Into the breach…

Full disclosure, I love this game and this is my third play through. I wanted to make my first post about this game as I have a lot of happy memories playing through it the first couple of times. My first play through was as my usual go to dual-wielding rogue, the second as a mage and this time I decided to try out my least favourite class, a fighter. I like being able to sneak around and launch a fast paced attack on my enemies when they least expect it, hence why rogue is my go to class, but I wanted to give myself a challenge. I draw the line at having a sword and shield which in this game means you are the tank, it’s just boring, but the two-handed weapon appealed to me. I am also going to try and have a different diplomatic approach (being a bit meaner) and making different decisions that will impact the end of the game and the other characters’ opinions and friendliness towards me somewhat.

Introducing Shawty the sassy dwarf.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20170319205311

Isn’t she gorgeous?

I also played around with the custom settings, which I have never done before in this game. So it’s on the hard setting with the trials Even Ground, Walk Softly and Grizzly End so now everything I attack is my level or above (there are more elite enemies too), enemies have new traits and abilities, and bears are horrifyingly difficult.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20170319202950

Here we go…

Not long into the game I had my first opportunity to be nasty, this involved pissing off my first companion Cassandra by moodily answering ‘do I have a choice?’ when asked if I wanted to go up to the breach (the big tear in the sky). As the ‘Cassandra disapproves’ appeared in the corner I was overcome with guilt. I have already started to wonder how long I can keep being mean for.

Can you blame Shawty for not wanting to go though?

A little farther down the road and we were attacked by our first demons, after grabbing a conveniently placed two-handed sword I came to the conclusion that I am terrible at the fighter class, what have I done? It’s so slow and different to control compared to my rogue and mage, poor Shawty ended up being carried off in the wrong direction with the momentum of the sword, leaving the demon far behind, even after I took my finger off the ‘hit’ button she kept going for a while stuck in some slow but powerful combo that completely missed the enemy but did some serious damage to the ground. Cassandra had to finish off my demon for me, which I found extremely embarrassing. I suppose I am a little too used to mashing buttons quickly with my rogue and mage. To make me feel worse Cassandra disapproving of me refusing to drop my weapon made me apologise out loud to my TV.

Finally we met up with my future bestie and fellow dwarf Varric, and Solas the too-serious mage (I’m sorry if you’re a Solas fan, he’s a little too boring for me). This made fighting SO much easier, with the speed of their attacks enemies were taken down a lot quicker and I found it easier to focus on one enemy, especially with the help of the targeting R3 button which I had ignored in previous games.

As a prisoner accused of killing the Divine, (the sort of equivalent of a pope) I have a right to decide how soldiers and scouts should risk their lives and stuff apparently, this involves deciding whether to charge to the breach with the soldiers or to take a mountain path which is faster but may involve casualties. Sticking to my attempt at being nasty I decided to take the mountain path to the breach, I usually choose to charge with soldiers as it seems more moral but I was trying to do things a little differently. Cassandra disapproved again and I nearly flung myself on the floor to beg forgiveness but then Varric approved and I felt that wasn’t so bad.

Overall, starting to warm to my new class. It’s still a slight struggle but I’m getting there. Any advice for a two-handed warrior skill tree, let me know!