There Ain’t no Party Like a Dragon’s Tea Party

I think most gamers have all been in the position where you’ll have people over and they ask if you can all play something… I always used to panic when asked that, I’d go through all of my games in my head mentally “Dragon Age? No, that’s way too in-depth. Overwatch? It’s only single player and I know not everyone here would enjoy it…” I couldn’t play Mario Kart with anyone as I was banned and I really enjoy a game of Just Dance but not everyone is into that. So much pressure! But no more, my friends! Recently I actually seem to have found three games that fit the bill for everyone. I wanted to give them some love because they’ve been helping me to keep people that visit me entertained for a while now. My dazzling wit and sparkling personality can only go so far until I start getting sick of trying to entertain.

First up we have the games for everyone; The proper party games that you don’t need any experience of gaming for because they’re idiot-proof and played on your phone through PlayLink so you don’t have to worry about people knowing how to use the controller! There are a few of these but for me (mainly because I got them for free with the monthly Playstation+ games) these are That’s You! and Knowledge is Power. Yes, they may have slightly cringey adverts with people sat on pristine sofas, laughing a little too hard at the slightest thing and overreacting to getting stuff right or wrong, but they are actually really fun!
If you need any more convincing on the idiot-proof front my mum and my sister came to visit me recently for a few days, and we gave it a go. My mum (who has rarely touched a video game in her life) was a bit dubious at first but very quickly got the hang of it, winning the first two games.

That’s You! was definitely everyone’s favourite. There were challenges like “who would be most likely to be the teacher’s pet?”, draw Player X as a ballerina, and stuff like that. It was all very silly in a wonderful way and to top it off it just looks cool as well which, from the cover art and advert wasn’t quite what I expected.

Image result for that's you!

Knowledge is Power is more of a general knowledge quiz, this one was like a pub quiz but you could choose the category of questions. At the end of the game you have to be the first to the top of a pyramid by answering questions the fastest. I imagine this would be quite fun with a fair few people (you can have up to 6 players) and you don’t all need to know each other as well as in That’s You!

Knowledge is power_2

That covers the “for everyone” side, but what about when I play with anyone that’s got any sort of vague experience of gaming? Well, it’s an old favourite for a lot of people… Worms! Usually if people are eyeing up the games by the TV it’s always the one that they’ll request to play. It just seems to be a huge source of fun for everybody. It’s funny, a little gory, and even the most experienced gamers will mess up quite a bit so it’s relatively even ground. I’ve got the Worms: Battlegrounds game for PS4 which isn’t bad at all and everyone seems to enjoy it. There’s a lot of stuff I’m not sure what to do with that they use in the campaign but everyone’s usually just more concerned with the bazooka or the exploding sheep, everyone loves the exploding sheep.

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There you have it, my three core party games! What party games that people always enjoy? Have you played any of mine? If so, do you like them?