Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 14 – The Finale!

←Day 13

The Final Team

  • Heather (Dotrio)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Swirlyo (Poliwag)
  • Friglet (Girafarig)
  • MyLilPony (Rapidash)

We had been training for a very, very long time. Many Tentacruels and Stantler were killed in an attempt to level the team with no accidental casualties and finally our hard work had paid off. My team were all levelled to their high 30s and everyone, excluding the stubborn MyLilPony, had evolved. I was sure they’d get to their level 40s in Victory Road. Cautiously we approached the cave.

Dragon: “Right team, here’s the plan: we duck in. Have a look around and see what sort of Pokémon there are and then we duck back out and go back to the lady’s house down the road to rest up… Let’s go!”

Cautiously we entered the cave and were immediately assaulted by a Gravler, he was promptly caught and sent to the PC. The last Pokémon I’d ever catch. I quickly realised that Swirlyo had a huge advantage in this cave: he could one-shot almost everything with Surf. We made our way through the cave, constantly going back to the house a bit down the road to rest when anyone took a little too much damage than I was comfortable with. I didn’t have any money left so I had to be careful! Finally we braved going past the front door and down a couple of ladders when my nemesis BLAAAA accosted us. The rival fight? Already? OK…

We easily beat him and he sort of admitted that he might be a bit of a douche canoe. Cool… What’s through this doorway here? Light? We’re on the other side?


Pointy: “Did you want more fights?”

Dragon: “Well… Yeah! I want you guys to level up as much as possible and I want more money for potions!”

Friglet: “Well, there were some ladders we didn’t explore, there’s probably some items in there still.”

Dragons: “Great idea, Friglet!”

It was not a great idea. Half an hour later, while desperately trying to figure out how to get to an item that was tantalisingly close yet so far, Friglet fell to a self-destructing Graveler. Great. Now I only had 5 Pokémon for the Elite Four.

I gave up on the elusive item and we marched to the Elite Four. I must admit that at this point, while I’d never tell the team, I just wanted it over with. I had procrastinated for too long and I was just happy to have gotten this far. I had made a promise though and I intended to go through with it. I took out the newly caught Graveler (Baldur) to replace Friglet and off we went…

Elite Four Battle Number 1 – Will

Unfortunately, battle number 1 was what I’d been training Friglet up for. His dark moves would have been perfect against all of the Psychic types but… Never mind. Will’s Xatu proved to be a huge problem. I had nothing on bird or psychic Pokémon here and after going with what I had hoped would be the most sensible option (Baldur) I realised my mistake. Baldur was immediately taken out, Swirlyo quickly followed suit…

Crossing my fingers I sent out Sleepy ZZZ, he could take the hit from the Psychic moves and he eventually managed to Headbutt the Xatu to death, though it took him a long while, and a lot of potions. He did the same to the next Xatu, with me throwing a potion at him every few turns until that too fell and Will sent out a Slowbro. Ok… Heather could deal with this, bird has advantage over water… Right? Heather joined her fallen team mates…


At this point I was starting to panic. I wasn’t even going to make it past the first guy after all this time?! Sleepy ZZZ faced the Slowbro and took him out after several headbutts and potions. I was optimistic about the next Pokémon: An Exeggcute. MyLilPony had this in the bag.

MyLilPony somehow did not have this in the bag. Poor Sleepy ZZZ was dragged out again…

Dragon: “We’re nearly there Sleepy ZZZ, keep at it!”

Sleepy ZZZ: “… My head is so sore from all this headbutting bro… I don’t know if I can…”

Dragon: “Don’t be ridiculous, you are my second best Pokémon after Pointy and we would never be here without you. This is your moment, this is what we’ve been working for. Take this Ether and show them who’s boss!”

Sleepy ZZZ: “Uuurgh… OK…”

With a final, fatal headbutt the Exeggcute was sent sprawling at Will’s feet. We’d done it. We’d defeated an Elite Four member!


I hugged him and he gave a weak smile. The battle had definitely taken its’ toll, on our fallen team mates mostly of course but on my potions supply and Sleepy ZZZ’s health as well.

Pointy: “I wanted to help…”

Dragon: “You’re a poison type, you would have been at a huge disadvantage against Psychic… You’re the main event in the next battle though. Are you ready?”

Pointy: “… I am. Do you think we’ll win?”

Dragon: “… I want to… But I don’t think so. Do you?”

Pointy: “No… But I want to try. If we fail I can be reunited with Nointy… Do you think our egg will be OK?”

Dragon: “Burd will take care of it.”

Pointy: “I don’t think I could have named a better godfather… Except Hedwig but you know… He’s dead too.”

Sleepy ZZZ: “Whatever happens you guys, I’ve had a great time.”

Dragon: “It’s truly been an honour.”

We had one last group hug, I took a deep breath and kicked open the door to the second Elite 4 member.

Elite Four Battle Number 2 – Koga

Dragon: “You’re going down Koga… Maybe.”

Koga: “You’re taking me on with just two Pokémon? That’s brave… But foolish.”

Dragon: “I have faith in Pointy and Sleepy ZZZ… I also have no choice.”

Koga: “Very well.”

The battle commenced and we had a strong start. Pointy made short work of the Ariados and Venomoth. That was already two Pokémon down! I started to feel a little more confident.

Dragon: “Keep it up Pointy! You’re doing it!”

Pointy: “As if I was going to let a couple of bugs take me down.”

Koga: “They were just the beginning, Go Forretress!”

Pointy: “Pfft. I do’t think so. Ice Punch, Bit-”


Dragon: “NOOOOO!!!!!”

The Forretress was too fast, it exploded before Pointy could attack, she tried to stand strong against the blast but it was just too much. She fell to the floor with a resounding THUMP. Her death was a punch to my gut, she’d become a fast favourite throughout the journey and while Sleepy ZZZ could hold his own I did not expect he’d be able to do so in what was coming.

Any minuscule remaining hope I’d had of defeating the Elite Four was shattered. Sleepy ZZZ gulped and nodded at me as he stepped up to the plate. A Crobat was sent out to meet him and, while it poisoned Sleepy he managed to take it out.

Here we were… Koga’s last Pokémon: a Muk. A rather high leveled Muk. Exhausted Sleepy ZZZ never stood a chance. Down he went covered in gross poison goop. Our fates intertwined, I too fell to my knees and collapsed…

It was a rainy, winters’ night when Burd, Squidward, Nommy, Smokey and an egg were released from the PC and informed that their trainer had fallen. Nommy and Smokey wasted no time and ran off into the wilderness. They hadn’t been close to the trainer at all. Burd and Squidward however shared a sad look and then at the egg. They knew what they had to do. Together they hatched the egg and raised the baby female Nidoran that came from it. They make a strange family to be sure, a giant squid, a bird and a guinea pig but it works. The Nidoran had a very unique upbringing, it’s rare to find a Nidoran that enjoys swimming and sleeping in nests. Growing up hearing stories about the bravery of her parents and the trainer that had taken her mother all the way to the Elite Four it was a very ambitious Nidoran, determined to find a trainer worthy of her skill to take her on their Elite 4 journey. One thing’s for sure, if it was anything like its’ mother it would go on to do great things. Its’ name? Nurdward.


The End…


In a parallel Universe Dragon’s still alive, this version of her was sat at work minding her own business when suddenly…



So there we have it everybody! Thank you to everyone that stuck with me throughout my journey and I apologise for the posts being a little sporadic at times. It was a fun journey, if a little stressful at times, hugely rewarding and I learned a lot more about Pokémon! I would consider doing a Nuzlocke again but maybe with some different rules… Not for a long time though! I need to recover from this one first! 

Would you consider taking the Nuzlocke challenge? Have you ever completed one? Which Pokémon game would you take the challenge on?









Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 12 – Dragon vs Dragon

←Day 11

Apologies for once again being late with this post. I’ve got the point where my writing has caught up to my gaming and so I’m going to just publish these as and when from now on.

The Team

  • Zappy (Magneton)
  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Sluuurp (Lickitung)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Burgie (Haunter)

I wasn’t sure the team was ready but I was sick of grinding. We marched into the Dragon Gym and fought our way through the trainers with Sluuurp using Icy Wind and Pointy Ice Punching her way through. Eventually we got to the arrogant Gym Leader.

Clair: “My brother is such a good Pokémon trainer, we trained together so I’m basically part of the Elite 4. Like, if one of them dropped out I would totally be up there.”

Dragon: “Uh huh…”

Clair: “One time I went up there and they battled me. They all beat me but I was literally so close that they essentially declared me one of them.”

Dragon: “… Can we fight now?”

Clair: “If I beat you I bet they’ll let me fight them again. I can be an Elite 4 member. They all laughed at me but they’ll see…”

With that her first Dratini was released. Surprise, surprise. I had Sluuurp sort it out. I was pretty tense throughout most of this battle but eventually I realised that it wasn’t actually going that badly… Or so I thought. Claire was down to her final Pokémon while I still had a full, healthy team. Breaking the Dratini streak she sent out a Kingdra.

Dragon: “Pfft, a Kingdra? Zappy, take care of this guy with thundershock.”

Zappy: *shocked* “It… It only took off half its’ health. Usually that’s a KO move on a water Pokémon.”

Dragon: “It’ OK, one more hit and it will be done!”

Kingdra: “Surf’s up, bitch.”

Dragon: “Zappy’s steel type he’s not vulnerable to-”


Dragon: “WHAT?! Zappy no!!! You were the first Magnemite I ever stuck with. You’re our go-to KO-dealing Pokémon! Use my phone charger to heal, you’ll be OK!”

Zappy: “I’m afraid it’s time for me to go Dragon… Thank you for taking me on this journey… Beat the Elite 4. You can do it…”

With that his magnets fell to the ground with a deafening CLANG.

Surprised at the power of its’ Surf attack, I was now very wary of the Kingdra. I carefully debated who to send out next and settled on Sluuurmp based on his high defence stats. I was wrong. Once again a wave washed over him and took him out.

I was getting very worried. No one else onthe team had very good defense except for Pointy… Pointy was not happy that her two team mates had been killed by a seahorse and she put all her power behind her Ice Punch. It did a lot of damage, but not quite enough. My whole body tensed as a wave crashed over Pointy’s head but she stayed put, her health in the danger zone. I looked at my remaining Pokemon and sent out Burd, praying he wouldn’t get hit as he had weak defense stats.

Burd: “Don’t worry Dragon, I got this.”

He flew into the sky… Or as far as he could before he it the gym ceiling. The Kingdra attacked with Surf but the wave wasn’t tall enough to reach Burd who sped down and took out the Kingdra, piercing him with his beak.


Burd, Pointy and I marched over to the fallen Clair and loomed over her.

Dragon: “Badge please.”

Clair: “Nah.”

Dragon: “What? But I just beat you.”

Clair: “No, I’m not accepting that.”

Dragon: “Well I’m not accepting you not accepting. You have to give me the gym badge, those are the rules.”

Clair: “… No.”

Dragon: “It is literally your job to reward people with badges when they beat you. Is there a gym central that I can complain to or something?”

Clair: “I tell you what. If you go to Dragon Cave and fetch me a Dragon Fang. Then I’ll give you the badge.”

Dragon: “OK.”

Clair: “It’s super difficult. I train there every day.”

Dragon: “OK.”

Clair: “I doubt you’ll manage it, there’s Dragon Pokémon everywhere!”

Dragon: “I’m going now.”

Clair: “You’ll probably die!”

We set off for the cave, taking Squidward and Fritatta the Exeggcute out of the PC to replace Sluuurmp and Zappy. Not that they could ever be replaced. Expecting to be attacked by Dratini left right and centre I braced myself but the only thing that came at us were Magikarp. So. Many. Magikarp. Eventually a Dratini showed its face and I attempted to capture it. Fritatta was doing well, he’d got the Dratini down to the red section of its’s health and it was asleep. I threw Pokéball after Pokéball at it but none of them stuck. I couldn’t attack it again, no one had a weak enough attack…

Burgie: “Let me lick it.”

Dragon: “Ew, no.”

Burgie: “It’s a weak attack…”

Dragon: “I don’t know…”

Burgie: “You’ve only got one Pokéball left… You probably won’t catch it anyway, just let me try.”

Dragon: “… Fine.”

Burgie floated over to the sleeping Dratini and gave it a huge lick, covering it in saliva. The Dratini woke with a start, let out a scream of terror and died of fright.

Dragon: “Dammit Burgie!”

Burgie: “Oops… Sorry…”

Dragon: “It’s fine, I mean what would I do with a Dragon Pokémon anyway? It’s not like it would have been that helpful… It’s so fine.”

Burgie: “In that case, you’re welcome!”

He floated off happily in blissful ignorance as I seethed quietly. As I glared around the cave, daring any more Magikarp to splash me, I spotted something on the floor and picked it up – the Dragon Fang. Suddenly Clair appeared.

Clair: “Fine, you found it. Here’s your badge.”

Dragon: “… What? That was it? There was nothing guarding it?”

Clair: “No that’s it. Difficult, right?”

Dragon: “Do you literally just spend all day battling Magikarp? Seriously?”

Clair: “Do you want the badge or not?”

I took the badge and made my way out of the cave, no dragons in sight. Time to head to Kanto…

The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Squidward (Tentacruel)
  • Burgie (Haunter)
  • Fritatta (Exeggcute)


  • Smokey (Koffing)
  • Fritlet (Girafarig)
  • Nommy (Slowpoke)


  • Zappy (Magneton)
  • Sluuurp (Lickitung)

Day 13→



Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 3 – Gym Time! Followed by a Series of Unfortunate Events…

←Day 2

The Team:

  • Hedwig (Hoothoot)
  • Rizzo (Rattata)
  • Buzz (Kakuna)
  • Cawcaw (Pidgey)

The day started off pretty good… We spent the day exploring Violet City and Sprout Tower. A tower where loads of trainer battles hapen… But only with Bellsprouts. Each to their own. While we were in there Buzz evolved into a Beedrill and became epic.

We also met a new friend, “Ooh, a Gastly, sweet. I shall name you… Burgie… Because I am hungry and have burgers on the brain, IRL a burger is on its’ way to me right now.”

Burgie: “…” *lick*

Dragon: “Eurgh! Oh god, what are you doing?”

Burgie: “That is my one thing… I lick stuff…” *lick*

Dragon “… You may not be quite as useful as I’d hoped…”

Burgie: *starts licking the floor*

After that we got the HM Flash from the Sprout Master, the worst HM ever, I’d have to carefully think about who to give this to but for now I don’t need it.

Finally, I decided to tackle my first Gym… A flying-type gym.

Apparently battling in his pyjamas is his thing

I was a little nervous but not too worried… “We’ll be fine guys! Two of you are flying types and then we have Rizzo! … Wait… Where is Rizzo?!”

We entered the gym just in time to see Rizzo tackle Faulkner’s Pidgeotto so hard that it un-evolved back into a Pidgey, making Faulkner sob.

Rizzo: “Oh hey, boss while you were stressing I just went ahead and got the badge, no big deal.”

Dragon: “That’s amazing! Thank you Rizzo! You’re so awesome!”

Rizzo: “I know boss, I know,” he said as he chucked me the badge and flexed himself back into his pokeball. I swooned.

I should have known everything was too good to be true… So what went wrong? Well I guess first of all I was asked to carry an egg around with me by Professor Elm. Great, that’s taking up a valuable spot but my team are pretty epic, we’ll be fine.

After that it was pretty good for a while, Hedwig learned Peck, and Cawcaw learned Gust suddenly becoming really useful… Well… Sort of…

She actually managed to get hit by a Magikarp… Then miss.

Having never been to the Johto region I assumed that because I had received the HM Flash and was now able to use it with my Gym badge the way forward was through the Dark Cave on Route 31. I had been hoping that the cave would let me see just a little like in other regions, sometimes there’s a little circle of light around you and you can just make it through without learning Flash. That was not the case here…


Dragon: *sigh* “Hedwig, I need you to learn Flash.”

Hedwig: “What?! No Way!!! Why me???”

Dragon: “You are the only Pokemon I have that can use it, I’m really sorry I wish it wasn’t the case…”

Hedwig: *Ruffling his feathers* “Fine, I guess you can get rid of Growl or Future Sight…”

Dragon: “Ok… Oh no… Oh god no…”

Hedwig: “WHAT?? What did you do? Oh no…I can’t remember how to tackle!!! What did you do?!”

Dragon: “I’m so sorry, my finger slipped and I accidentally selected it!”

Hedwig: “You absolute idiot, I can’t believe you’ve done this to me!”

Dragon: “Maybe there’s someone that can get you to forget HM moves!”

Hedwig: “Urgh…”


We strode through the cave with Hedwig as our unwilling beacon and were attacked by a Zubat, not realising what I was doing I let Rizzo take it on, intending for him to just weaken it but he tore it apart and eliminated it on his first turn.

Dammit Rizzo…

Before I could scold him he had already jumped back into his ball. Dammit. So no Pokemon from Dark Cave… Fine… We then reached a dead end…

Hedwig: “Did you just replace Tackle with Flash for NO REASON?!”

Dragon: “I thought this was the right way!”

Hedwig: “Just… Don’t talk to me for a while!”

Eventually, I found the right road and we made our way through. On the way I caught a Bellsprout called Bellende (I put an ‘e’ on the end to make it classy), who was sent to the PC, and upon entering Union Cave I caught a Zubat called ZuluWarior, also sent to the PC, my first reserves! It was in Union Cave that I realised, excluding Rizzo and Burgie, all my Pokemon are flying types and are therefore super susceptible to Rock-type moves and Rizzo did barely any damage for once. I started fighting a trainer who sent out an Onix and I realised I had no choice…

Dragon: “Burgie, you’re our main guy right now.”

Burgie: *super excitedly* “Yessir! I’m so glad you’re finally using me! I knew this day would come! I can’t wa-”

Dragon: “Ok, let’s get this Onix!”

Burgie: “WOOHOO!!!” *lick*

Enemy Onix: “Ew… What are you doing? Get off me! That’s so gross!”

Burgie: “I’m really sorry, this is literally the best I can do.”

Enemy Onix: “You’re actually going to lick me to death? That will take ages, and it’s so gross!”

Burgie: “… I have to… I can put you to sleep if you like so that you won’t notice so much?”

Enemy Onix: “… Fine… Eurgh.”

We advanced through the cave like that with Burgie licking every rock type to death. None of them were a high enough level to know any rock-type moves so I was safe… Or so I thought… I emerged from Union cave blinking in the sunlight, all was well, I was very close to the next town, all my Pokemon were in peak condition… Suddenly a Hiker stopped me just as I was about to enter the town, a battle? Why not? I’d just trashed all the other guys in the cave. That’s when he sent out a level 11 Geodude. This Geodude knew Rock Throw. First of all I tried to take him on with Burgie as I had done with everything in the cave and then Burgie got hit by Rock Throw and I couldn’t keep healing him enough to keep up with the damage, he took most of the Geodude’s HP off but I had to withdraw him with only 1 HP left. I thought it would be fine, there was only a bit of health left and I still had Rizzo who, while he wouldn’t do a lot of damage he had a full-health bar! One hit from Geodude, not so bad. Rizzo chipped away… Then another hit… A critical hit… No. It couldn’t be… As the rocks buried him Rizzo turned to look at me, panic in his eyes. He was my favourite, the one that never failed, the one that single-handedly defeated the first Gym… He couldn’t die. Then he appeared to accept his fate and he smiled faintly at me, “Don’t worry boss, It’s not your fault…” then he was obscured from view as the rocks covered him. Forever.



I had no strategy any more, I didn’t know what to do, I started panicking… Then it got worse. After valiantly chipping away with Fury Attack, Buzz too, fell to Rock Throw.


Blinded by rage I threw out Cawcaw, she attacked with Gust and finally KO’d the Geodude. I sighed with relief but it was not over yet. The Hiker then sent out a Machop and I panicked, were fighting types strong against birds or weak against birds? I was so distraught after losing Rizzo and Buzz that I couldn’t remember. I then made a very stupid mistake. I sent out Burgie thinking he wouldn’t be hit but then I suddenly remembered that birds are strong against fighting types not the other way around! Luckily, the Machop had only used Focus Energy so I sent Cawcaw back out again and the Machop swung at her with a Low Kick. It hurt. It took off half her HP. “Please, please, please” I prayed as Cawcaw retaliated with Gust… If she could just one-shot him… It came close but the Machop stayed standing. It swung at her again and this time Cawcaw was thrown through the air and landed in a heap at my feet. “CAWCAW! NO!” I stroked her crumpled feathers as she faded away.

Dragon: “I’m sorry I said you were a bit odd, you are a very good bird”

She managed one last, weak “Caw” and then she was gone.

Hedwig: “Dragon… It’s time… I have to go out there.”

Dragon: “No Hedwig, I can’t let you go! What if you die too? I’ll send out Burgie!”

Hedwig: “Burgie only has 1 HP. Let me do this, I may not know Tackle any more but I can use Peck, I might be able to take him out in one go.”

Dragon: “… Ok… Be careful.”

I needn’t have worried, fuelled by the loss of his teammates Hedwig launched a devastating Peck attack that took out the Machop.


We had won the battle but lost too many friends… Hedwig, Burgie and I solemnly held a small funeral for Rizzo, Buzz and Cawcaw before heading into Azalea Town.


The Team:

  • Hedwig (Hoothoot)
  • Burgie (Gastly)

The Reserves

  • Bellende (Bellsprout)
  • ZuluWarior (Zubat)
  • Egg (delicious)


  • Rizzo (Rattata)
  • Buzz (Kakuna)
  • Cawcaw (Pidgey)

Next time on Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge I painstakingly attempt to rebuild my team…

Day 4→

Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 2 – Stupid Birds

← Day 1

The team so far:

  • Hedwig (Hoot hoot)
  • Rizzo (Rattata)

Today we made the big leap from Cherrygrove City to Violet City. On route 39 Buzz the Weedle was caught. This seemed to aggravate the other Weedles in the area who wouldn’t leave us alone for the rest of the journey, poor Hedwig and Rizzo were both rushed to and from the Pokécentre with poisoning. Despite the amount of times this happened Buzz herself never actually managed to poison anything she fought. Meanwhile Rizzo was becoming my go-to Pokémon never letting anything live longer than two turns and levelling up quickly, Hedwig however was struggling. I think the loss of Toto was still hanging over him. He barely did any damage and levelling him up just seemed to take a stupidly long time… As we made our way up the path we were faced with our first ever trainer (exculding BLAAAAA), Joey the Youngster. Luckily he was terrible and we stomped him.

Joey yOUNGSTER.png

Later up the path, still fighting our way through the Weedle hoard, we came to Route 31. Time for a new Pokémon! This isn’t going so badly! That will make it 4 already! Let’s see… Weedle… Weedle… Weedle… Weed-AAAAARGH. Finally, a Pidgey dared to fight through the crowd of horned worms and attacked. I actually really like Pidgeys “finally a good bird Pokémon!” I exclaimed, temporarily forgetting myself. Hedwig looked at me with the most dejected expression on his face. “I’m sorry… you’re just really hard to level…”

Hedwig: “It’s fine. I get it. I’ll never be as good as Totodile… Catch the Pidgey, do what you have to do.”

Feeling slightly guilty, but also quite triumphant I caught the Pidgey and named her Cawcaw. “Time to show route 31 who’s boss…”

Rizzo: “Euuuuh… Doesn’t she look a little… Different?”

I took a closer look, her eyes were crossed, as she took a step forward she tripped over her own feet and face-planted the ground. “She’s fine! Just a bit disorientated after being caught! Let’s try her out!”

I sent her out to deal with another level 3 Pidgey. Her attack missed. Not only did it miss but she took a stupid amount of damage in return. Next turn she hit but did almost half the amount of damage that the enemy Pidgey had done to her,  he reduced Cawcaw’s health to the red section. I had managed to find the most useless Pidgey in existence. “What the… *sigh* Hedwig?”

Hedwig: *Glances up smugly* “Yes?”

Dragon: “I need you to deal with a level 3 Pidgey, please.”

Hedwig: “What? Cawcaw isn’t working out? I suppose I could give you a hand…” He stretched his wings and effortlessly tackled the enemy, winning the battle.

After that I resolved to get everyone to at least level 7 before entering Violet City, Hedwig and Rizzo were already there so that was OK. Unfortunately, that meant seemingly endless battles of Buzz spamming “Poison Sting” which is not a hugely effective move against anything.

Dragon: *Yawn* “Is it possible to die of boredom?”

Buzz: *Sweat pouring down her forehead* “I’m doing my best!”

Dragon: “I know… Forget I said anything, you’re doing great… So great, keep it up”

Buzz: “Wha- I think this is it! I’m doing it!!!”

Finally, a blinding light shone over Buzz as she evolved into a Kakuna! First evolution of the game!

Now… Just for Cawcaw. There is truly something wrong with this Pokémon, in every single battle she would miss at least once and another team member would have to help.

Missed shot

Missed again

Finally, I found an alternative, a boring one but it was better than nothing.

Dragon: “Right Cawcaw, that Kakuna can not attack you. It will take a long time but there is no way you can lose this battle… Are you ready?”

Cawcaw: “Caw?”

“Awesome, let’s go!” The battle lasted for a very long time… However, at the end Cawcaw went up not one but two levels. Then we found another, slightly higher level Kakuna… It took all my patience (and the whole PP of ‘tackle’) but Cawcaw eventually disposed of that one too and went up two levels again!

We finally entered Violet City and breathed in the scent of progress.

Dragon: “I’m sorry Hedwig, I got carried away back there.”

Hedwig: “It’s OK Dragon, I understand.”

Dragon: “Great, and well done Rizzo, you did so well! *whisper* you’re my favourite, don’t tell Hedwig.”


Next time on Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: we take on our first gym and things start to go wrong…

The Team:

  • Hedwig (Hoothoot)
  • Rizzo (Rattata)
  • Buzz (Kakuna)
  • Cawcaw (Pidgey)

Day 3→


Mind Over Metal Holiday Pokémon Challenge

Another challenge, I know! Don’t worry though, this one isn’t like my 30 Day Video Game Challenge though, this is a challenge I thought I’d try while I was on holiday and I thought I’d share it with you!

I don’t know why but playing Pokémon while I’m on holiday is one of my favourite things to do (second favourite next to reading a good book), I’ll happily lie by the sea/swimming pool with a cocktail and play through a Pokémon game. This holiday my boyfriend came with me and we went to France to my parents’ house to dog-sit for them while they were away. Dan suggested a challenge where we assign numbers to the 17 different Pokémon types (excluding fairy) and then we are randomly assigned a number, he got Steel and I got Psychic (I originally got Ice but in the version we’re going to play there’s only like 6 ice Pokémon and they’re all quite far into the game).

The versions we are playing are both Sapphire, however he has downloaded the original Sapphire on his phone to play through while I have my Alpha Sapphire game on my 3DS. We were going to race to see who finished first but what with the phone vs 3DS way of playing it seems like that might not be fair. As he is playing on his phone he was able to do some sort of cheat to get all of his Steel Pokémon straight away as, like with me being unable to get ice type Pokémon early in the game, he couldn’t get them at the beginning. They all started at level 2.

Dan team

I am playing through on my 3DS though as I just find that it’s better, I love my 3DS! I played through with a starter until I got to the first Psychic type (Ralts) and then I released the starter Pokémon (that always makes me sad) and just continued as if Ralts was the starter, I forgot how long you have to wait until you get the next Psychic type so I just had a Ralts for ages and it got very over-levelled. I did have to temporarily catch a Zigzagoon to get past Team Aqua as well because Mightyena is immune to Psychic moves, and if I get stuck fighting a dark type Pokémon, as it’s really effective against Ralts, I’m done for and I’ve actually died a couple of times to my shame! I have never found Team Aqua to be a challenge until now.

So as Dan is playing it on his phone he can play the game sped up, and at first I thought that that may let him get through a lot faster than me but then I only have one Pokémon and it’s really over-levelled, plus they introduced bits in Alpha Sapphire where once you have finished certain quests someone will say “would you like to return to Slateport with me?” and then rather than have to make your way back on foot you just warp there. We keep overtaking each other, right now he’s in the lead. I don’t know which of us has the best way to do it, I guess only time will tell but on our track record so far Dan always gets through the Elite Four while I’m still on like the 5th gym or something in a normal playthrough. I like to take my time in my defence but maybe having less Pokémon will speed me up a bit. Also, I have a history of being terrible at Nuzlocke challenges, usually wiping out halfway through the game.

Game comparison
A comparison of new vs old

As it stands right now, he’s just finished the Team Aqua hideout and I am about to start it. We both have full teams of Pokémon now and I have suddenly found myself being showered with Psychic types, mainly thanks to the Safari zone and Mount Pyre which means that I have some really overpowered Pokémon and some normal level Pokémon. I don’t like it, I usually try and have them all be about the same level.

Megan team levelled
My unevenly leveled team as they are now. Can’t figure out how to do 3DS screenshots so apologies for the quality

Dan team levelled

Would you rather play on your phone using an emulator or on a DS? Have you ever done a Pokémon challenge? Do you know of any Pokémon challenges other than a type challenge or a Nuzlocke? I’m always interested to try new ones!