Return of Dragon’s Tea Party and the PS+ Challenge

It’s been a while since I published anything on here (since August last year!!!) All that happened was last year I was on holiday, and then very close to that I went to a festival and I really don’t go on my phone a lot when I’m doing stuff like that. We also had some nice weather following that so I was out a lot and I ended up having an unintentional break from social media for a few weeks, so I disappeared on pretty much everything and just kept going…

I do miss blogging though and recently I had an urge to start again. One may think this is because I had forgotten I’d paid for a premium account and WordPress took £100 from me and I really need to get my money’s worth and yes, it is partly because of that. Maybe having to spend more time indoors thanks to all that’s going on right now is a factor as well. I had been thinking about it a lot even before any of that happened though. I’ve tried to write some posts occasionally but I just haven’t been very inspired. To try and get around this I decided to shake up the way I blog to try and make it a little easier for me.

Most of my posts are me rambling on for a fair few paragraphs, they’re not super long (mostly) but still lengthy enough to take up a lot of my time. In future I’m just going to post as much as I want, this may be a long post but it may also just be a paragraph.

To kick all this off I decided to challenge myself to try all of the free PS+ monthly games that I have got a huge back-log of. I usually get at least one of these every month but for some reason I don’t actually play them much. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and when he has been going through my PS4 library weirdly almost every game he has chosen to play so far has been a free PS+ game. I found this a bit odd because hey, I spent money on those other games, they’re supposed to be the better ones, but he isn’t really much of a gamer at all. He likes to play multiplayer games with me and any single player ones he chooses are very chill and don’t require a lot of dedicated time. From this I’ve found myself playing games I’ve had for ages but just haven’t thought about, which is a really good thing! Whenever we/I finish a game (or play enough of it to establish a verdict) I’m just going to write a little review of my experience with it and rate it.

To start this let’s have a look at the one that started this all off: Tricky Towers.

Tricky Towers_20200321213207
Race level – Be the first to the finish line

I had played this a bit before, not a lot though. It’s actually the perfect quick to understand, quick to play, same screen multiplayer game. Tetris with magic and elemental factors is the best way I can put it. We usually play with randomised difficulties and level types (race, survival, and puzzle).

Tricky Towers_20200321214215
Puzzle level – Get as many blocks as you can on the small amount of ground given – not my forte

This is our favourite game to just throw on for 30 minutes in the evening, and as we get better we’re getting more competitive. There was an incident where, after a little too much wine, I was totally off my game. I got very upset that I kept losing and it was revealed how competitive I am “you’ve been practising without me! I know you have!!!” but we won’t dwell on that. We’re still together so that’s all good.
We also played this with my sister and having three people play at once made it surprisingly more difficult.

Tricky Towers_20200321215052
Survival level – Survive as long as you can or until you run out of bricks

4/5 I love this game, it’s simple, fun, colourful, everyone can play, and that’s all you want sometimes. Just needs a little more content but I guess it’s just a cheap and cheerful game, that may be a bit too much to ask.

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