Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 14 – The Finale!

←Day 13

The Final Team

  • Heather (Dotrio)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Swirlyo (Poliwag)
  • Friglet (Girafarig)
  • MyLilPony (Rapidash)

We had been training for a very, very long time. Many Tentacruels and Stantler were killed in an attempt to level the team with no accidental casualties and finally our hard work had paid off. My team were all levelled to their high 30s and everyone, excluding the stubborn MyLilPony, had evolved. I was sure they’d get to their level 40s in Victory Road. Cautiously we approached the cave.

Dragon: “Right team, here’s the plan: we duck in. Have a look around and see what sort of Pokémon there are and then we duck back out and go back to the lady’s house down the road to rest up… Let’s go!”

Cautiously we entered the cave and were immediately assaulted by a Gravler, he was promptly caught and sent to the PC. The last Pokémon I’d ever catch. I quickly realised that Swirlyo had a huge advantage in this cave: he could one-shot almost everything with Surf. We made our way through the cave, constantly going back to the house a bit down the road to rest when anyone took a little too much damage than I was comfortable with. I didn’t have any money left so I had to be careful! Finally we braved going past the front door and down a couple of ladders when my nemesis BLAAAA accosted us. The rival fight? Already? OK…

We easily beat him and he sort of admitted that he might be a bit of a douche canoe. Cool… What’s through this doorway here? Light? We’re on the other side?


Pointy: “Did you want more fights?”

Dragon: “Well… Yeah! I want you guys to level up as much as possible and I want more money for potions!”

Friglet: “Well, there were some ladders we didn’t explore, there’s probably some items in there still.”

Dragons: “Great idea, Friglet!”

It was not a great idea. Half an hour later, while desperately trying to figure out how to get to an item that was tantalisingly close yet so far, Friglet fell to a self-destructing Graveler. Great. Now I only had 5 Pokémon for the Elite Four.

I gave up on the elusive item and we marched to the Elite Four. I must admit that at this point, while I’d never tell the team, I just wanted it over with. I had procrastinated for too long and I was just happy to have gotten this far. I had made a promise though and I intended to go through with it. I took out the newly caught Graveler (Baldur) to replace Friglet and off we went…

Elite Four Battle Number 1 – Will

Unfortunately, battle number 1 was what I’d been training Friglet up for. His dark moves would have been perfect against all of the Psychic types but… Never mind. Will’s Xatu proved to be a huge problem. I had nothing on bird or psychic Pokémon here and after going with what I had hoped would be the most sensible option (Baldur) I realised my mistake. Baldur was immediately taken out, Swirlyo quickly followed suit…

Crossing my fingers I sent out Sleepy ZZZ, he could take the hit from the Psychic moves and he eventually managed to Headbutt the Xatu to death, though it took him a long while, and a lot of potions. He did the same to the next Xatu, with me throwing a potion at him every few turns until that too fell and Will sent out a Slowbro. Ok… Heather could deal with this, bird has advantage over water… Right? Heather joined her fallen team mates…


At this point I was starting to panic. I wasn’t even going to make it past the first guy after all this time?! Sleepy ZZZ faced the Slowbro and took him out after several headbutts and potions. I was optimistic about the next Pokémon: An Exeggcute. MyLilPony had this in the bag.

MyLilPony somehow did not have this in the bag. Poor Sleepy ZZZ was dragged out again…

Dragon: “We’re nearly there Sleepy ZZZ, keep at it!”

Sleepy ZZZ: “… My head is so sore from all this headbutting bro… I don’t know if I can…”

Dragon: “Don’t be ridiculous, you are my second best Pokémon after Pointy and we would never be here without you. This is your moment, this is what we’ve been working for. Take this Ether and show them who’s boss!”

Sleepy ZZZ: “Uuurgh… OK…”

With a final, fatal headbutt the Exeggcute was sent sprawling at Will’s feet. We’d done it. We’d defeated an Elite Four member!


I hugged him and he gave a weak smile. The battle had definitely taken its’ toll, on our fallen team mates mostly of course but on my potions supply and Sleepy ZZZ’s health as well.

Pointy: “I wanted to help…”

Dragon: “You’re a poison type, you would have been at a huge disadvantage against Psychic… You’re the main event in the next battle though. Are you ready?”

Pointy: “… I am. Do you think we’ll win?”

Dragon: “… I want to… But I don’t think so. Do you?”

Pointy: “No… But I want to try. If we fail I can be reunited with Nointy… Do you think our egg will be OK?”

Dragon: “Burd will take care of it.”

Pointy: “I don’t think I could have named a better godfather… Except Hedwig but you know… He’s dead too.”

Sleepy ZZZ: “Whatever happens you guys, I’ve had a great time.”

Dragon: “It’s truly been an honour.”

We had one last group hug, I took a deep breath and kicked open the door to the second Elite 4 member.

Elite Four Battle Number 2 – Koga

Dragon: “You’re going down Koga… Maybe.”

Koga: “You’re taking me on with just two Pokémon? That’s brave… But foolish.”

Dragon: “I have faith in Pointy and Sleepy ZZZ… I also have no choice.”

Koga: “Very well.”

The battle commenced and we had a strong start. Pointy made short work of the Ariados and Venomoth. That was already two Pokémon down! I started to feel a little more confident.

Dragon: “Keep it up Pointy! You’re doing it!”

Pointy: “As if I was going to let a couple of bugs take me down.”

Koga: “They were just the beginning, Go Forretress!”

Pointy: “Pfft. I do’t think so. Ice Punch, Bit-”


Dragon: “NOOOOO!!!!!”

The Forretress was too fast, it exploded before Pointy could attack, she tried to stand strong against the blast but it was just too much. She fell to the floor with a resounding THUMP. Her death was a punch to my gut, she’d become a fast favourite throughout the journey and while Sleepy ZZZ could hold his own I did not expect he’d be able to do so in what was coming.

Any minuscule remaining hope I’d had of defeating the Elite Four was shattered. Sleepy ZZZ gulped and nodded at me as he stepped up to the plate. A Crobat was sent out to meet him and, while it poisoned Sleepy he managed to take it out.

Here we were… Koga’s last Pokémon: a Muk. A rather high leveled Muk. Exhausted Sleepy ZZZ never stood a chance. Down he went covered in gross poison goop. Our fates intertwined, I too fell to my knees and collapsed…

It was a rainy, winters’ night when Burd, Squidward, Nommy, Smokey and an egg were released from the PC and informed that their trainer had fallen. Nommy and Smokey wasted no time and ran off into the wilderness. They hadn’t been close to the trainer at all. Burd and Squidward however shared a sad look and then at the egg. They knew what they had to do. Together they hatched the egg and raised the baby female Nidoran that came from it. They make a strange family to be sure, a giant squid, a bird and a guinea pig but it works. The Nidoran had a very unique upbringing, it’s rare to find a Nidoran that enjoys swimming and sleeping in nests. Growing up hearing stories about the bravery of her parents and the trainer that had taken her mother all the way to the Elite Four it was a very ambitious Nidoran, determined to find a trainer worthy of her skill to take her on their Elite 4 journey. One thing’s for sure, if it was anything like its’ mother it would go on to do great things. Its’ name? Nurdward.


The End…


In a parallel Universe Dragon’s still alive, this version of her was sat at work minding her own business when suddenly…



So there we have it everybody! Thank you to everyone that stuck with me throughout my journey and I apologise for the posts being a little sporadic at times. It was a fun journey, if a little stressful at times, hugely rewarding and I learned a lot more about Pokémon! I would consider doing a Nuzlocke again but maybe with some different rules… Not for a long time though! I need to recover from this one first! 

Would you consider taking the Nuzlocke challenge? Have you ever completed one? Which Pokémon game would you take the challenge on?









Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 13 – Getting Ready…

←Day 12

Ah ha! I bet you thought I’d given up on this! Well, I did for a little while to be honest. After beating the 8th gym I needed a little break from Pokémon, I never expected to get past the 4th gym, let alone the 8th! After a couple of weeks I picked it back up and started the journey to the Elite Four…

The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Squidward (Tentacruel)
  • Burgie (Haunter)
  • Fritatta (Exeggcute)


Squidward: “No. I won’t do it.”

Dragon: “Come on, I need you to learn Waterfall so we can get to the Elite Four.”

Squidward: “I am sick of being an HM Whore. If you make me learn that too then all of my moves will be HMs and I just won’t stand for that.”

Dragon: “Fine… Fine… I guess I’ll just go and- HIIIYAAAAA!”

I threw the HM disc at Squidward, hitting him in the eye.

Squidward: “NO! I WILL NOT- Wait… I can’t learn it! Woohoo!”

Dragon: “You can learn every other HM move but that one?”

Squidward: “Apparently. Now I can just be a valuable team member instead!”

Dragon: “Into the PC with you Squidward.”

Squidward: “But…”

Dragon: “I know. I wish it wasn’t the case but I need a Pokémon that can learn Waterfall and having two water Pokémon is a bit of a waste… If there’s a computer past the waterfall maybe I’ll get you out then! Goodbye!”

I regarded my new water Pokémon Swirlyo the Poliwhirl, who looked back at me with his big eyes…

Dragon: “Where is your mouth?”

Swirlyo: “…”

Dragon: “Ah well, less dialogue to write!” (yeah, I broke the fourth wall, so what?)

With Swirlyo’s eyes bulging in fear and surprise at the sudden increase of power in his moves we zoomed up the waterfall. Have you ever seen a tadpole climb a waterfall? Have you ever seen a person surf on a tadpole? It’s pretty impressive. I had to maintain my balance on one toe the whole time.

The first Pokémon we encountered was a Doduo, in all honesty I was hoping for something a little more exciting than that in this area but fine. Heather joined the reserves in the PC and I fought my way through some more trainers, all while trying to level up Swirlyo and Fritatta who were both in their early 20s still. We made our way to another new area and suddenly I saw a burst of flame through the grass… Could it be? It was! A Ponyta!

Image result for ponyta pokemon silver

Dragon: “*high pitched squealing* oh my gooood, it’s a pretty pony! I want it! Look at his face he’s so pretty!!!”

Pointy: *filing her claws with a tree trunk* “Pfft, he’s got nothing on me. Stupid dainty horse, I could flick him and he’d fall over.”

Enemy Ponyta: *flicking mane dangerously close to some trees* “What’s that you prehistoric Poké-bitch? Come waddle over on those boulders you call legs and say that to my face!”

Without a word Pointy set down the tree trunk and began sauntering over to the Ponyta, rolling up her imaginary sleeves in the process.

Enemy Ponyta: “Woah, steady on now, when I said boulder I meant boulders of… Of cloud and… Your nails look so good, will you do my hooves like that some day? When you were far away you seemed so much smaller and now… Now that you’re… Right here in front of me… I can see just how magnificent you are… Your breath smells so intoxicating I just… Please don’t kill me.”

Dragon: “Pointy, do NOT touch him! We don’t have any fire Pokémon!”

Pointy rolled her eyes, and turned around. The Ponyta breathed a sigh of relief but then Pointy quickly turned around and growled, making the Ponyta squeal in fear and cower on the ground, his mane spluttering. I sighed and caught him, transferring him to the PC for later.

We travelled a little further when a trainer pounced on us, sending out a Pikachu. We did struggle a little, having no type advantage, but Pointy managed to get rid of it though not without taking significant damage herself. The opposing trainer then sent out a Blastoise. I retaliated with Burd who put up a good fight but got too injured to carry on so Sleepy ZZZ stepped up to the challenge, his health was immediately reduced to the red section… Who else could I send out? Fritatta and Swirlyo wouldn’t last a second, all my “good” Pokémon were badly injured… Except for Burgie. Hesitantly, I him out and he took a hit which was not as bad as others but did over half health damage… Oh no. I needed Burd to recover but to do that I’d have to sacrifice Burgie… Or maybe one of the others… But Burgie was technically my weakest team member…

Burgie: “I know what needs to be done Dragon, I’m ready.”

Dragon: “I can’t do it Burgie… You are my last original team member. You’ve been with me through my whole journey…”

Burgie: “And we had some good times but we both know that I’m not going to be of much use to you in the upcoming battles. There are Pokémon in the PC that would fill this space in the team better. I’m just glad I got this far with you, I’ve been all over the Johto region and licked so many things that I never would have if you hadn’t caught me, and to die on the road to the Elite Four is a good death. I thank you.”

Burd: *Weakly* “Burgie… No… Don’t do it Dragon…”

Dragon: “I… I can’t!”

Burgie smiled sadly and licked my face, for once I wasn’t repulsed, then before I could do anything he used his turn, whipping his tongue into my backpack and grabbing a Hyper Potion, throwing it to Burd who recovered instantly.

Dragon and Burd: “NO!!!”

A jet of water hit Burgie and his ghostly form turned to smoke, drifting away in the wind. The Blastoise smirked, seeing the anguish on the teams’ faces. Burd stepped forward to face him, shaking with anger.

Burd “I have seen too many friends fall on this journey, but I have also seen each of them avenged. Burgie shall be no different, his noble sacrifice will not be in vain.”

With that Burd soared into the air in a graceful arc, then swooped down at a high speed, spearing the Blastoise with his beak and finishing him. We all watched as the last of Burgies’ smokey remains faded into the clouds and then dragged ourselves to a kind lady’s house where we rested.

I decided it was really time to get Fritatta and Swirlyo levelled properly so once everyone had regained their strength we set out to train. As Fritatta prepared for his fight a Doduo appeared, I went to switch out Fritatta but the Doduo used Pursuit finishing Friatta as he zoomed back to his Pokéball. I took a deep breath and sighed. There was no PC anywhere near that I knew of.

We flew back to Johto and I ran into a Pokécentre, there I withdrew MyLilPony, the recently caught Ponyta, and Friglet the Girafarig who had been recommended to me as he can learn dark type moves. I turned off the PC and went to leave but my eyes fell on Burd. I’d been getting worried about him, we had a strong bond and he was one of my most reliable team mates but lately he’d been getting weaker and weaker in comparison to other trainers’ Pokémon. I also couldn’t forget his promise to Hedwig: that he’d take a trip around the world for the both of them. Could I save him by putting him in the PC? That way even if I failed he’d still be able to live out his retirement. I could use my new Doduo, Heather, to fly now (even though that makes no sense as Doduo has no wings). Burd caught me looking at him and smiled.

Burd: “Don’t worry Dragon, my time is nearly up. I can feel it. If Heather fails though, I’ll be here.”

Dragon: “I’ll miss you Burd! You’ve been with me for ages. Remember when you took on the second gym all by yourself?”

Burd: “Good times!”

Sleepy ZZZ: “I’ll see you on the other side bro, take it easy.”

Burd: “You’re Dragon’s oldest Pokémon now Sleepy, keep her and the team safe.”

Sleepy ZZZ: “We’ll be fine bro, don’t stress.”

Proud Burd
Old pic of Burd from back in the day when he won us the second badge… They grow up so fast.

They fist-bumped and then the team had a group hug. Everyone had grown to admire and respect Burd, who had become the voice of reason after Hedwig’s unfortunate demise. Pointy had to turn away quickly because she had something in her eye. Finally, Burd was sucked into the PC, waving as he went, and I withdrew Heather. Everyone eyed her doubtfully.

Pointy: “How can she fly… If she has no wings?”

Dragon: “I guess we’ll find out…”

Heather’s right head: “I think we just like… Spin really fast to be honest, there’s no other explanation.”

Heather’s left head: “Uh huh, totally spin fast like a helicopter. You’ll just have to, like, trust us.”

Image result for doduo learn fly
Credit to Zakhero on Deviant Art https://zakhero.deviantart.com/art/Doduo-can-Fly-326087821

Friglet: “I’m sure it will be fine!” *a whisper coming from his rear end* “we’ll plummet to our deaths.”

Swrilyo: *Eyes widen in fear*

MyLilPony: “Death?! No, I don’t do death… Can I go back to the PC?”

Pointy: “You scared, Pony?”

MyLilPony: “… No… I just… Like life.”

Pointy: “Don’t worry, no one’s dying… In flight anyway.”

MyLilPony did a high pitched squeal and cowered on the ground.

Friglet: “Don’t worry, I have faith in Heather!” *whispering* “Life is meaningless.”

Dragon: “… Right… Well we’re off to a good start! We’re just missing some levels… It’s time for some grinding. Cue the montage!”

Join us next time for the final chapter of Dragon’s Nuzlocke Chellenge as the team take on Victory Road and the Elite Four… Will the team succeed? What do you think? Place your bets now!

The Team

  • Heather (Doduo)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Swirlyo (Poliwag)
  • Friglet (Girafarig)
  • MyLilPony (Ponyta)


  • Burgie (Haunter)
  • Fritatta (Exeggcute)


  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Nommy (Slowpoke)
  • Smokey (Koffing)
  • Squidward (Tentacruel)




Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 12 – Dragon vs Dragon

←Day 11

Apologies for once again being late with this post. I’ve got the point where my writing has caught up to my gaming and so I’m going to just publish these as and when from now on.

The Team

  • Zappy (Magneton)
  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Sluuurp (Lickitung)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Burgie (Haunter)

I wasn’t sure the team was ready but I was sick of grinding. We marched into the Dragon Gym and fought our way through the trainers with Sluuurp using Icy Wind and Pointy Ice Punching her way through. Eventually we got to the arrogant Gym Leader.

Clair: “My brother is such a good Pokémon trainer, we trained together so I’m basically part of the Elite 4. Like, if one of them dropped out I would totally be up there.”

Dragon: “Uh huh…”

Clair: “One time I went up there and they battled me. They all beat me but I was literally so close that they essentially declared me one of them.”

Dragon: “… Can we fight now?”

Clair: “If I beat you I bet they’ll let me fight them again. I can be an Elite 4 member. They all laughed at me but they’ll see…”

With that her first Dratini was released. Surprise, surprise. I had Sluuurp sort it out. I was pretty tense throughout most of this battle but eventually I realised that it wasn’t actually going that badly… Or so I thought. Claire was down to her final Pokémon while I still had a full, healthy team. Breaking the Dratini streak she sent out a Kingdra.

Dragon: “Pfft, a Kingdra? Zappy, take care of this guy with thundershock.”

Zappy: *shocked* “It… It only took off half its’ health. Usually that’s a KO move on a water Pokémon.”

Dragon: “It’ OK, one more hit and it will be done!”

Kingdra: “Surf’s up, bitch.”

Dragon: “Zappy’s steel type he’s not vulnerable to-”


Dragon: “WHAT?! Zappy no!!! You were the first Magnemite I ever stuck with. You’re our go-to KO-dealing Pokémon! Use my phone charger to heal, you’ll be OK!”

Zappy: “I’m afraid it’s time for me to go Dragon… Thank you for taking me on this journey… Beat the Elite 4. You can do it…”

With that his magnets fell to the ground with a deafening CLANG.

Surprised at the power of its’ Surf attack, I was now very wary of the Kingdra. I carefully debated who to send out next and settled on Sluuurmp based on his high defence stats. I was wrong. Once again a wave washed over him and took him out.

I was getting very worried. No one else onthe team had very good defense except for Pointy… Pointy was not happy that her two team mates had been killed by a seahorse and she put all her power behind her Ice Punch. It did a lot of damage, but not quite enough. My whole body tensed as a wave crashed over Pointy’s head but she stayed put, her health in the danger zone. I looked at my remaining Pokemon and sent out Burd, praying he wouldn’t get hit as he had weak defense stats.

Burd: “Don’t worry Dragon, I got this.”

He flew into the sky… Or as far as he could before he it the gym ceiling. The Kingdra attacked with Surf but the wave wasn’t tall enough to reach Burd who sped down and took out the Kingdra, piercing him with his beak.


Burd, Pointy and I marched over to the fallen Clair and loomed over her.

Dragon: “Badge please.”

Clair: “Nah.”

Dragon: “What? But I just beat you.”

Clair: “No, I’m not accepting that.”

Dragon: “Well I’m not accepting you not accepting. You have to give me the gym badge, those are the rules.”

Clair: “… No.”

Dragon: “It is literally your job to reward people with badges when they beat you. Is there a gym central that I can complain to or something?”

Clair: “I tell you what. If you go to Dragon Cave and fetch me a Dragon Fang. Then I’ll give you the badge.”

Dragon: “OK.”

Clair: “It’s super difficult. I train there every day.”

Dragon: “OK.”

Clair: “I doubt you’ll manage it, there’s Dragon Pokémon everywhere!”

Dragon: “I’m going now.”

Clair: “You’ll probably die!”

We set off for the cave, taking Squidward and Fritatta the Exeggcute out of the PC to replace Sluuurmp and Zappy. Not that they could ever be replaced. Expecting to be attacked by Dratini left right and centre I braced myself but the only thing that came at us were Magikarp. So. Many. Magikarp. Eventually a Dratini showed its face and I attempted to capture it. Fritatta was doing well, he’d got the Dratini down to the red section of its’s health and it was asleep. I threw Pokéball after Pokéball at it but none of them stuck. I couldn’t attack it again, no one had a weak enough attack…

Burgie: “Let me lick it.”

Dragon: “Ew, no.”

Burgie: “It’s a weak attack…”

Dragon: “I don’t know…”

Burgie: “You’ve only got one Pokéball left… You probably won’t catch it anyway, just let me try.”

Dragon: “… Fine.”

Burgie floated over to the sleeping Dratini and gave it a huge lick, covering it in saliva. The Dratini woke with a start, let out a scream of terror and died of fright.

Dragon: “Dammit Burgie!”

Burgie: “Oops… Sorry…”

Dragon: “It’s fine, I mean what would I do with a Dragon Pokémon anyway? It’s not like it would have been that helpful… It’s so fine.”

Burgie: “In that case, you’re welcome!”

He floated off happily in blissful ignorance as I seethed quietly. As I glared around the cave, daring any more Magikarp to splash me, I spotted something on the floor and picked it up – the Dragon Fang. Suddenly Clair appeared.

Clair: “Fine, you found it. Here’s your badge.”

Dragon: “… What? That was it? There was nothing guarding it?”

Clair: “No that’s it. Difficult, right?”

Dragon: “Do you literally just spend all day battling Magikarp? Seriously?”

Clair: “Do you want the badge or not?”

I took the badge and made my way out of the cave, no dragons in sight. Time to head to Kanto…

The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Squidward (Tentacruel)
  • Burgie (Haunter)
  • Fritatta (Exeggcute)


  • Smokey (Koffing)
  • Fritlet (Girafarig)
  • Nommy (Slowpoke)


  • Zappy (Magneton)
  • Sluuurp (Lickitung)

Day 13→



Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 11 – Ice Ice Maybe

←Day 10

The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Squidward (Tentacool)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Zappy (Magneton)

After defeating Team Rocket in the Radio Tower I was gifted the Silver Wing… I had a vague memory of someone mentioning this near the whirlpool infested island that I couldn’t get to before near Cianwood City, and after losing Nointy and Popotte I wasn’t looking forward to my attempt at conquering the 8th Gym. What the Hell. We set off to investigate.

Dragon: “Right Squidward, you need to learn Whirlpool.”

Squidward looked disappointed and sighed.

Dragon: “What’s the matter?”

Squidward: “I already know Cut and Surf, now I’m going to learn Whirlpool… Do you even like any of my original attacks? Am I just an HM Whore to you?”

Dragon: *High pitched* “What? Noooo! No, no, no! Not at all! I really like your original moves… It just happens to be the case that you can learn most HM moves…”

Squidward: “I could be great you know, I could learn Hydro Pump eventually but I won’t be able to because of all these HM moves.”

Dragon: “You still have an extra slot, we can replace Bubble Beam with Hydro Pump.”

Squidward: “I like Bubble Beam! I can shoot bubbles!!! Who wouldn’t want that?!”

Dragon: “OK… If all goes well I promise that, when it’s no longer needed, I will take you to the move deleter and we can delete Cut.”

Squidward: “Fine.”

We sailed over the whirpools and into the cave. A new area! Suddenly the battle music began and the first Pokémon flopped into view. A Seel.

Dragon: “Oh my… You… are… ADORABLE!”

Seel: “Arf?”

Dragon: *tickling his belly* “Who’s a lovely Seel? You’re a lovely Seel! Yes you are!”

Zappy: “Oh god… It’s a cute one.”

Pointy: “Are we not cute enough for you Dragon?”

I glanced over at my team: A magnet, a blue dinosaur, a stumpy ostrich, a jellyfish, and a creepy, yellow hypnotist.

Dragon: “I mean… You guys are so great… You have to remember, beauty is on the inside.”

The team exchanged looks but I was too absorbed in playing with the newly discovered Seel that I didn’t notice.

Related image
Pokémon games are looking so realistic nowadays. This Seel almost looks real.

Dragon: “Do you want to come with us boy?”

Seel: *happily* “Arf! Arf! Arf!”

Dragon: “Awesome. I shall name you… Arf Arf.”

Zappy: “Wow.”

Pointy: *Facepalming* “I can’t believe something called ‘Arf Arf’ is taking Nointy’s place on the team.”

Dragon: “I know you’ve suffered a huge loss Pointy, we all miss Nointy. It would be really helpful if you could just reign in the sass a tiny bit though. Arf Arf can learn ice moves, he could be our ticket though the 8th gym.”

Pointy: “We wouldn’t need an ice type to carry us if Nointy was still alive.”

Dragon: “OK, take a time out!”

I transferred a sulking Pointy to the PC and withdrew Sluuuuurp the Lickitung instead (side note: I may have lost my notes around the time I caught Sluuurp and not mentioned him before. I caught him on Route 44 between Mahogany Town and the Ice Cave).

Sluuurp: *lick*

Dragon: “Oh no, not another one. What is it with licky Pokémon?

Sluuurp: “I met Burgie while I was in the PC and we licked all the inside of the computer together.”

Dragon: “Why?”

Sluuurp: “Have you ever been trapped in a PC? What else is there to do?” *lick*

Arf Arf: *licks Dragon’s face* “Arf!”

Dragon: “Awwww! Did you guys see that! He gave me a kiss! Isn’t he adorable?”

Sluuurp: “Oh, so when he does it it’s cute.”

With both Sluuurp and Arf Arf lacking a little in levels compared to the rest of the team it was time to do some grinding. Unfortunately, that seemed hard to come by in this particular area. There were Gravelers Self-destructing everywhere and while Sluuurp could take a hit from that I still had to heal him after every battle and it was out of the question for Arf Arf to go up against one, he had the lowest defence on the team. Eventually I went back to the Ice Cave to find some Golbat for Arf Arf to level up with. Everything was going well, the occasional Delibird even popped up and healed Arf Arf for me!

Dragon: “Ah, another Delibird, go on then, what’s the mystery gift? Are you going to heal Arf Arf again?”

Delibird: “Delivery for Arf Arf.” *lays package down on the floor*

Arf Arf: *flops forward and sniffs the package* “Arf?”

The Delibird grinned at me from across the room and flew away. I suddenly had a bad feeling…

Dragon: “Arf Arf, don’t touch-”

BOOM! The package exploded, taking Arf Arf with it. I stared blankly at the space where my adorable little Seel had been just moments ago.

Burd: *Placing a wing around my shoulders* “I’m sorry Dragon, I know you had high hopes for him.”

Zappy: “At least he went out with a bang.”

Everyone looked at Zappy.

Zappy: “What?”

Sleepy ZZZ: “Not cool bro.”

I sighed and went back to the PC to withdraw a smug Pointy and we headed for the gym. I wanted to get a feel for what the trainers were like. Apparently so far the only Dragon type in the game is Dratini. The first trainer used its’ three Dratini to spam Dragon Rage at my team, doing a fair bit of damage, until Sluuurp disabled it and then it resorted to Twister, which wasn’t so bad but we could still have done without. We left the gym feeling a little overwhelmed. We’d have to do some serious grinding for this gym, if those Dratini were the same level as my current team then the leaders’ would be higher. Meanwhile, IRL, blogger Rory from Free Time = Game Time suggested I level up Powafish to evolve him into a Gyarados. It was true, a Gyarados would be an incredible addition to the team but levelling up a Magikarp… I really didn’t want to do it. It would take forever. I went to the PC to see how many levels he had to get on par with the rest of the team anyway, just in case, only to find he was gone! I was then elated to remember that I’d put Powafish in the daycare! Yes! Thank you past self! Powafish, at level 29 was brought into the team (in exchange for a rather relieved Squidward), but where to train him? I couldn’t take him to the self-destructing Gravelers, I tried the Ice Cave for a while but he couldn’t handle any of the Pokémon there by himself… With a shudder I thought back to the days and days of grinding near Ecruteak City. All those Stantler my team had killed for their chunky XP… Powafish would be able to handle them though. We reluctantly flew back there and the rest of the team and I settled down with a game of Poker as Powafish sweated away, tackling Stantler and Pidgeys.

Powafish: *adjusting sweatband* “I am a dragon warrior on the inside, I can do this.” *Aggressively flops into a tackle*

Dragon: *Not glancing up* “That’s it Powafish you can do it… Sluuurp! Stop eating the poker chips!” As we had no chips we were using berries instead.

Sluuurp: *Juice stains round his mouth* “I’m not eating any berries…” His tongue snuck up the other side of the log we were using as a table towards Pointy’s berries who grabbed it and tied it around the log.

Sluuurp: “NNNNNNGGG!!!”

Sleepy ZZZ: *Sliding one of his cards over to Zappy* “Check Mate, bro.”

Zappy: “… What? This is Poker not Chess…”

Sleepy ZZZ: “… Oh… Go Fish…”

Zappy: “Oh Arceus…”

Pointy: *Slamming four Queens onto the log* “Four of a kind, bitches! Pay up!”

Burd: “How do you keep getting Queens?!”

Pointy: “I guess there’s just something about me.”

We all groaned as Pointy dragged all the berries over to join the mountain she already had and adjusted the twig crown she’d made for herself as Queen of Poker.

…: “You guys better hand over those berries… Because I just got a King.”

A shadow loomed over us and we all stared up slowly. A huge Gyarados towered over us…

Zappy: “That… That’s not-”

Burd: “Just let him have this.”

With Powafish now epic we all headed back to Blackthorn. I’d figured out that he’d be able to withstand the self-destruct attacks of the Gravelers now and we got down to training. It was going pretty well… Until it didn’t. While he was easily able to withstand a generic Graveler self-destruct attack apparently a critical one from a Geodude was too much for him. We all watched, unsurprised and numb at this point to be honest, as Powafish was blown far into the sky, Team Rocket style.

Related image
Goodbye Powafish!

Dragon: “Are you kidding me?! I was going to use this TM to teach him Icy Wind as well…”

Pointy and Sluuurp shifted uncomfortably.

Dragon: “Wait… You guys can learn Ice type moves?!”

Pointy: “Well… I mean… Yes…”

Dragon: “Why didn’t you say anything?!”

Sluuurp: *Licking the ground fretfully* “Anything you pin your hopes on for this next gym seems to end up dead at the moment so… We didn’t really want to join attention to ourselves.”

Dragon: “I can’t believe this…”

Next time on Dragon’s Tea Party (Sunday) we take on the 8th gym!

The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Zappy (Magneton)
  • Sluuurp (Lickitung)


  • Burgie (Haunter)
  • Smokey (Koffing)
  • Fritatta (Exeggute)
  • Fritlet (Girafarig)
  • Nommy (Slowpoke)
  • Squidward (Tentacruel)


  • Arf Arf (Seel)
  • Powafish (Gyarados)

Day 12→

Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 10 – Jynxing Myself

←Day 9

The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Squidward (Tentacool)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Nointy (Nidoking)
  • Zappy (Magneton)

Zappy: Can we just use an escape rope and come back later? I’m so bored!

My team were sat in the corner of the ice cave, playing a game of cards as I slid across the icy floor, throwing myself against rocks and trying to angle myself at the little patch of ground with a ladder in the middle.

Dragon: “No… I… Can… Do… THIS!”

I narrowly slid past the patch, eventually stopping at the other side of the cave.

Zappy: “We’ve been here for ages, it’s just getting embarrassing.”

Dragon: “Burd, can’t you fly me to the ladder?”

Burd: “No.”

Dragon: “Why not?!

Burd: *A look of horrified confusion dawned on his face* “I… I don’t know…”

… : “I can show you the way.”

Two large, orb-like eyes and a creepy, smiling, bright red mouth peered out of the darkness.

Dragon: *Jumping into Pointy’s arms* “AAAH! What the hell?!”

The whole team recoiled as a Jynx appeared.

Popotte: “My name is Popotte, let me show you the way…”

She (he?) effortlessly glided between the rocks, landing on the ground next to the ladder.

Dragon: *Shuddering* “Humanoid Pokémon are so creepy…”

Related image
Why is this thing? At least it’s not as bad as Mr Mime.

Burd: “Woah, woah, woah… Why would you show us the way?”

Popotte: “Have you seen what I’m wearing? It’s freezing down here! Take me with you! Besides… I think you’ll want an Ice Pokémon for the gym up ahead.”

The team and I exchanged glances, she was the first Pokémon I’d seen… And Ice Pokémon could be pretty epic…

Dragon: “OK, but you have to wear this bag over your head.”

Popotte: “That’s fair.”

True to her word, Popotte guided us out of the freezing cave and into the sunlight. We had arrived in Blackthorn City. After a bit of exploring I decided to see what wild Pokémon were about, upon jumping into the long grass we were immediately attacked by a Graveler. A Rock type would be pretty sweet. Unfortunately, I had not thought that maybe a Graveler would literally rather die than join my team, as he used Selfdestruct, making me wince as Sleepy ZZZ was hit, hanging in there though, I lost my opportunity to get a Pokémon in that area. Nevermind.

In preparation for the gym I started training up Popotte. She was incredible. Everything was taken down in her first go. She left a trail of smashed up Gravelers behind us as we made our way through, I could almost taste the 8th gym badge. We then decided to go into a nearby cave, would we be able to get another Pokemon? The answer was no. A Wobboffet appeared, and was accidentally killed straight away. Nevermind, back to Popottes training… Another Wobboffet appeared, no problem… Right? Popotte unleased Icy Wind as she had done in previous battles but unfortunately it didn’t kill the enemy straight away. That’s fine, I was sure she could handle whatever was coming next. The Wobboffet then grinned slyly, like he knew he was about to wreck my dreams, and used Mirror Move, reflecting Icy Wind back at Popotte. She was taken down immediately.


I stomped out of the cave, furious and went straight up to the gym. If I could battle a couple of trainers and get a feel for what my team were like against them then I could get a better sense of what to do.

Guy: “The gym leader’s training in the cave behind the gym right now.”


As I approached the cave though anther guy blocked the entrance and informed me that only Dragon Trainers were allowed in.

Dragon: “Well… Where the hell am I supposed to get a Dragon type?”

Zappy: “Maybe we’re not supposed to be here yet.”

Burd: “Didn’t you get a call about a radio tower being attacked by Team Rocket? You totally ignored it but maybe we have to do that first…”

Dragon: “But I don’t wanna fight more Zubat and Koffing…”

Zappy: “No one does, but we if we want to get that badge…”

Dragon: “FINE! Bloody Team Rocket. I haven’t even met Jessie and James yet, they shouldn’t have team Rocket if I can’t fight them…”

Zappy: “Who’s Jessie and James?”

Dragon: “Nevermind.”

Image result for jessie and james pokemon
The only Team Rocket members I care about. (I am a big fan)

I grudgingly flew to the Radio tower and fought my way through Team Rocket with blinding speed.

Team Rocket Member: “Ah ha, you want to get through the gate! Well the only person that has the key is the guy in the place that is not here!”

Dragon: “GRRRRAAAH!”

We sprinted to the actual place we needed to be and I was faced with a set of three switches. I don’t know what I did but to my shame it took me AGES to figure out how the switches worked. Enough to rage quit, sit in silence for a couple of minutes, sigh and pick up the game to give t another go. Once I could finally get through I found the director and we raced back to the Radio Tower. Finally, the last Team Rocket member remained, an Executive. I barely gave him a second thought as I sent out Nointy to kick his Koffing in the face but then the Koffing used Selfdestruct… And took out Nointy.

Pointy: “NO! Nointy you can’t die! Hold on! It was just a Koffing, you can’t go down this way!”

Nointy: *holding a paw to Pointy’s face and wiping away her tears* My darling, I love you so much. You must stay strong.”

Pointy: “I can’t do this without you!”

Nointy: “You have to. Promise me that, when this challenge is over, you will take our egg from the PC and raise it on that nice little route we picked out. The one with all the Meowths for it to Double Kick and grow strong.” *cough*

Pointy: “I promise. I love you Nointy.”

Nointy: “And I… *cough*… love you Pointy.”

With that Nointy’s eyes closed and Pointy flew into a rage, throwing the Koffing across the room as if it were a ball. It splattered across the adjacent wall, leaving the Team Rocket member stunned.

In a grieving silence we finished the mission, and left the Radio Tower. I hadn’t even wanted to do it in the first place and now Nointy was gone.

Pointy: “It should have been me. He was never as involved in this challenge. I should have been sent out.”

Dragon: “He wanted to be here just as much as anyone.”

Pointy: “You should have sent someone out that had better defence, like me! You know that Koffings can Selfdestruct!”

Dragon: “I’m sorry Pointy, I thought he’d be able to take it! He was so big, it didn’t even occur to me that he wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

Pointy: “This is all your fault!”

Will Pointy ever be able to forgive Dragon? Will the team get to fight the 8th Gym Leader? Find out on Wednesday!

The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Squidward (Tentacool)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Zappy (Magneton)


  • Burgie (Haunter)
  • Smokey (Koffing)
  • Fritatta (Exeggute)
  • Fritlet (Girafarig)
  • Powafish (Magikarp)
  • Nommy (Slowpoke)


  • Popotte (Jynx)
  • Nointy (Nidoking)



Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 9 – Chilling Out

←Day 8

First of all, apologies for the absence of recent Nuzlocke posts, or any posts at all. I was on holiday and decided to take a break from my blog while I was at it. To be honest with you I never expected to get this far in the challenge and thought that it would be long over before my holiday!

The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Squidward (Tentacool)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Pointy (Nidorina)
  • Nointy (Nidorino)

Feeling defeated I stared at the 7th Gym. The Ice Gym. I looked back at my team, my fire-type lacking team. Everyone was quiet and not really feeling it.

Dragon: “You know what? Let’s just have some fun exploring. We need a break. That and there are some things I’m pretty sure I missed.”

The team brightened at this and, withdrawing Zappy from the PC to join us as he was now my most defensive Pokémon, we set off.

The plan was to go back and find some of the things I’d missed. First of all we’d head to Cianwood City again to get the Fly HM which I forgot to get off a woman waiting outside the gym (that’s easy to miss, right? I don’t have time to talk to everyone; I’ve got a Nuzlocke to finish). Secondly, my mum had not yet been saving money for me, so we’d go back to New Bark to say hi and ask her to buy a moonstone for me. I figured that if I could use the moonstone to evolve either Pointy or Nointy into a Nidoqueen/king then that would make the Ice gym a little easier, they were the only ones who knew a fighting move to take on the Ice Pokémon. I’d done a bit of research though and found out that the second moonstone was in the Kanto region somewhere so only one of them would be able to fully evolve. I hadn’t actually announced who would get the one Moonstone, to avoid causing more tension between Pointy and Nointy – but secretly I was planning on giving it to Pointy. She was a little more robust than Nointy, and he was a little too clingy for my liking. In his younger days, he had taken great joy in sprawling on my lap/shoulder/face whenever we stopped to rest – since his evolution into a 200-kilo murdersaurus, he hadn’t quite come to terms with the fact that he was no longer a lapdog. I was limping pretty heavily by the time we reached our destination.

After taking what seemed like hours, we finally reached Cianwood City… Again… I swiped the Fly HM from the lady outside the gym, glaring at her like it was her fault I’d ignored her before, and turned to Burd.

Burd: “Hedwig and I were supposed to learn this together…”

Dragon: “I know. He’d want you to learn it, though, and carry on your dream of travelling.”

Burd: “I just don’t know if I ca-”

Dragon: “You are my only flying-type Pokémon.”

Burd: “Righty-ho, I’m learning Fly then.”

For Burd’s maiden flight, we flew to New Bark Town, where I burst through the door to my home, threw 200,000 whatever-the-currency-is at my mum and then ran back outside again. I was about to fly back to Mahogany Town but then I spotted a large lake to the East of New Bark. We had time to explore a little, so why not? Sailing forth on Squidward, we entered a new area, where a cheerful guy informed us we were in Kanto. Kanto?!

Interesting… As it turned out I couldn’t walk around Kanto much, everywhere was sealed off except for a cave. We surfed in and got jumped by a Slowpoke. A new Pokémon!!! The cave wasn’t very big, all I could get on was a little ledge in the corner of the room… and there was the other moonstone!!! I couldn’t believe my luck. I was going to have a Nidoking and Nidoqueen!

Moon stone.png

We happily flew back to Mahogany town and, just outside the gym (the trainers inside glancing nervously through the windows) I gave Pointy and Nointy their moonstones.

Two epic dinosaurs stood before me and I suddenly felt a hundred times more confident about the Ice gym. Pointy and Nointy turned to growl at the trainers looking through the windows and they all ducked out of sight fearfully. My team was officially badass.

Pointy: “Nointy, you look… Really cool…”

Nointy: *flexing* “Yeah I do…”

Pointy: “I’m sorry about before… Can we start from the beginning?”

Nointy: “I thought you’d never ask.”

Nointy swept Pointy off her feet to kiss her, her tail sweeping round to knock over Sleepy ZZZ who, in his sleepy state, hadn’t seemed to notice that his girlfriend had turned into a huge dinosaur and gotten back with her ex right in front of him.

Zappy: “Pay up Dragon.”

Dragon: *sticking £50 in change to Zappy’s magnets* “Damn it…”

The now gold-plated Zappy, feeling confident, flung himself at the gym doors and floated through, arrogantly grinning at the cowering gym trainers. It was then that Pointy, Nointy, and Zappy powered their way through the gym leaving a trail of Seel and Dewgong in their wake. The gym leader didn’t look as scared as the trainers, and put up a decent fight, but he was no match for my Triforce team of epicness.

Dragon: “Hey, Pryce… Why don’t you chill out.”

At that excruciating burn, he handed over the gym badge and we sauntered out the gym feeling pleased with ourselves. I’d been really worried about the Ice gym, but what with Zappy being basically immortal and Pointy and Nointy double kicking everything, we’d sailed through.

It was almost too easy…

The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Squidward (Tentacool)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Pointy (Nidorina)
  • Nointy (Nidorino)
  • Zappy (Magneton)


  • Burgie (Haunter)
  • Smokey (Koffing)
  • Fritatta (Exeggute)
  • Fritlet (Girafarig)
  • Powafish (Magikarp)
  • Nommy (Slowpoke)

Day 10→

Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 8 – Getting Thrashed

←Day 7

Sorry for the lateness of this post!

The Team

  • Hedwig (Noctowl)
  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Zappy (Magnemite)
  • Squidward (Tentacool)
  • Burgie (Haunter)


  • Sleepy ZZZ (Drowzee)
  • Pointy (Female Nidoran)
  • Nointy (Male Nidoran)
  • Smokey (Koffing)

Following the loss of Hercules at the gym in Olivine I was unsure where I needed to go next. I knew there was a gym in Cianwood City across the sea but was that it? Apparently yes it was, in fact, I was probably meant to do that gym before the Olivine City one but never mind… We arrived outside the gym and confidently walked in. It was a fighting gym and I had two flying Pokémon (Hedwig and Burd) plus Sleepy ZZZ the Hypno, I’d be fine. Everything was until I got to the gym leader… Or rather as close as I could get – three boulders were blocking the way.

Dragon: “Hey! Um… Hello Mr Gym Leader, could you possibly step in front of the rocks for me so that we can battle?”

Chuck: “Only one strong enough to move the boulders is strong enough to face me. You must teach Strength to one of your Pokémon.”

Dragon: “Strength is a Normal type move, that doesn’t make sense!”

Chuck: *shrugging nonchalantly* “Game logic!”

Dragon: “Crap, Hercules was the one that knew Strength… OK, time for someone else to learn it.”

The whole team looked each other, embarrassed. Finally, Hedwig stepped forward.

Hedwig: “Thing is… No one can learn it…”

Dragon: “UGH! Fine! To the PC!”


Upon opening my box and looking at my meagre reserves (Smokey the Koffing) I realised I didn’t have any Pokémon that could learn the move. Would I have to catch a Pokémon for the sole purpose of using Strength? A small amount of hope dawned on me – I hadn’t caught a Pokémon on the island yet!

I fished and caught… A Magikarp… Powafish the Magikarp could not learn Strength. I racked my brain then remembered the pair of Nidoran that I’d put in the day care.

Dragon: “Euuuuuuuuurgh the day care is so far… I don’t wanna goooo…”

But go we did.

Day care man: *pretend shock* “My goodness! We found an egg! No idea how it got here!”


I looked over at the two Nidoran, Pointy (female Nidoran) and Nointy (male Nidoran), lounging on a picnic blanket by the river, feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries.

Dragon: “It sure is a mystery. Right you two! Time to take you out to the real world!”

Nointy: “Yes! Pointy, it’s finally happening! With the help of Dragon we can hatch our egg and tour Johto, finding the perfect place to raise our child!”

Dragon: “Euuuuh… Well actually…”

Nointy: “You know, I was thinking somewhere near Route 38, there’s lots of Normal type Pokémon that our baby can Double Kick to grow big and strong.”

Dragon: “Actually, Smokey and Powafish are going into the day care, Pointy is coming with me, and Nointy you can… You can sit in the PC with your egg. It’s not really worth me having technically the same Pokémon on the team.”

Nointy: “What?! No! You can’t separate us! Pointy, don’t go! Let’s run away together!”

Pointy: “Look Nointy… I’m really sorry but… It was fun while we were in day care and all but… I don’t know, I just kind of feel like you’re smothering me. I need to get out and get to know myself, have some fun, see the world, before I settle down for good, you know?”

Nointy: “But… All those things we said…”

Pointy: “All those things you said. I’m sorry Nointy, I was in it for the fun. I’ll see you later OK?”

Nointy: *getting sucked into the PC* “Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeee…”

There was a silence as the team awkwardly pretended they hadn’t eavesdropped on the whole conversation.

Pointy: *sidling up to Burd, batting her eyelids* “Hey there…”

Burd nervously edged away slowly.

As it was Pointy couldn’t learn Strength until she evolved but she’d levelled up so much in day care that that wouldn’t take long. Sure enough, a few battles in and I had myself a Nidorina.

Pointy: “Hey Zappy, check out my new body.”

Zappy: *briefly glancing over* “Uh-huh.”

Dragon: “Will you knock it off!”

Pointy: “Sorry Dragon, just… So alone for so long in the day care…”

Dragon: “You were there for less than a week!”

Pointy huffed and waddled away awkwardly on her newly evolved legs.

We made our way back to Cianwood City where Hedwig and Burd swooped and cawed at Chuck’s Pokémon until they begged for mercy, I even got Sleepy ZZZ out of the PC to help with the taunting. They were no match for us. We marched out of the gym happily, gloating over our 6th badge…

Woman: “Excuse me, did you just get the Storm Badge?”

Dragon: “Yeah, isn’t it awesome?”

Woman: “I have something that might be use-”

Dragon: “No time to talk! Hero in the making here! Time for the next gym! Bye!”

It was a long walk to Mahogony town and when we got there I was surprised at how small it was. I was also not very happy about two things: First of all, the gym here was an ice gym. I don’t like fighting Ice Pokémon much, they can get tricky. Secondly, everywhere was blocked off and I kept being told about the Lake of Rage.

For my first issue I put Zappy, who was becoming my go-to Pokémon, in the PC for a little break, he was 5 levels higher than anyone else so he could stand it, and took out Nointy the Nidoran instead. I figured with both Nidoran and Nidorina knowing double kick that would count as some fighting moves for kicking some ice type ass, then Zappy could take care of the rest.

Nointy: “Pointy! You’re still here! I was so worried about you! Finally, we’re together again!”

Pointy: “Oh, hey Nointy, this is awkward but… I’m with Sleepy ZZZ now.”

Sleepy ZZZ: “Sorry dude…”

Nointy: “But… You’re my one and only… We have an egg together!”

Pointy: “It’s nothing personal, it’s just… I’m a Nidorina now and you’re still a Nidoran. You’re just too immature for me.”

Nointy: *Eyes welling up with tears* “I am not immature!” He started ugly crying. I felt bad for the little Guinea-pig critter and picked him up to give him a cuddle.

Nointy: *Struggling* “Put me down! I am a strong Nidoran and I’ll evolve soon! I am too mature to be cuddled! I don’t… I… OK, I mean, that’s kind of nice.”

He finally relaxed and snuggled into my arms with his head resting on my shoulder, glaring at Sleepy ZZZ, who was discussing the wonders of the universe with a fascinated Nidorina as they walked behind us.

Sleepy ZZZ: “It’s like… We’re a region, and there are more regions which makes a world… But we’re also like… In another world.”

Nidorina: “Woah…”

We set out for the Lake of Rage to calm down some Gyarados… On my way up I captured a Girafarig named Friglet who was sent straight to the PC. on reaching the lake I headbutted trees for ages until I found an Exeggute, which was awesome considering I had no grass type Pokémon anymore. Fritatta was also sent to the PC for the time being though, being vulnerable in the ice gym. On top of that Nointy, also evolved.

Pointy: “Oh, wow, Nointy you look… You look amazing.”

Nointy: *Examining his reflection in the lake* “Woo! Looking good!”

Pointy: “I mean did you want to like… Go headbutt some trees together?”

Nointy: “You know what? I’m good. I just need to focus on me right now. I’m getting into this challenge, you know?”

Pointy: “Oh… Yeah… Totally…”

I looked at the lake and sighed. Time to sort this Gyarados out! First though, something had been weighing on my mind.

Dragon: “Can I talk to you, Hedwig?”

Hedwig: “Sure, what’s up?”

Dragon: “It’s just… I’m sure you’ve noticed but your attacks just don’t do a huge amount any more, I mean you are a great tank and for now you’ll remain a great tank but I was thinking…. I don’t want to lose you, and… Don’t take offence but I was wondering if you’d like to retire after this gym? You could be my flying Pokémon, I’d take you out to fly all over the region with you but keep you out of battle.”

There was an awful silence and I started to wonder if I should have brought it up at all but then Hedwig smiled.

Hedwig: “In all honesty I have been wondering this myself. I can’t keep up with these new Pokémon on the team – soon I’ll just be dead weight. Don’t make any important decisions without your ol’ pal Hedwig, though… You can’t be trusted!”

Dragon: “Of course, you’re my voice of reason.”

Hedwig: “Burd and I were saying we want to travel together once this challenge is finished. It’s good to know that dream is a step closer.”

Dragon: “Thank you for understanding Hedwig. I’ll miss you while you’re in the PC though!”

Hedwig: “I’ll see you often enough, Fly is a popular HM.”

We smiled and walked back to the group. I leapt on Squidward and we surfed to the middle of the lake where a large, red Gyarados was raging up a storm.

Dragon: “OK, we got this! It’s going to have some mean attacks so Hedwig, get us started and tire it out!”

Hedwig swooped into battle, pecking the Gyarados as he flew past. The Gyarados retaliated with Thrash and suddenly Hedwig stiffened, and started to fall from the sky.

Dragon: “HEDWIG?! Squidward quickly!!!”

We surfed as fast as we could, and I managed to catch Hedwig before he fell into the sea.

Dragon: “Hedwig, what happened?! Are you OK?!”

He slowly shifted his wing to show a bloody wound in his side.

Hedwig: “It got me, Dragon.”

Dragon: “No it can’t have done! You’re my most defensive Pokémon! You’ll be OK, we’ll get you to a Pokécentre and-”

Hedwig: “It’s OK Dragon…” *cough* “I’ve had my time” *cough* “It was an honor to work by your side… Please… Finish the challenge. You can do it, I know you can. You can make it to the end.”

Dragon: *crying* “But… I wanted you there with me…”

Hedwig: “I’ll always be with you… In spirit… Just remember…” *cough, cough* “Don’t… Be… An… Idiot.”

With that Hedwig’s eyes closed for good, I buried my head in his feathers and sobbed. The clouds darkened over the lake and I lifted my head to meet the gaze of the awkward-looking Gyarados who was beginning to wonder if it should just leave quietly.

Dragon: “You. You bastard.”

Red Gyarados: “I was just defending myself!”

Dragon: “He was so close to retirement and you stole it from him!”

Red Gyarados: “I mean… I don’t know what to say, I’m sorr-”

Dragon: “Here I am trying to calm your stupid fish ass down, so that Team Rocket can’t exploit you and your Gyarados family, and you kill the companion most precious to me!”

At this point the Gyarados started slowly sinking into the lake, trying to sneak away under the water and leave me to my raging.

Burd hurtled towards the Gyarados’s retreating head. “Oh no you don’t, you murderer! YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!”

I held out an arm to stop the distraught Fearow in his tracks.

“It’s okay, Burd. I’ve got this one.”

As my bemused Pokemon watched from the sidelines, I beat seven bells out of that blood-red monster. By the time I finally allowed it to slip away under the surface of the water and skulk back to its lair, I’d wrung enough experience out of its bruised face to level up twice. But it still wasn’t enough to negate the loss of my beloved Hedwig.

We took Hedwig’s body back to land. That night we built a prye, and cremated him under the stars, there was not a dry eye in the team. Hedwig had been a friend to everyone and the voice of reason, always steering us towards victory. Burgie, my only Pokémon remaining from my original team (if you’d told me that he’d me my last original standing at the beginning of this challenge I wouldn’t have believed you), gave a heartfelt eulogy and each team member said a few words. For a minute I thought I saw the silhouette of a Croconaw watching respectfully from the water, but it must have been my imagination. When I looked back it had gone. Finally, we let the wind carry Hedwig’s ashes away into the wind so that, even in death, he could still travel the world.


Image result for hedwig death gif
Imagine the death eater is Gyarados, the owl is brown and Harry has a Pokémon hat on. There you go.

The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Squidward (Tentacool)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Pointy (Nidorina)
  • Nointy (Nidoran)


  • Zappy (Magneton)
  • Burgie (Haunter)
  • Smokey (Koffing)
  • Fritatta (Exeggute)
  • Fritlet (Girafarig)
  • Powafish (Magikarp)


  • Hedwig (Noctowl)

Day 9→



Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 7 – Back in Action

←Day 6

The Team

  • Hedwig (Noctowl)
  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Burgie (Gastly)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Drowzee)
  • Zappy (Magnemite)
  • Hercules (Machop)

It had been 4 days since the team had seen Dragon, after she rage quit and stormed away. They had been living in the wilderness, waiting where she left them surviving on nothing but berries and wild Weedle.

Burgie: “Is… Is Dragon going to come back?”

Hedwig: “Of course she is! She just needed a break, she can’t leave this challenge unfinished.”

Sleepy ZZZ: *sat in his handmade mud jaccuzzi*  “Yeah man… We also needed a well deserved break. We work so hard for her, man…”

Hercules: *On his thousandth push up* “I. Need. To. Punch. Something. So. Badly. Muscles… Underused…”

Zappy: “Who cares? We’re free again! We can all go and live our lives the way they were before we were caught. In fact, I don’t know why I’m still here. I’m going back to Route 39.”

With surprising speed, Hedwig swooped in front of Zappy’s path, blocking him off.

Hedwig: “Don’t you go anywhere! We’re waiting here for Dragon!”

Zappy: “Ha! I have type advantage over you! You can’t stop me!”

Hedwig: “That may be true, but have you seen the amount of damage I can take? I have about 50 HP more than you… I’m a tank, Bitch.”

Burd: “Hedwig… Maybe he’s right…”

Hedwig: “…What are you saying?”

Burd: “Maybe she isn’t coming back. Maybe we should just go home and count our blessings that we didn’t die in this challenge.”

Everyone looked at Burd. He looked guilty as he spoke but none of them could deny that they had been worried about their place in the challenge.

Hedwig: “I know we’re all worried, but Dragon needs us and she is coming back. Sure she gets easily distracted, she forgets things, she’s clumsy, she gets overexcited, she has a terrible sense of humour… All of which have impacted our journey so far. But she cares about us all. I know you’ve only been on the team for a short amount of time, Zappy, but I promise you she’ll come back. If she doesn’t return in the next week then you can leave.”

Zappy eyed Hedwig suspiciously, “fine. One week.”

Hedwig: “Are you going to leave too, Burd?

Burd: I can’t leave you, Hedwig. You’re my bro. I was going to ask you to come with me.”

Hedwig: “You know I can’t leave Dragon. I’ve been with her since the beginning. Burgie too. When this challenge is over, and we both make it out alive – which we both will – we’ll fly to different regions and explore, travel the world together in retirement. What do you think?”

Burd: “How could I say anything other than yes?”

The two birds hugged it out and wingbumped then jumped as a rustling in the bushes startled them. Quickly, the team assembled into a sort of Power Ranger formation, ready to defend their little clearing in the wilderness. The bushes parted and a dishevelled and worn-out looking Dragon approached. The team cheered and rushed to hug her.

Dragon: “I may have lost it a little bit the other day. I’m sorry. This challenge is just really getting to me.”

Hedwig: “Just glad to have you back boss. Where to next?”

Determined not to lose anybody else, I put the team through some gruelling training. It went on for days. It even got to the point where we had to seek out wild Stantler on Route 37 because I’d worked out that they gave loads of Experience Points. Zappy and Hercules were improving stupidly quickly, the area was perfect training for Hercules what with him having type advantage over almost everything and nothing did much damage at all to Zappy so he was also levelling fast.

Zappy: *Flexing his magnets* “Hot damn, check me out. I am one powerful dude.”

Hercules: *Flexing everything* “Looking awesome man, you’re going to kick those ghost Pokémon’s asses.”

Zappy: “You know what? I’m glad I didn’t leave. I would never have become this powerful alone, and I would never have become such good friends with you guys either.”

Hercules: “Aw, dude. You’re making me blush.”

With that he high-fived Zappy so hard that Zappy spun through the air, just managing to right himself before he hit a tree.

Hercules: “Whoa, sorry bro, I forget my own strength sometimes. Plus I have type advantage over you I guess… And you’re also a floating magnet.”

Zappy: *Trying to act cool* “Nah… It’s totally like… Chill… Man. Whatever. I think Dragon needs us back in the action.”

They both chugged a protein shake and got back to training. Soon everyone, except Burgie, was a level in their late 20s and we confidently kicked open the door to the gym. Armed to the teeth with Mint Berries to prevent Sleep we fought our way through the gym trainers. I realised this was the first time Burgie had been able to fight anything alone for ages, he was put at the front of the team and his levels soared up to join his friends’…

Burgie: “What is happening??? Help!!!”

Dragon: “Oh my god, Burgie you’re evolving! FINALLY!!! YES!”

Burgie: “Really?! It’s been so long… I was starting to wonder if I even could evolve! Now I’ll finally be useful!”

Dragon: “Hell yeah you will!”

Burgie: *lick*

Dragon: “Hey there Morty… I heard you’re tough. But it’s time to get…”

*Narrows eyes*

“… Schwifty.”

Morty: “I… don’t know what that means.”

Dragon: “I am wasted on you Johto people. Anyway, enough talk. GO ZAPPY! KICK HIS ASS!”

And kick his ass we did. With no casualties, no one even got sent to sleep. We strolled out of the gym, proudly victorious and had a celebratory pizza.


With Gym 4 out of the way we made our way to Olivine Town where the Ampharos powering the lighthouse was sick and being looked after by the local Gym Leader, Jasmine. Looks like we’re going to have to go get her…

On our way Sleepy ZZZ evolved into a Hypno!

We had to fight our way through a pretty large number of trainers to get to the top of the lighthouse, many of whom said that they were worried about Jasmine or that they wanted to help… Once we got to the top though I was the one asked to go and get the mystery potion from Cianwood City across the sea.

Dragon: “Why don’t you just ask literally any of the trainers downstairs?”

Jasmine: “Why would I do that?”

Dragon: “Why wouldn’t you? Why would you wait for a random trainer that you’ve never met to show up and trust them with this mission? I might not come back, I might just take the potion and go off somewhere.”

Jasmine: “Are you going to do that?”

Dragon: “Well, no but-”

Jasmine: “Then it’s settled! Hurry up now! Or Ampharos’s death will be on your hands.”

Dragon: *Gulp*

Hell Yeah

I needed a water Pokémon. I put Sleepy ZZZ in the PC – what with him being really high level, he wouldn’t suffer from a little time off. I went on to fish on Route 40, and I got… a Tentacool! Okay… I could work with this. I mean it’s no Staryu but… Okay. The main thing was that he could use Surf.

Dragon: *Jumping on his back* “On, Squidward!”

Squidward: “I mean… I know I’m probably going to end up the HM whore, but like… A please would be nice.”

Dragon: “On please, Squidward!”

Squidward: *Singing happily/tunelessly as he sped through the water* “I’m going to be the best Tentacool from the reef, nobody else knows Surf, screw you guys, I know Surf now…”

With Hercules bashing his way through the rest of the Tentacool flinging themselves at us he evolved into a Machoke!

I pressed the wrong screenshot button for the next part of the evolution but you all know what a Machop looks like, right?

Hercules: *Kissing his bicep* “Awwww yeah, I am just getting prettier by the minute.”

Zappy: “Oh yeah? Well check me out!”

Zappy then proceeded to evolve as well, growing an extra two magnets.

I was so proud, I was now the proud owner of an almost fully two-tier evolution team.

On getting to Cianwood City I saw a Gym there, but, thinking it was the one after Olivine, decided to ignore it for now. I grabbed the potion and went straight back to the lighthouse. Ampharos was cured and Jasmine went back to her Gym. I followed her and battled her straight away.

Dragon: “Wow, this is a bit of a jump in level, lucky we all trained so hard and we have Hercules!”

Hercules: “I will punch my way through all these guys! Don’t you worry!”

Jasmine then sent out a level 35 Steelix.

Dragon: “Oh… OK, it’s OK Hercules, nothing you can’t handle!”

The Steelix whipped his tail round, catching Hercules across the face.


Dragon: “No…”

Hercules dropped to his knees, weakly tried to flex one last time and then fell to the floor.

Dragon: “No… Hercules was becoming my go-to Pokémon… Urgh! This challenge is so stupid! Go Zappy!”

Zappy: *tears in his eyes after watching his friend fall* “Feel the wrath of my Sonic Boom!!!”

It didn’t quite have the desired effect, he had to use Sonic Boom about 6 times but eventually the Steelix finally fell.


Jasmine handed me the Mineral Badge and I took it, sulking my way out the gym. We gave Hercules a seaside funeral, scattering his grave with his favourite protein powder, before we moved on.

The Team

  • Hedwig (Noctowl)
  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Zappy (Magnemite)
  • Squidward (Tentacool)
  • Burgie (Haunter)


  • Sleepy ZZZ (Drowzee)
  • Pointy (Female Nidoran)
  • Nointy (Male Nidoran)
  • Smokey (Koffing)


  • Hercules

Stay tuned for the next chapter coming out Wednesday!

Day 8→

Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 6 – Rage Quitting

←Day 5

The Team:

  • Hedwig (Noctowl)
  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Burgie (Gastly)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Drowzee)


  • Bellende (Bellsprout)

With the deaths of Oddette and Zuluwarior looming over me I found myself with a slightly depleted team. I’d been told previously that the next gym was a toughie as well being Ghost type and all. If anyone was sent to sleep and got caught in the Dream Eater cycle we’d all be toast. To top that off most of my Pokémon were reliant on physical attacks… It was time to build the team back up and hope that I’d manage to catch some elemental-attack based Pokémon. First though we had to make a stop…

Day Care Man: *slyly* “Why hello there… Are you here for Bellende? He has grown a lot! A little aggressive at first but don’t worry! He’s calmed down…”

Bellende: *Defeated* “… Hey Dragon…”

Dragon: “That’s it? No insult? No “ah! Here you are crawling back to me” jab?”

Bellende: “Nope… Let’s just go…”

Dragon: “Woah you’re a level 19 already! That’s awesome! Gym 4 here we come!”

Bellende: “Yeah…”

The reason for Bellendes’ silence was soon discovered… As we fought our way to the new route,I sent out Bellende to take down the Sudowoodo blocking the path.

Dragon: “Bellende! Weaken it with Vine Whip!”

Bellende: “…”

Dragon: “What the-? Where has Vine Whip gone?!

Bellende: “While I was in day care I learned lots of new moves like Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Poisonpowder… But…” He looked away, ashamed. “The old man at the day care he… He replaced Vine Whip with Wrap!”

Dragon: “That bastard…”

Bellende: “The only attack I know now is Cut…”

Dragon: “I mean there’s still wrap”

Bellende: “That doesn’t count! I am now just half the plant I used to be… All I can do is fart glittery paralysis spores at the enemy and tickle them.”

Dragon: “At least you still know Cut.”

The whole team looked at me like I was an idiot.

Dragon: “Come on! It’s not that bad! Give it a go.”

Bellende sighed and Cut the Sudowoodo, it wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad either.

Bellende: “OK, I guess I can live with this for now…”


Afterwards we managed to catch a Nidoran whom I christened Pointy. Then in the next area I caught a female Nidoran named Nointy. Both were immediately sent to the day care to await a time that I may need them. Right now the upcoming gym was not for them. A Butterfree named Flora also joined, I was super pleased about this, I like Psychic Pokémon and with her and Sleepy ZZZ things were looking goooood. We ventured towards Ecruteak City, chirpy and full of hope, then the first Pokémon of the area sprang at me.

Dragon: *Running around excitedly* “AAAAAAAH!!! OH MY GOD! IT’S A GODDAMN VULPIX! Oh, we are going to CRUSH the next gym! Vulpix is gonna be so epic! Hedwig are you seeing this?!”

Hedwig: *Unimpressed* “Yup…”

Dragon: “I’ll name her Vixen and she’ll be incredible, enemies will faint just at the sight of her, she’ll breath fire over everything, nothing will stand in her way-”

Hedwig: “Dragon…”

Dragon: “She’ll be the backbone of this team, carrying us to the Elite Four-”

Hedwig: “Yeah… No, she’s gone.”

Dragon: “WHAT?!”

Hedwig: “She used Roar and fled. So… ‘Backbone of the team’, huh?”

Dragon: *sinking to my knees* “Vulpix… Can… Flee? No… Oh god no… I wanted her so badly…”

Hedwig settled for rolling his eyes and dragged me away from the patch of grass where the Vuplix had appeared as I shouted obscenities at the air. After settling down a little I decided to go explore the route to the west of the town.

Dragon: “Oh damn… A Magnemite! Sweet!”

*Magnemite fled!*

Dragon: “GOD DAMMIT, NO! What the hell am I going to fight the ghost gym with?!”

Hedwig: “Don’t worry there’s still another couple of places we could look…”


We trekked to the East side of town where we entered a cave and I actually managed to catch a Pokémon… A Machop named Hercules.

Dragon: “I mean… Sweet but… I’m against the ghost gym next and once again… All I have are physical attacks and two glass cannons…”

Hercules: “I’ll learn Foresight by level 25, then I could punch them!”

Dragon: “I just… Yeah, but that’s ages away and also that still won’t do a huge amount of damage. I guess it’s something though.”

Hercules: “Don’t worry, I’ll punch them right in the spirit!”

We continued through the cave, I had placed Flora at the front of the team to train her up, it was going pretty well as she was one-shotting all the Machop that appeared and then, rather unexpectedly, a Marill popped up.

Dragon: “Awww, I would have liked a Marill…”

*Marill used Rollout*


Dragon: “WHAT?! Why would Marill know that move?! It’s a water mouse!!!! UGH!”

Unfortunately, Flora and I hadn’t really had time to bond but I still felt disappointed. I’d been really pleased about my second psychic…

Need more Pokémon… After pouring over a map I realised I’d missed the Burnt Tower, more Pokémon! Rumour has it there’s a chance to get a Magmar in there… Before I could get inside though my red-headed stalker burst through the door and challenged me. I just want a new Pokémon! Leave me alone! Fortunately the battle was over quickly with no casualties but something was bugging me…

Dragon: “Burgie…”

Burgie: *in mid floor lick* “Mmmmmm?”

Dragon: “I couldn’t help but notice something during that battle.”

Burgie: “… What’s that?”

Dragon: “Well, my unworthy rival BLAAAAA, despite being a terrible trainer does have something I don’t… I couldn’t help but notice that in spite of being three levels below you his Gastly has evolved into a Haunter already and it knows Dream Eater…”

Burgie: *Hiding behind Hedwig* “I am so close to evolving, I swear.”

Dragon: “I mean if you were to evolve, like ever, now would be a really good time what with the upcoming gym battle not looking like it’s going to go in our favour and all…”

Hedwig: “Leave Burgie alone, he’ll evolve in his own time!”

Dragon: “Just saying that it would really be helpful! He can’t fight anything at the moment anyway because everything around here is a Normal Type so I have to level him with other Pokémon! It’s taking forever!”

Hedwig: “Ignore Dragon, Burgie. You’ll get there. We’re all helping you level, don’t worry.”

I walked off muttering something under my breath about useless Pokémon and wastes of team space until Hedwig swooped down and gave my head a swipe with his wing. I was about to retaliate but then we got jumped by a Koffing. Great. Another Poison Pokémon, apparently the most popular type of the Johto region. After a couple of battles with the newly named Smokey I realised he sucked and put him in the PC.

I then decided to fight the Kimono girls. They all had the evolved forms of Eevee and I managed to get through most of them pretty well until we got to the Espeon. I guess you learn something new every day and today I learned that Psychic is super effective against Poison.

Bellende: “I am already defeated in spirit… I am nothing without my Vine Whip. Just end it.”

Enemy Espeon: “You sure?”

Bellende: “Yeah… The way this team’s going I’ll be going sooner rather than later anyway.”

Dragon: “You selfish little…”

Bellende: *as Confusion enveloped him* “ah, the sweet embrace of death… I would wish you luck but I don’t want to.”

As he died his leaves stiffened to form a hand with an extended middle finger. There was no sad burial for Bellende.

With my only elemental Pokémon gone we then headed to Olivine to see if I’d be able to find something water-based. On the way we found a Magnemite who I actually managed to capture before he could flee. I named him Zappy and I eyed his ‘Thundershock’ attack with great enthusiasm… If I could level Zappy up he’d be my main man for Gym 4…

Zappy: “Hey, my eyes are up here!”

Dragon: “Sorry, It’s just that I’ve been trying to get an elemental Pokémon for so long now and I can’t help but be drawn to you, there’s something so… magnetic about you.”

Zappy: “Are you actually proud of that?”

Dragon: “A little…”

Zappy: “Oh dear…”

Finally, we got to Olivine and I managed to capture a Krabby.

Dragon: “Awesome! We have an electric type Pokémon, a Water Pokémon… We’re getting there! Everything will be OK!”

*Mr Krabs fainted*


My team exchanged looks and backed away slowly as I screamed at Mr Krabs’s stupid corpse.

Suddenly, a voice from afar…

“Sweetie… Put down the game.”

“Can you believe this shit?!”

“I know… Just please put down the game and take a break… Please.”

“FINE! I’ll go and do something else. Something that’s not… Not STUPID!”


Tune in on Sunday for more fun times!


The Team:

  • Hedwig (Noctowl)
  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Zappy (Magnemite)
  • Hercules (Machop) 
  • Burgie (Gastly)

The Reserves:

  • Sleepy ZZZ (Drowzee)
  • Pointy (Male Nidoran)
  • Nointy (Female Nidoran)
  • Smokey (Koffing)


  • Flora (Butterfree)
  • Bellende (Bellsprout)
  • Mr Krabs (Stupid Krabby)

Day 7→

Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 5 – Raising the Steaks

←Day 4

The Team:

  • Hedwig (Hoothoot)
  • Burd (Spearow)
  • Burgie (Gastly)
  • Oddette (Oddish)
  • Zuluwarior (Zubat)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Drowzee)

It was time for Gym 3. The whole team had been working really hard to level up and I was feeling confident. My only reservation was that we had no type advantage, being a Normal-type gym.

Dragon: “Are we ready guys?”

Hedwig and Burd: “Oh… We’re ready”

A blinding light filled the area and, standing back to back, Hedwig and Burd evolved into Noctowl and Fearow. They struck a pose as the light dimmed away, showing off their new forms.

Dragon: “You guys… That was SO COOL!!! We have got this in the bag! Group hug!”

We all had a Team Dragon group hug before kicking open the Gym doors and easily clearing a path to Whitney, the Gym Leader.

Her first Pokémon? Pfft, a Clefairy? Ha! That was destroyed easily, but then the ground shuddered as her next Pokémon entered the arena. My team looked at me fearfully – What could it be? I’d done my research and I knew what was coming… It was time for Operation Status Effects!

I sent Oddette out first and she bravely looked up into the face of… A Miltank.

Enemy Miltank: *Spits on the floor* “Hello little plant… I will have fun crushing you.”

Oddette: “Ugh, you are by far ze ugliest enemy we ‘ave faced zo far. Vive l’équipe Dragon!”

Oddette Ze French Oddish

With that she jumped over the Miltank in a graceful arc, scattering Stun Spore as she went and then, after taking a hit, swapped places with Sleepy ZZZ.

Sleepy ZZZ: “Dude… Why so aggressive? Let’s get rid of that for you”

He lazily flicked his wrist and disabled Rollout. This greatly angered the Miltank who managed to Stomp on Sleepy ZZZ before he could retreat back into his ball, injuring him. Now for the final stage of my plan…

Dragon: “Go Burgie! Use Spite!”

Burgie: “I… I can’t… I can’t lick it?”

Dragon: “No, you need to lower its’ PP as much as you can while Rollout is still disabled.”

Burgie: “I… Have other moves?”

Burgie got to work and reduced the PP of both Rollout and Stomp by a considerable amount. So far so good. Everything was going pretty well but then Miltank became able to use Rollout again. What to do? I couldn’t keep Burgie out, couldn’t send out Hedwig, Zuluwarior or Burd (being flying types), Sleepy ZZZ and Oddette had both taken pretty big hits…

Suddenly, a voice from above told me to send out Oddette, “you can poison it and Rollout won’t be so bad against Oddette at first.”

“But it’s already paralysed, I can’t poison it.”

“I’m pretty sure you can, if you select it often enough it will replace paralysis, try it.”

Who did those voices belong to? I guess I’ll never know but I decided to follow their advice…

Dragon: “Come on Oddette! Let’s try to poison it! I should have done that from the beginning.”

Several turns later and Oddette had still not managed to poison the Miltank and its’ Rollout had built up to the third round.

Dragon: “She can take one more hit…”

She could not take one more hit. Down Oddette went, all the plans I had for an epic Vileplume went out the window. Her adorable little face turned to me as she took her last breath and raised a small white flag. I’d told her that she would be my plant prodigy but she hadn’t even evolved into a Gloom yet…

Enemy Miltank: “Goodbye, little plant.” With that the Miltank kicked Oddettes’ small body across the arena to me, I tried to straighten out her leaves which had been crumpled from the impact of Rollout and glared at the Miltank with tears in my eyes.

Enemy Miltank: “Ooh the trainer’s upset. Go on cry!”

Dragon: “Shut up you… You Meanie! I’ll avenge you Oddette, you didn’t deserve to die so soon like that, I’m sorry.” Who could I send out to avenge her? Maybe… Just maybe…

Dragon: “Go Zuluwarior!”

Zuluwarior: “Yes! I’m a part of things!”

Surprising me with his swiftness he used Confuse Ray and then Bite over and over, the Miltank had no chance to attack between the confusion, paralysis and flinching. Eventually its’ health was down to the last section… For a minute it looked like we would win…

Zuluwarior: “I’m going to do it! I’m going to get the badge!… Ew, what is it doing?!”

We all watched in disgust and horror as, without breaking eye contact with Zuluwarior, the Miltank milked itself right then and there. It then drank its’ own milk, restoring almost all of its’ HP.

Dragon: “My God…”

Enemy Miltank: *wiping away milk moustache* “Mmmm, tastes like… Victory.”

It then sent a boulder hurtling towards Zuluwarior, crushing him underneath.


I resorted back to sending out Sleepy ZZZ and prayed that the Miltank wouldn’t attack, Rollout was once more disabled and Burgie made another appearance to reduce any remaining PP. I rotated the two Pokémon for a while with this technique but I was just buying time. I couldn’t win yet unless… I suddenly realised that Miltank hadn’t even tried to attack for the last few turns, it was just constantly healing itself.

Dragon: “We did it guys! It’s out of PP! Come on Burd, take it out quickly!”

Enemy Miltank: “Mwahaha! Bitch, you thought!”

A boulder hurtled through the air and my heart skipped a beat, I couldn’t lose Burd!

Hedwig: “Like we practised Burd!”

Burd flapped his wings and attempted to fly over the boulder, gracefully he arced over it, only catching his back on it slightly. He then dove towards the Miltank and speared him through with his beak, the Miltank fell to its’ knees.

Hedwig: “YES Burd! That was AWESOME!!!”

Burd: *placing a foot on the Miltank’s back* “Goodbye, little Cow”

Enemy Miltank: “Ha… Hahahaha… You think you have won? You will find no joy in your journey, Dragon. Just more losses.” Burd put his foot down and the Miltank collapsed into a puddle of his own milk.


The battle had lasted over half an hour (it genuinely did, it was possibly the longest non-game ending Pokémon battles I have ever fought) and we emerged from the gym victorious. The stress of the challenge was starting to show though, I worriedly thought ahead to the next gym and looked at what remained of my team… They were battered and bruised and looked a little worried after hearing the dying words of the Miltank.

Dragon: “I know we lost more friends today but we did well. I’ll make sure we’re properly ready for the next gym, I promise. If you guys don’t want any part in the rest of the journey though you can always ask to leave”

Hedwig: “We believe in you Dragon, it’s dangerous but we want to help. You have my wing.”

Burd: “And mine.”

Sleepy ZZZ: “And my… I dunno… Paw, I guess?”

Burgie: “And my tongue!” *Lick*

Everyone: “Ew! Gross! Dammit, Burgie!”

We solemly buried Oddette and Zuluwarior, both of which had proved themselves to be valuable team members in the end, and continued our journey to the next gym…


The Team:

  • Hedwig (Noctowl)
  • Burgie (Gastly)
  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Drowzee)

The Reserves

  • Bellende (Bellsprout)


  • Oddette (Oddish)
  • ZuluWarior (Zubat)

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