. I may name a future pet after him. Not only is he adorable and named well but he also has a heart wrenching back-story which I am absolutely hooked on, more so than the main plot. *Brief spoilers for the rest of the paragraph * He finds all these mages that look like him and he’s all excited but then they’re basically robots and don’t acknowledge him, when he gets attacked though they all go in front of him to protect him and then they get thrown over the side of the ship and it’s so sad… I felt tears welling up, how can things that only have eyes be so expressive??? Then everyone is so mean to him because they think he’s the enemy! Now all his mage friends have joined the dark side… If anything bad happens to little Vivi I don’t know what I’ll do.

On to what I was saying about the graphics: I think one of my big issues with modern Final Fantasy is that it’s these super epic looking games with incredible graphics, huge weapons and battles of epic proportions etc… Then you actually play and the battling is… Well it’s just so boring. They stand there looking so badass and cool and you have to wait for what seems like forever while their ATBs charge then finally they move… Then go back to standing…  Wait… Then move again… It’s an unrealistic element in a graphically realistic looking game and it always bothers me. As the graphics are so different in IX though I don’t mind it, it feels more normal. It reminds me a bit of Pokémon which is the only other turn-based game that I play regularly.

Image result for final fantasy XIII battle
Look at Lightning slacking off in the corner “You’ve obviously got this Vanille, I’m just gonna stand here and chill for a while”

Something else that I am pleasantly surprised by, and which I did not expect to happen at all, is that I actually know what is going on. A time may come where it gets overly complicated but for now it’s perfect.

My only critique is that Garnet and Zidane’s relationship and places in the story are very similar to Tidus and Yuna from FF X where we have a male character who the game is trying to convince me is the protagonist while there is a female character painted as the love interest/damsel, but the plot is actually revolving around her. It’s a little frustrating, I would like to play as Garnet/Yuna, I feel like sometimes it would make more sense… Maybe that wouldn’t have gelled so well with their target audience though. I also feel a bit weird reading about Zidane’s womanising ways… He’s 16?! Like hell he’s done half the things he’s talking about, and even if he had are we supposed to be charmed by that? “Oh, he’s such a bad boy!” I don’t think so.

Speaking of inappropriate things, it’s butt appreciation time starting with Garnet: She was obviously the most liked character from the developer side what with her butt being the most lovingly rendered thing in this entire game:

FINAL FANTASY IX_20180125204441

Backing this up there’s this creepy moment where the text flashes by so quickly you’re not quite sure it happened…

Image result for FF IX zidane garnet ladder
I had to Image search this because I couldn’t get a screenshot in time. Ah, non-consensual groping, the way to every girl’s heart.

There’s the all-female army, the higher their rank, the more clothes they wear (and they become brunettes too, obviously).

FINAL FANTASY IX_20180122204437

Then there’s this dude who is literally a walking butt… To be honest I thought he was a girl until I was told otherwise. I found the slender waist, thong thing, and long hair a bit misleading, plus I’m envious of his eye shadow. Anyway he must be pretty cold.

Related image

Image result for kuja ff9 in game remastered

Finally, best butt of the game (so far): Quina (or Quinoa as I’ve named him/her). I mean it’s not as obvious as the rest but look at him/her. There is something keeping that dress in that shape is all I’m saying.

Image result for quina ff9 screenshot

To finish this post I had a little fun naming some of my team so I thought I’d share a few with you: I was immediately disappointed that I couldn’t rename Saiyan reject Zidane as – what I thought was hilarious – Zig-a-zig-aah (come on, it would have been funny), 8 characters max! I re-named Steiner as Potato so that he’s referred to as ‘Captain Potato’ throughout the game, I know how to have fun. Finally, I gave Princess Garnet this perfect fake name for her ‘common’ alias: Garnot. No one will ever know…

FINAL FANTASY IX_20180125204609

Have you played FF IX? What do you think about the difference in graphics between the older games and newer games? Which do you prefer?






15 thoughts on “Final Fantasy IX – The Cute Effect

  1. The only Final Fantasy game experience I have is about 1 hour of VII, 45 minutes of X, and I’ve almost completed XIII, which I’ve actually enjoyed quite a bit, despite all the standing around that can occur.

    Buuuut what I really wanted to say is that Vivi is the cutest little black mage I’ve ever seen, and that guy’s eye shadow is *on point.*

    Also, of course the higher-ranking military officials are well-clad. Higher-powered armor means more of it, not less… 😉

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  2. Vivi is definitely the best character in IX, no question. I didn’t end up caring for IX primarily because I didn’t like Zidane’s character, but I was very invested in Vivi’s story the whole time I played. Plus from a gameplay perspective, Vivi kicked more tail than the rest of the team put together!

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  3. I literally could not stop laughing at the “butt appreciation” part. Omg that was hysterical. You weren’t the only one to think Kuja was a lady. When I first saw him years ago before the game came out, I thought, “Oh cool, another Final Fantasy with a female antagonist” since FFVIII had one, but then people were referring to Kuja as “he,” and I was confused for a bit (I was also young and not up and up on certain things), but agreed…he does have the best eye shadow ever, but Sephiroth still has the best eyelashes!

    I think as you go along, you’ll see differences between Zidane and Garnet from Tidus and Yuna. I might be biases because IX is my second favorite, but Zidane is not NEARLY as annoying as Tidus, and his relationship with Garnet does improve. Looking back now, there are some hella problematic things like the groping and pressuring her to like him, but all in all for a game that came out when such paradigms were really prevalent, it ends really well!

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  4. Woah woah woah, no love for Beatrix and Steiner!? Well, maybe I’ll have to tackle that one :p

    FFIX is in my top three FFs with VI and VII – I loved the return to a more traditional fantasy theme, and the aesthetic is drop dead gorgeous. It felt like it could have been taken off of a medieval tapestry sewed by Hayao Miyazaki. I completely get what you’re saying about the art style being an attraction, because I agree – the more I think about the games where the characters proportions are more realistic, the more I realize they’ve kind of limited themselves in how colorful and out there they can make the world.

    So yes, Vivi – I also love Steiner, Beatrix and Freya (their whole “duty” vs “what I want” arcs appealed to me), but Vivi is the highlight of the game for sure. He’s just so innocent and goofy, but with a truly feeling heart. I wish more games made characters that weren’t afraid to feel, or were more realistically scared about their situation.

    Great post!

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