Starting to Like Final Fantasy…

Firstly, I’d just like to make my excuses for not posting much at the moment, just in case you were missing me! I have been dedicating a lot of my free time to finishing my Comic Con costume, there seems to be an endless line of things I can do to improve it, it’s very nearly finished though which is just as well as the event is this Saturday! Brace yourselves for some Comic Con related posts next week.

Being super busy I haven’t had a lot of time to game much recently but over the weekend I took a little break and played some more Final Fantasy X. Yes, not given up on it! In fact, it is finally time for me to begrudgingly admit something that I didn’t think I would, mainly because it will give my other half an excuse to throw more of these types of games at me, *deep breath* I like Final Fantasy X. To the point where I am now playing it willingly rather than my boyfriend suggesting it as an activity, and am considering playing some of the side quest bits too (capturing all the monsters for the Monster Arena in particular). You may remember me talking about my bf introducing me to it before and me being a little on the fence about it, particularly because of my general aversion to turn-based games. Well apparently I’m nearly at the end of the game now! There are things that still annoy me about it though and if my bf was not going through it with me then I probably wouldn’t have continued with it, but now I’m too attached to the storyline and the characters to quit.

In my previous post I had said that Lulu and Kimahri were my favourites but I have to rescind half of that statement, particularly after realising just how shit Kimahri is. I still like him as a character but despite my best attempts to level him up he is just dead weight really. There was a point –SPOILERS- (when Seymour first comes back from the dead, or whatever it is that he is now, and Kimhari stays behind to hold him off while everyone runs) where my other half said “it’s a shame that when you run back to help he’ll be dead” and convinced me that he had been killed and that there’s a really sad scene coming up where all the other characters hold a funeral for him. If you have played this you know that this is of course not true, but it made so much sense for that to happen and explains why he’s such a dead weight in battle that I believed it and got prematurely upset – much to my other half’s amusement.

I’m going to indulge a little bit of ranting about Tidus as well (or Clut, as I have called him – best name ever, it suits him perfectly), he’s lucky he’s quick on his feet and can cast some white magic because there is literally no other reason to keep him around other than that. Over my weekend playthrough he died time and time again, “oh shit, the weird flan thing’s attacking… of course it’s attacking Clut… Oh and he’s dead… Again”. I am not keen on him as a character either, he makes me cringe when he says stuff because he’s trying to be the “cool” character and then there’s the “I hate my father” thing aka Daddy Issues: The Game.

Auron: “When I was on my previous pilgrimage with Lord Braska and Jecht-“

Tidus: *Bursts through the wall* “Did someone say Jecht?!”

Auron: “oh no…”


Tidus and Yuna
“Wow Yuna… That bird is far away…”

Anyway that’s my ranty bits out the way, let’s focus on the positive stuff…

  1. Rikku is awesome, even though she doesn’t hit very hard she’s really useful anyway, I’ve actually put her on Auron’s grid at the moment so while she’s still not doing over 1000 points of damage yet she will soon be hitting super hard. I have got her down as a potential future cosplay too. I have a thing for quirky, girly but tough characters.
  2. Auron looks like Jeff Goldblum. Enough said.

    Obviously I’m not the first person to think this
  3. The Aeon summoning was something I never really understood in other FF games because they don’t really do that much damage. There’s a huge, cinematic build up you have to sit through and then they take off a disappointing amount of HP, you might as well have just killed the thing yourself in the time it takes for the aeons to actually be summoned and do their visually impressive attacks. In X though their presence makes sense to me because you only have one character that can summon them, and that character is basically a white mage so it makes sense that she can summon something to help her out as she isn’t usually used to attack. Also they actually deal some pretty sweet damage in this one! Unfortunately I don’t think they kept this idea in any of the following games though.
  4. Finally, I actually know what’s going on! Before this the only one I properly finished was XIII and while I enjoyed it I would never be able to tell you what the hell was happening. There was a girl called Serah (or SERAAAAAAAAAAH!!! As her boyfriend pronounced it) who was imprisoned in a crystal and we were going to save her then some Australians appeared and… euuuh… Shit went down and they saved the world? No clue but it was super pretty. I have attempted to play some others as well and the plot always loses me pretty quickly. I would say that it’s a sign that I should pay more attention but I don’t really have this issue with other games.

So where am I now? (SPOILERS ahead FYI) Well I’ve just discovered that Clut/Tidus is actually a dream (why they would dream up that dude as their saviour I do not know, maybe that’s why he hates Jecht so much, Jecht actually looks capable of doing some badass shit where as Clut/Tidus forgot half his trouser leg and the front of his shirt) and Seymour is sort of drifting around being a pain in the arse. Apparently this means I’m quite close to the end. I was hoping the game would last a bit longer actually so that I could make Rikku fully badass before the end but I’m not sure that’s going to happen, although I’m sure that I can do it if I finish all the sidequests. I feel like other FF games lasted longer, not that I have a huge amount of experience with them but XIII seemed to go on for ages and I played through a lot of XII but didn’t get to the end. It’s probably because my other half has been telling me how to play and what to do so I got through it quicker rather than running around exploring and putting more time and effort into grinding, which is what I usually do.

Once X is over, my other half and I are going to play FF X-2 together, he’s not looking forward to it, looking just at the outfits alone on the cover (why is Rikku in a bikini thong thing?? And Yuna seems to have abandoned her lovely kimono outfit in favour of some booty shorts and a crop top, which I have no problem with but it seems a little out of character for her…) I’m a little bemused as well but you never know, it might be fun!


What’s your favourite Final Fantasy game? Now that I’m open to suggestions on the JRPG front what would you recommend?