30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 1: Your First Game

I was feeling a little guilty that I haven’t been dedicating as much time to my blog as I would like recently, mainly because I haven’t had a lot of time to play any games therefore not giving me much to blog about, this is due to a recent job change, moving house, an exam… Lots of different things that all seem to be coming to a head in June and July. I’ve been reading through the wonderful The Shameful Narcissists’ video game challenge, and I’ve seen it dotted around some other gamer blogs too, so considering my current lack of inspiration and time I thought I’d give it a go!

Day 1 – Your First Video Game

I am not 100% sure what my very first video game was but if I had to guess then I would say it was Pokémon Yellow as it’s the first one I remember playing. It came out when I was 5 so the timescale lines up. I had a Gameboy Color that matched the Pokémon Yellow cartridge and I still have them both! While the game very occasionally freezes now, and I have to take out the cartridge and blow on it they both still work! Not bad for 18 years old.

Gameboy color

I never finished Pokémon Yellow, maybe it’s time for a new game?

What was your first game? Did anyone else play Pokémon Yellow?