Dragon's Nuzlocke Challenge

Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 3 – Gym Time! Followed by a Series of Unfortunate Events…

←Day 2

The Team:

  • Hedwig (Hoothoot)
  • Rizzo (Rattata)
  • Buzz (Kakuna)
  • Cawcaw (Pidgey)

The day started off pretty good… We spent the day exploring Violet City and Sprout Tower. A tower where loads of trainer battles hapen… But only with Bellsprouts. Each to their own. While we were in there Buzz evolved into a Beedrill and became epic.

We also met a new friend, “Ooh, a Gastly, sweet. I shall name you… Burgie… Because I am hungry and have burgers on the brain, IRL a burger is on its’ way to me right now.”

Burgie: “…” *lick*

Dragon: “Eurgh! Oh god, what are you doing?”

Burgie: “That is my one thing… I lick stuff…” *lick*

Dragon “… You may not be quite as useful as I’d hoped…”

Burgie: *starts licking the floor*

After that we got the HM Flash from the Sprout Master, the worst HM ever, I’d have to carefully think about who to give this to but for now I don’t need it.

Finally, I decided to tackle my first Gym… A flying-type gym.

Apparently battling in his pyjamas is his thing

I was a little nervous but not too worried… “We’ll be fine guys! Two of you are flying types and then we have Rizzo! … Wait… Where is Rizzo?!”

We entered the gym just in time to see Rizzo tackle Faulkner’s Pidgeotto so hard that it un-evolved back into a Pidgey, making Faulkner sob.

Rizzo: “Oh hey, boss while you were stressing I just went ahead and got the badge, no big deal.”

Dragon: “That’s amazing! Thank you Rizzo! You’re so awesome!”

Rizzo: “I know boss, I know,” he said as he chucked me the badge and flexed himself back into his pokeball. I swooned.

I should have known everything was too good to be true… So what went wrong? Well I guess first of all I was asked to carry an egg around with me by Professor Elm. Great, that’s taking up a valuable spot but my team are pretty epic, we’ll be fine.

After that it was pretty good for a while, Hedwig learned Peck, and Cawcaw learned Gust suddenly becoming really useful… Well… Sort of…

She actually managed to get hit by a Magikarp… Then miss.

Having never been to the Johto region I assumed that because I had received the HM Flash and was now able to use it with my Gym badge the way forward was through the Dark Cave on Route 31. I had been hoping that the cave would let me see just a little like in other regions, sometimes there’s a little circle of light around you and you can just make it through without learning Flash. That was not the case here…


Dragon: *sigh* “Hedwig, I need you to learn Flash.”

Hedwig: “What?! No Way!!! Why me???”

Dragon: “You are the only Pokemon I have that can use it, I’m really sorry I wish it wasn’t the case…”

Hedwig: *Ruffling his feathers* “Fine, I guess you can get rid of Growl or Future Sight…”

Dragon: “Ok… Oh no… Oh god no…”

Hedwig: “WHAT?? What did you do? Oh no…I can’t remember how to tackle!!! What did you do?!”

Dragon: “I’m so sorry, my finger slipped and I accidentally selected it!”

Hedwig: “You absolute idiot, I can’t believe you’ve done this to me!”

Dragon: “Maybe there’s someone that can get you to forget HM moves!”

Hedwig: “Urgh…”


We strode through the cave with Hedwig as our unwilling beacon and were attacked by a Zubat, not realising what I was doing I let Rizzo take it on, intending for him to just weaken it but he tore it apart and eliminated it on his first turn.

Dammit Rizzo…

Before I could scold him he had already jumped back into his ball. Dammit. So no Pokemon from Dark Cave… Fine… We then reached a dead end…

Hedwig: “Did you just replace Tackle with Flash for NO REASON?!”

Dragon: “I thought this was the right way!”

Hedwig: “Just… Don’t talk to me for a while!”

Eventually, I found the right road and we made our way through. On the way I caught a Bellsprout called Bellende (I put an ‘e’ on the end to make it classy), who was sent to the PC, and upon entering Union Cave I caught a Zubat called ZuluWarior, also sent to the PC, my first reserves! It was in Union Cave that I realised, excluding Rizzo and Burgie, all my Pokemon are flying types and are therefore super susceptible to Rock-type moves and Rizzo did barely any damage for once. I started fighting a trainer who sent out an Onix and I realised I had no choice…

Dragon: “Burgie, you’re our main guy right now.”

Burgie: *super excitedly* “Yessir! I’m so glad you’re finally using me! I knew this day would come! I can’t wa-”

Dragon: “Ok, let’s get this Onix!”

Burgie: “WOOHOO!!!” *lick*

Enemy Onix: “Ew… What are you doing? Get off me! That’s so gross!”

Burgie: “I’m really sorry, this is literally the best I can do.”

Enemy Onix: “You’re actually going to lick me to death? That will take ages, and it’s so gross!”

Burgie: “… I have to… I can put you to sleep if you like so that you won’t notice so much?”

Enemy Onix: “… Fine… Eurgh.”

We advanced through the cave like that with Burgie licking every rock type to death. None of them were a high enough level to know any rock-type moves so I was safe… Or so I thought… I emerged from Union cave blinking in the sunlight, all was well, I was very close to the next town, all my Pokemon were in peak condition… Suddenly a Hiker stopped me just as I was about to enter the town, a battle? Why not? I’d just trashed all the other guys in the cave. That’s when he sent out a level 11 Geodude. This Geodude knew Rock Throw. First of all I tried to take him on with Burgie as I had done with everything in the cave and then Burgie got hit by Rock Throw and I couldn’t keep healing him enough to keep up with the damage, he took most of the Geodude’s HP off but I had to withdraw him with only 1 HP left. I thought it would be fine, there was only a bit of health left and I still had Rizzo who, while he wouldn’t do a lot of damage he had a full-health bar! One hit from Geodude, not so bad. Rizzo chipped away… Then another hit… A critical hit… No. It couldn’t be… As the rocks buried him Rizzo turned to look at me, panic in his eyes. He was my favourite, the one that never failed, the one that single-handedly defeated the first Gym… He couldn’t die. Then he appeared to accept his fate and he smiled faintly at me, “Don’t worry boss, It’s not your fault…” then he was obscured from view as the rocks covered him. Forever.



I had no strategy any more, I didn’t know what to do, I started panicking… Then it got worse. After valiantly chipping away with Fury Attack, Buzz too, fell to Rock Throw.


Blinded by rage I threw out Cawcaw, she attacked with Gust and finally KO’d the Geodude. I sighed with relief but it was not over yet. The Hiker then sent out a Machop and I panicked, were fighting types strong against birds or weak against birds? I was so distraught after losing Rizzo and Buzz that I couldn’t remember. I then made a very stupid mistake. I sent out Burgie thinking he wouldn’t be hit but then I suddenly remembered that birds are strong against fighting types not the other way around! Luckily, the Machop had only used Focus Energy so I sent Cawcaw back out again and the Machop swung at her with a Low Kick. It hurt. It took off half her HP. “Please, please, please” I prayed as Cawcaw retaliated with Gust… If she could just one-shot him… It came close but the Machop stayed standing. It swung at her again and this time Cawcaw was thrown through the air and landed in a heap at my feet. “CAWCAW! NO!” I stroked her crumpled feathers as she faded away.

Dragon: “I’m sorry I said you were a bit odd, you are a very good bird”

She managed one last, weak “Caw” and then she was gone.

Hedwig: “Dragon… It’s time… I have to go out there.”

Dragon: “No Hedwig, I can’t let you go! What if you die too? I’ll send out Burgie!”

Hedwig: “Burgie only has 1 HP. Let me do this, I may not know Tackle any more but I can use Peck, I might be able to take him out in one go.”

Dragon: “… Ok… Be careful.”

I needn’t have worried, fuelled by the loss of his teammates Hedwig launched a devastating Peck attack that took out the Machop.


We had won the battle but lost too many friends… Hedwig, Burgie and I solemnly held a small funeral for Rizzo, Buzz and Cawcaw before heading into Azalea Town.


The Team:

  • Hedwig (Hoothoot)
  • Burgie (Gastly)

The Reserves

  • Bellende (Bellsprout)
  • ZuluWarior (Zubat)
  • Egg (delicious)


  • Rizzo (Rattata)
  • Buzz (Kakuna)
  • Cawcaw (Pidgey)

Next time on Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge I painstakingly attempt to rebuild my team…

Day 4→

16 thoughts on “Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 3 – Gym Time! Followed by a Series of Unfortunate Events…

      1. Glad to make you feel better/keep you company in your mistakes with moves. I know I have felt so stupid doing that, your finger slips and suddenly a really good move has disappeared. Luckily it doesn’t happen often and hopefully that will be the one and only time in this game that you do this.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. “I can put you to sleep if you like so you won’t notice it so much.” That whole exchange had me grinning from ear to ear.
    Man, this is the thing about Nuzlockes – once one Pokemon goes down everything just seems to tumble out of control. That critical hit on Rizzo…yikes. Losing half your team like that is rough, especially when the Pokemon you have left aren’t exactly the dream team. However, this can also be the best part of a Nuzlocke – maybe Burgie and Bellende will end up being pretty great!
    If you’re able to keep Zubat around for awhile, in my experience Crobat is actually pretty good. It’ll be slow going at first but once Zubat learns Wing Attack you’re golden.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True. I always found the same thing with previous Nuzlockes too. Someone would go down and then it would be a horrible domino effect.
      I do have high hopes for Zuluwarrior, unfortunately he’s proving to be a bit tricky to level up, he’ll get there though ☺

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been loving these posts, but ooph- I felt these losses as you wrote them/I read them!

    I eagerly await reading about your team re-assembling, and a salute to the Pokemon who have fallen in valiant battle!

    Liked by 1 person

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