100 Baby Challenge – Episode 2: Birthdays, Broomsticks and Public Nudity

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When we last saw our exhausted matriarch Gaia she was asleep, as was the rest of her household, finally. We had a fair few birthdays with Hera becoming a child. Look at her and Zeus with their awkward half blinking look.

The Sims™ 4_20200328234450

The twins aged up to toddlers (which I was very happy about). Things eventually got a little smoother after letting Gaia have a day off. I had learned that you can’t seduce a man when you are grumpy, the flirting just doesn’t go down well.

I decided to let her out the house on the prowl and she met… DARREL CHARM. He seems to be a bit of a knob, with my previous sims he’s never got along with them. He also has … a look… BUT if Gaia can have his baby that baby will by default be magical and how AWESOME would that be?

The Sims™ 4_20200329181936

Soon, Gaia was invited to Darrel’s birthday, which she turned up to dressed as a witch. I forgot I had chosen that as her party outfit and turning up like that to a wizards house for his birthday seems like she’s taking the piss a bit, but whatever we’re going with it. Turns out not only is Gaia the only guest at this party, the birthday boy isn’t even there. This is going really well.

Suddenly a caterer walks in and starts making the birthday cake… A male caterer… Well, hello sir…

The Sims™ 4_20200328233655

Victim 4: caterer (it may be a little shallow of me but I don’t remember his name)

Gaia and Caterer man took full advantage of the huge empty house and ran up to Darrels’ bedroom to make the baby! Scandalous. As she left the party, I think it’s safe to say she had a pretty good time but she got a message from Darrel telling her how crap his birthday party had been… Show up to it next time! Damn. I guarantee you would have had a very good birthday if you had. 

Everything went pretty well for a while after that, it was a nice period of happy children, a semi-exhausted Gaia until she had Poseidon, son of Caterer, a very easy baby compared to the twins. Zeus also aged up into a teen which meant he could finally get a job. Time to start earning your keep!

The Sims™ 4_20200329171424
Persephone is unimpressed with Poseidon

Vicitim 5: Darrel soon paid a visit to Gaia while the kids were at school and, upon learning she was preggers, left very swiftly and hasn’t been seen since. Some of the dads (like victims 1 and 2 Travis and Talon) actually come to visit their kids but I don’t think we’ll be hearing from Darrel.

To make everyone feel a little better we went on a day trip to the park. I forgot that when I had been playing around with the park’s settings I had made it nudist-friendly and that apparently means it’s not suitable for children and toddlers but they didn’t care, they were still skating around in the ice rink. Teen Zeus and toddler Poseidon just slept on benches for a while then went home, very angry and uncomfortable. The children were skating but apparently didn’t enjoy it and were tired and hungry after a bit so they all went home. Gaia, heavily pregnant and fully embracing the nudist theme, decided to chat up the guy manning the juice bar but for some reason he shut the bar, and after she walked away he opened it again. Rude. All in all, it was a pretty terrible day and it took ages to get everyone’s moods back up again. I was just trying to treat you all to a nice day ice skating and experiencing somewhere other than your tiny house! I’m sorry! 

The Sims™ 4_20200329192914
Gaia is not shy

We will end this chapter with the birth of Hecate, magical daughter of Darrel. Another incredibly annoying and loud baby. I don’t know if some babies are genuinely needier than others or if my looking after them just isn’t great. We actually need to put the brakes on the babies at the moment as we now have a household of 7 and you can only have 8 max in a house and while I haven’t reached the max amount it does mean Gaia won’t be able to have twins or triplets which would be a huge boost if she could. Also we only have $57 so we can’t really afford it.

The Sims™ 4_20200329181709
My expensive attempts at keeping the children out of trouble got struck by lightning which really hasn’t helped
Things I’ve learned:
  • Despite being in a household of 7 everyone can still be lonely and require social interaction. You’d have thought that they’d all just talk to each other but that would be way too easy.
  • You can woohoo in the leaf piles in the autumn (eyebrow wiggle), look out future autumnal victim
  • The monster under the bed is really not helping anyone get any sleep… I thought it was funny at first but it’s just annoying now. It shows up and all the kids panic and go wake everyone else up to get rid of it
Baby count: 6/100
  • Zeus (teen) 
  • Hera (child)
  • Demeter (child)
  • Persephone (child)
  • Poseidon (toddler)
  • Hecate (baby)

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