Dragon's Nuzlocke Challenge

Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 2 – Stupid Birds

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The team so far:

  • Hedwig (Hoot hoot)
  • Rizzo (Rattata)

Today we made the big leap from Cherrygrove City to Violet City. On route 39 Buzz the Weedle was caught. This seemed to aggravate the other Weedles in the area who wouldn’t leave us alone for the rest of the journey, poor Hedwig and Rizzo were both rushed to and from the Pokécentre with poisoning. Despite the amount of times this happened Buzz herself never actually managed to poison anything she fought. Meanwhile Rizzo was becoming my go-to Pokémon never letting anything live longer than two turns and levelling up quickly, Hedwig however was struggling. I think the loss of Toto was still hanging over him. He barely did any damage and levelling him up just seemed to take a stupidly long time… As we made our way up the path we were faced with our first ever trainer (exculding BLAAAAA), Joey the Youngster. Luckily he was terrible and we stomped him.

Joey yOUNGSTER.png

Later up the path, still fighting our way through the Weedle hoard, we came to Route 31. Time for a new Pokémon! This isn’t going so badly! That will make it 4 already! Let’s see… Weedle… Weedle… Weedle… Weed-AAAAARGH. Finally, a Pidgey dared to fight through the crowd of horned worms and attacked. I actually really like Pidgeys “finally a good bird Pokémon!” I exclaimed, temporarily forgetting myself. Hedwig looked at me with the most dejected expression on his face. “I’m sorry… you’re just really hard to level…”

Hedwig: “It’s fine. I get it. I’ll never be as good as Totodile… Catch the Pidgey, do what you have to do.”

Feeling slightly guilty, but also quite triumphant I caught the Pidgey and named her Cawcaw. “Time to show route 31 who’s boss…”

Rizzo: “Euuuuh… Doesn’t she look a little… Different?”

I took a closer look, her eyes were crossed, as she took a step forward she tripped over her own feet and face-planted the ground. “She’s fine! Just a bit disorientated after being caught! Let’s try her out!”

I sent her out to deal with another level 3 Pidgey. Her attack missed. Not only did it miss but she took a stupid amount of damage in return. Next turn she hit but did almost half the amount of damage that the enemy Pidgey had done to her,  he reduced Cawcaw’s health to the red section. I had managed to find the most useless Pidgey in existence. “What the… *sigh* Hedwig?”

Hedwig: *Glances up smugly* “Yes?”

Dragon: “I need you to deal with a level 3 Pidgey, please.”

Hedwig: “What? Cawcaw isn’t working out? I suppose I could give you a hand…” He stretched his wings and effortlessly tackled the enemy, winning the battle.

After that I resolved to get everyone to at least level 7 before entering Violet City, Hedwig and Rizzo were already there so that was OK. Unfortunately, that meant seemingly endless battles of Buzz spamming “Poison Sting” which is not a hugely effective move against anything.

Dragon: *Yawn* “Is it possible to die of boredom?”

Buzz: *Sweat pouring down her forehead* “I’m doing my best!”

Dragon: “I know… Forget I said anything, you’re doing great… So great, keep it up”

Buzz: “Wha- I think this is it! I’m doing it!!!”

Finally, a blinding light shone over Buzz as she evolved into a Kakuna! First evolution of the game!

Now… Just for Cawcaw. There is truly something wrong with this Pokémon, in every single battle she would miss at least once and another team member would have to help.

Missed shot

Missed again

Finally, I found an alternative, a boring one but it was better than nothing.

Dragon: “Right Cawcaw, that Kakuna can not attack you. It will take a long time but there is no way you can lose this battle… Are you ready?”

Cawcaw: “Caw?”

“Awesome, let’s go!” The battle lasted for a very long time… However, at the end Cawcaw went up not one but two levels. Then we found another, slightly higher level Kakuna… It took all my patience (and the whole PP of ‘tackle’) but Cawcaw eventually disposed of that one too and went up two levels again!

We finally entered Violet City and breathed in the scent of progress.

Dragon: “I’m sorry Hedwig, I got carried away back there.”

Hedwig: “It’s OK Dragon, I understand.”

Dragon: “Great, and well done Rizzo, you did so well! *whisper* you’re my favourite, don’t tell Hedwig.”


Next time on Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: we take on our first gym and things start to go wrong…

The Team:

  • Hedwig (Hoothoot)
  • Rizzo (Rattata)
  • Buzz (Kakuna)
  • Cawcaw (Pidgey)

Day 3→


9 thoughts on “Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 2 – Stupid Birds

  1. I love reading your journey. This stage sounds like it was an unexpected challenge. Weedles just like saying hello, sadly this can involve poisoning for your team but they just want to chat. I feel sorry for Hedwig in this story though, I’m sure he tries.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was surprisingly hard, because I’m so paranoid about them fainting I am spending so much more time training them than I usually would!
      I did feel kind of bad about ignoring Hedwig a lot when I started catching new Pokémon! We’ll try and make up though!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think if you get so worried about them fainting it will mean that you train much more. You probably start to notice if one is easier to level than another because of that. I’m sure Hedwig will make up with you and keep trying.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s like you found the one Pidgey in the world with the Hustle ability.
    I get where you’re coming from with Hedwig struggling to level so much. I’ve never had a positive experience trying to raise a Hoot Hoot. Weedle, though – Buzzington the Beedrill stayed with me all the way through the first Nuzlocke I ever completed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, Buzzington and Buzz, we really stretched our imaginations there!
      I don’t understand why Hoothoot is so tricky to level, usually ones you find in the beginning are so easy to level up. Luckily I have a speed up option on my phone so when I’m grinding I can half the time it would usually take.

      Liked by 1 person

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