Sunshine Blogger Award!

Despite posting very sporadically recently I was nominated for two Sunshine blogger awards by the incredible I Played The Game and the wonderful Art of Redress! They couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m trying to get out of this writer’s block I’ve been getting recently. I decided to answer their questions in the same post as they nominated me around the same time.

Without further ado let’s get to the questions, I’ll answer I Played The Game’s first and then move on to Art of Redress.

The Rules:

  • Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

I Played The Game‘s questions

1. Your greatest video game nemesis approaches. What video game weapon from a different game do you equip?

It’s the year 2001. 8 year old Dragon’s Tea Party is happily playing through her new game, Loony Tunes’ Sheep Dog ‘N’ Wolf (also known as Sheep Raider). It’s a tremendously fun and goofy game, the levels are surprisingly challenging but do-able until… Level 10. Level 10 is pretty much a breeze until she gets to the boss. The big, red, furry, boss with trainers (otherwise known as Gossamer to Loony Tunes fans but I had no idea that was his name). Knowing how to beat him was pretty easy to figure out: you have to jump over his “stomp waves” then run around him super fast anti-clockwise, once he falls over from dizziness run and grab the sheep, place the sheep on the button, jump on the platforms hovering over the lava to open vents in the ceiling, repeat 4 times.

Image result for Gossamer looney tunes sheep dog n wolf
You red, furry, bastard.

I knew what to do… Actually doing it was a whole other issue though. The sheep might fall in the lava, you might fall in the lava, Gossamer would get up before you had a chance to turn the wheels, I think he might even kick the sheep off the platform if you don’t get back in time. Throughout the years I have tried to go back to that game to beat Gossamer over and over but every single time I get to the same stage and just can’t do it.

Image result for Gossamer looney tunes

I went off on a bit of a tangent there, sorry! The other questions won’t take so long to answer! To actually respond to the question, I would get the super shotgun from Doom and just shoot that twat’s face right off. I don’t care if he’s a beloved cartoon character. IT’S BEEN 17 YEARS! If you played this game and managed to get past that level I am genuinely in awe of you.

2. And whilst you’re at it, which video game character are you riding on as you charge into battle?

I always quite liked the massive boar from Twilight Princess. He’s pretty scary and intimidating. Yeah Gossamer, stomp this giant boar away if you can. Mwahaha!

Image result for giant boar twilight princess

3. Which video game do you think would make a really good movie?

I have a lot of feelings about this because I think original God of War games would be really cool BUT it could go horribly, terribly wrong as well. I think Jason Momoa (swoon) would be the best actor to play Kratos, he has that gruff, angry, brutal thing going on that we saw in his Game of Thrones days and he just looks physically perfect, both just as a person and also for the movie. I saw a thing about Vin Diesel being good as Kratos and that’s the sort of stupid suggestion that could make the movie go wrong. Vin Diesel doesn’t look tough enough, I know he’s super hench and everything but his face has something about it that just reminds me of  a very gentle potato. “Pissed off, homicidal Spartan” is not something that I see when I look at him. Same with The Rock, yes he’s hench but he’s too comedic for the role. Casting aside, I think they have a good story to go with and they’d have an amazing time of it with the monsters and visuals. As long as they don’t try to add unnecessary crap it would be good. I bet after the success of the new one they’re seriously considering it anyway.

Image result for jason momoa as kratos
In case there was ANY doubt

4. Who is your favourite YouTuber (of any theme) and why?

Well, considering they’re pretty much the only YouTubers I watch (besides Yoga videos), it would have to be the wonderful Game Grumps. They can always make me laugh or help me to relax. If I’m at work and not having a particularly busy day I like listening to the videos while I work. Here’s the one that got me hooked (although you have to watch this one rather than just listen to it!):

5. Which video game character do you want a plush of?

I have wanted a plushie of Makar from Wind Waker for so long. He’s absolutely adorable.

Related image

6. Which cancelled video game are you most disappointed about?

I’m assuming it’s cancelled as it’s been YEARS but where is Dead Island 2?! The trailer (back in 2014!!!) was awesome and then it just quietly disappeared!

7. Microtransactions are terrible.  Loot boxes are just the worst.  DLC needs to go.  What monetisation methods do you feel would be most suitable for video games?

I really hate monetisation in games, it takes me out of the story and game and makes me feel like the developers don’t care and just want to make more money. I’d rather pay a larger amount of money for a game and have the only future purchase be the sequel, as it used to be. If the game is good enough I’ll pay for the whole game, I don’t want to pay for little bits here and there.

I guess if I had to come up with a monetisation technique though I’d say that purchasing purely aesthetic items would be good. That way there’s no in-game advantage over those that can’t afford to spend money on stuff like weapons, equipment, or whatever. On top of that, Overwatch’s released a Mercy skin for charity recently which was a wonderful idea.

Image result for mercy breast cancer awareness skin

8. Classic Doom, or Doom 2016?

I’ve not actually played the original Doom, in fact it came out the year I was born and I used to watch my dad play it but I was far too young to play it myself (how impressive would it have been if I could though?) I have played the 2016 version though which was amazing so I’ll say that one!

9. October is coming up soon.  What horror game would you recommend I play?

I am a massive chicken, I can’t play horror games so don’t have that much experience of the genre first-hand. I guess I’d say Layers of Fear (if you haven’t played it already!) as that’s got a good story, good scares (as opposed to just relying on jump scares) and it’s a bit different.

Image result for layers of fear

10. What would you consider to be the most overrated video game?

I tried Fortnite and it’s kind of fun but I don’t get the hype around it. I like the idea and everything but it just seems so repetitive. Maybe I’m wrong, I didn’t play it for long enough to form a complete opinion to be honest but from what I’ve played, heard about, and seen… I just really don’t get how it’s become so popular.

11. Which video game series needs to make a comeback?

I would love them to re-master the old Baldur’s Gate games. It would have to be done really well but I feel like there’s a big lack in terms of old-style RPGs right now (see also Planescape: Torment and Neverwinter Nights) and it’s a shame because they’re all so creative and fun. I can imagine it being really hard to come into playing them now for the first time though as the graphics are so old and it looks a little clunky (it took me HOURS to find a door in Torment recently because it I just couldn’t see it through the pixels) so it would be nice for a new generation to experience it, like I did with the 2016 Doom!

Image result for baldur's gate

Art of Redress questions

1. What is your favourite Sega game?

Is it really bad that I have never played a Sega game properly? I’ve dabbled in Sonic the Hedgehog occasionally but never really liked it and that’s about it for my Sega experience.

2. What is the furthest you’ve ever ran?

There is no greater torture to me than running. I honestly can’t believe that some people do it for fun. I guess it would probably be when we were forced to run around the field at school over and over again until our lungs gave out and the teacher, all bundled up in her coat and sat down, would yell at you to keep going. They did get really lax at cutting the grass in that field and my friend and I figured out that if we just walked vaguely quick but moved our arms like we were running the teacher couldn’t see our legs so yeah. Needless to say I was not a sporty child.

Image result for ann perkins running quote

3. Winter or Summer?

Summer! I love the beach, the sun, all the nice clothes I can wear in the summer…

4. If you could go back in time to stop All Saints covering Under The Bridge, would you?

Hell no! I like that version, and I like the original too. It’s not a shameless copy, they’ve changed it a bit and made it sound different. All Saints had beautiful voices and if you’re still not convinced then just imagine if it had been the Spice Girls that had covered it instead (I mean I love the Spice Girls too but All Saints had the better voices and harmonys). In fact I’m going to listen to it while I write my answers to the rest of these questions.

5. Favourite comedy film?

The Mask. I’m a huge Jim Carrey fan and The Mask just never gets old. It’s also got early days Cameron Diaz in it and while her role isn’t particularly comedic like her other movies I think she’s awesome.

Image result for the mask

6. What mobile phone do you own?

Samsung Galaxy 6.

7. Favourite ice cream brand?

I mean, this is horribly generic but probably Ben and Jerry’s. I don’t pay a lot of attention to ice cream brands but they do have some damn good flavours, especially the cookie dough one.

8. Cinema snack of choice?

I like Pick and Mix, I find cinemas go a bit overboard for popcorn, it’s just so expensive! At least with Pick and Mix, even if it’s still horribly expensive I still feel like I’m getting more for my money than if I get popcorn. I also have a large selection of different sweets so the snack doesn’t get boring!

9. What is your worst gaming experience ever?

You know when you were younger and your mum wants to go see her friend and she drags you with her? You don’t need to worry though, there’s entertainment for you as well because her friend has that son about your age! As there is nothing else to do you end up playing this kid’s favourite game which he’s really good at because you know… It’s his favourite game… He’s also trying to be super cool and act like he’s the bees knees by insulting literally everything you do and you made the mistake of mentioning you like video games so he takes great joy in chastising you every time you lose. You’d have that euphoric announcement of “we’re leaving in 5 minutes!” and you’d skip down the stairs ready to escape that Hell hole, you’d put your shoes on and get ready only to wait… And wait… And wait… My God, what were they even talking about? Eventually you resort to begging your mum to leave and finally you can go home, recover, and hope you never have to go back.

Image result for skeleton waiting to leave
Actual pic of me waiting for my mum to finish her conversation

10. Last time you did a press up?

Monday! Although, I do the ones where you keep your knees on the floor but they’re still hard.

11. If you were a cat, what name would you hope your owners would chose for you?

This is the hardest question out of everything in this post. I’m going to say Sassy like the cat from Homeward Bound because I used to love that movie and also I feel like I’d be a sassy cat.

My Nominees

I’ve been a bit off the grid recently so if you have been recently nominated I apologise for not seeing it, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want! I haven’t quite managed to come up with 11 so if you want to answer the questions even if I didn’t nominate you please go for it! The more the merrier! If you just want to check out the below blogs as well I highly encourage you to do so.

My Questions

  1. What’s your guilty pleasure game?
  2. Which game helps you to relax?
  3. What was the last game that you rage quit?
  4. If you had a mascot that just represented you, what would it look like? (If you want to put a creative flair on this and draw it or something go for it!)
  5. What’s the stupidest/most embarassing thing you’ve ever said in a job interview?
  6. Do you have any hobbies other than gaming?
  7. It’s Halloween next month! What are you dressing up as?
  8. You really need a cocktail right now… Can you find a geeky themed one to satisfy your craving? Or make one up…
  9. Would you rather have everything you own be covered in glitter, or every time you wear something a stain (varying in size, origin, and colour day-to-day) will appear on it gradually throughout the day in a random location?
  10. What was your favourite TV show when you were a child?
  11.  Can you play a musical instrument?

Have fun!















14 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award!

  1. Eurgh! What was that little ****’s name? It turned out the whole family were nutters – thank dog they are all safely over in America now. Or, am I thinking of the other nutters?
    Maybe it’s us?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love these questions – I just got awarded one recently and I answered more casual and blogging-type questions but these gaming themed questions are interesting 🙂 Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg I had no idea that monster from Loony Tunes even HAD a name.

    I’d watch the hell out of Jason Mamoa as Kratos. That’s the only way that movie should ever be made, and honestly, because video game movies are mostly miss, please just make it a series like Castlevania, please and thank you. Vin Diesel wouldn’t work, and I love the Rock, but I still haven’t completely forgiven him for The Scorpion King.

    I have actually jogged/walked 5.5 miles! I couldn’t run the entire way around the park track, but I think I ran about four miles, but had to walk the rest of the way because I was DONE. I do want to one day jog the whole thing, do another 5k and maybe one day a 10k, but I’m way too pudgy right now lol. If I didn’t get that euphoric runner’s high, I’d hate it too 🙂

    Oh and congrats on your award!

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  4. Great read, thanks for answering my questions. Ben and Jerry’s is a great choice, but I’m horrified that you’ve now got the idea of the Spice Girls covering Under The Bridge in my head…that’s worse than All Saints!

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