100 Baby Challenge – Sims 4 – Episode 1

In full sound of mind I decided to try the 100 baby challenge on the Sims 4 during this lockdown period. Why would I do that to myself? Well, I got back into the Sims a bit by getting the Magic pack. Not quite as fun as I hoped. I had this whole idea to make an insane pyromancer and just put him on full autonomy and have him go nuts but apparently the Sims level of ‘insane’ just amounts to talking to yourself so he turned out pretty boring, all he does is set fire to shrubbery. I had this new pack though and I felt like I had to keep playing to get my money’s worth. I Googled Sims challenges and this was the top one. I watched Single Girl playing it and it’s actually a great playthrough I had a lot of fun watching so, inspired by her, I thought I’d give it a go.


Give birth to 100 children by 100 different dads, in as few generations as possible. The challenge ends as soon as the 100th child is born or if you fail the challenge for breaking the rules.


There’s a load of variations on rules but I decided to keep it simple. If I actually manage it and ever get the urge to do it again I’ll put some of the harder options in. I based my rules on The Witch’s Lair’s rules (now a retired blog but credit where it’s due).

Core rules (if I break these game over)

  1. The matriarch may not get pregnant by the same sim twice
  2. When your matriarch becomes an elder and can no longer bear children, her youngest daughter takes over as the next matriarch. You may move out your elderly matriarch only if her youngest daughter has become a young adult.
  3. No cheats!
  4. Young adults can be moved out of the house to make room for more children but they cannot be moved back in after.
  5. You cannot make more room in the house faster by killing off underage Sims or letting babies, toddlers or children be taken by social services.
  6. Your matriarch may register as self-employed or have a work from home career, but cannot have any job that requires her to leave the house.
  7. Use the in-game randomiser to select all the children’s traits as they age.  You cannot cherry pick their traits.
  8. You may hire maids, gardeners, and repair technicians, but you may not hire a nanny. Take care of your own children. You may hire caterers and mixologists but only for parties.

Other rules (if I break these I will keep playing but it will be a mark of shame against my challenge)

  1. You must play with aging on and set to a normal lifespan. Auto-Aging for NPCs is encouraged to ensure the game keeps generating donors for your matriarch.
  2. Babies cannot be aged up until you get a notification saying that it is their birthday.
  3. Toddlers can be aged up when they reach level 3 in all toddler skills.
  4. Children and teenagers can be aged up when they get an A in school.
  5. Teenagers may hold part-time jobs to help support the family and bring in extra income.
  6. Your matriarch may not get married while she is of child-bearing age. She may get married as an elder but she must move out of the home with her spouse. They can’t move into the active household.

Phew, so a fair few rules and we’ll stick to them as best we can.

Day 1

Here is my Matriarch, Gaia. She’s so pretty. Honestly, this will save me so much time just naming the babies after greek gods/heroes/etc, I take ages to decide otherwise.

The Sims™ 4_20200327215600

Like I said I’m making this kind of easy so I gave her the ‘Family-orientated’, ‘Romantic’, and ‘Cheerful’ personality traits with the life aspiration of ‘Large Family’. It’s going to be hard enough keeping her happy anyway, lets at least let her enjoy what she’s doing.

I’m setting her up in a new game that I guess she is basically going to populate. She’s going to Willow Creek where the grass is green and my one girl is pretty. She can’t really afford anywhere good… All the small houses suck but I chose the one with 2 bedrooms so she at least gets some privacy.

The Sims™ 4_20200327220308
I think we can work with this…


Victim 1

Meet Travis. He came over with the welcome wagon to say hi (along with Talon, potential victim number 2). I thought he was a particularly attractive option until I zoomed in, he’s actually kind of goofy looking but I guess if we want 100 babies we can’t just pick the ridiculously attractive men. As this game goes on the children are going to get uglier and uglier as I run out of options.

After flirting for about 2 hours straight they went to Try for a Baby, as you do. AND SHE GOT PREGNANT!!! Yes, Gaia, Mother Earth, great start. Thank you Travis, you may leave now.

She may be expecting but we’ve got to get ourselves a reserve of men going so that we can jump straight back on it (so to speak) once baby 1 is born. She called Talon, the other guy from the welcome wagon who had come over with his wife at the time so we couldn’t flirt. Boom; Their friendship was up, and ready and waiting (that sounds a bit creepy).

The Sims™ 4_20200327221011
Sorry Mrs Fleming, your husband is Gaia’s now… Mwahaha

We also have her getting her programming skills up so she can do some freelance Programming work for money. (If I had it my way she would have been an artist but my boyfriend, who is a programmer, was very invested in the programming route)

First baby is born!!!

It’s a boy!!! That is PERFECT for my Greek myth thing going on here. Hi Zeus!

The Sims™ 4_20200327230408

This poor kid is going to have to help out so much around the house when he gets older. I hope he’s not a twat.

Almost straight away, Gaia is pregnant again courtesy of Victim 2: Talon. That welcome wagon is a great help to starting this challenge.

It’s Zeus’s birthday!!! He is now a toddler and he is ADORABLE.

I randomised his traits and he is ‘Independent’, which is a pretty good one to start with.

Oh no, I need toddler stuff. A toy, a bed, a potty, a high chair. Damn, toddlers are so needy, all these things costing money… I’m being very careful because I feel like it will get a bit tricky when she’s got babies everywhere but we managed to get all the essentials.

Baby number 2 was born and it’s a girl! Welcome, Hera.

Things started getting a little trickier here. Toddlers aren’t allowed to age up until they get to level 3 in all skills. Movement skill is easy but all the stuff they need a but of help with requires a lot of time that poor Gaia just doesn’t have. Well she does if she sacrifices showers, sleep and eating… Poor Gaia. We have to get man number 3 as well.

Victim 3: Marcus. They met outside the house and Gaia just loved his mutton chops. We struggled a bit here because she was grumpy and tired and not having any fun but we managed to get around that and baby number 3 was on the way.

Hera aged up into a very cute toddler and Gaia gave birth… to TWINS!!! YES!!! Annoyingly it hadn’t actually said that they were twins first so I called the first girl Demeter and the second one Persephone. Otherwise I’d have gone with something more twinny.

The Sims™ 4_20200328013905
Everyone just sleep… Please…

This is where everyone hated each other and everyone was hungry, smelly, tired and bored. Great. On top of that the twins were the neediest babies I think I’ve ever had on the sims. Constantly crying even when nothing seemed wrong. I actually had to end my session because I was getting grumpy from hearing them cry all the time.

And there ends my first day.

Things we’ve learned:
  • People are surprisingly open to trying for babies very quickly
  • Babies suck
  • People have to pee and sleep A LOT when they’re pregnant
  • Gaia has a terrible bed that just isn’t helping her
  • Zeus is an angel baby and my favourite so far
  • Muting the sound of babies crying is a big stress reliever

Have you ever tried the 100 baby challenge? How far did you get? Would you ever consider it?

As a bonus feature check out Gaia’s sexy voice:

Baby count 4/100
  1. Zeus
  2. Hera
  3. Demeter
  4. Persephone

Episode 2 →

11 thoughts on “100 Baby Challenge – Sims 4 – Episode 1

  1. I’ve never tried this myself, but it sounds like a pretty good (but stressful) challenge. You’re off to a good start!

    Nice to see you back 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh man, this challenge would be impossible for me to keep up with, lol! I admire you for starting it though, and I can’t wait to read more of your adventures! P.S. Gaia’s voice is quite attractive, haha! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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