PS+ Challenge: Ratchet and Clank

Weeks ago I talked about doing this PS+ challenge –  where I try to work through all the free PS+ games I’ve downloaded over the year. I thought it would be a good idea while in lockdown but I really didn’t get off to a good start! I got way too distracted by my Sims 100 baby challenge and I was also inspired to play God of War again, I’m really enjoying them both so not a lot of time for much else. I did manage to get some Ratchet and Clank time in though!

This was actually played first by my boyfriend who isn’t much of a gamer but Ratchet and Clank is very nostalgic for him so he was super keen to play. I took it up a bit after and it is really good fun! I’m impressed that it was a free game actually, there’s a lot to it.

Unlike my other half, I have never played any Ratchet and Clank games so this was a totally new experience for me. I wish I’d played it back in 2002 (magical year for games) when the first one came out, I would have loved it.

I really enjoy that early 00’s quirkiness and humour that a lot of games from that era have and this was no exception, the plot is good, the world is gorgeous, it’s so colourful and creative. It’s the sort of Universe I’d love to live in, if it wasn’t under attack from dinosaur aliens of course.

Ratchet And Clank Rumored To Be Insomniac's 1st PS5 Release
Source: The Illuminerdi

I have a lot of praise for this game but, I was playing the other day, storming the ship of the bad guy and thinking I was near the end, until my other half told me that actually I was only about halfway through. Now, while I have been enjoying this I have been playing it on and off and have been WAY more invested in Sims and God of War, thinking Ratchet and Clank was more of a quick game that I’ve just been picking up for half an hour or when I want something chill. Don’t get me wrong, if I was playing it as much as I’ve played the other two games then I could have finished it several times over by now but I’m just not that invested… When I realised I was only halfway through I lost a lot of interest and I don’t know if I’m going to bother finishing it. I might, I might not. We’ll see.

When the game first started out I seemed to be having a lot more fun, the characters were funnier, the weapons were a bit more creative and fun (Mr Zurkon, the Groovitron…), it was more fun running around exploring and it seemed to be more of a chill game. Now it’s harder (I actually have to concentrate!), more serious and I think that characters have dropped off a bit. I saw how much my other half loved playing through it again though so I’m allowing my score some leeway as I don’t have that same nostalgic value with it.

My score: 8/10



One thought on “PS+ Challenge: Ratchet and Clank

  1. Fair score! The Ratchet games can drag on a bit. Same can be said about Jak & Daxter as well. Lots of repetitive gameplay at times. But they’re silly good fun, blasting away at goofy enemies with awesome guns for a half hour or so at a time.

    Never played the remade one though! I’m sure it runs better then the stutterfest of the PS2 version!


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