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Dragon’s Tea Party debuts on Twitch

I know, right??? Exciting times!

I’ve been wondering about streaming for a while, it’s not something I ever thought of doing before but after chatting with my friend about it we decided to give it a go together. It’s called Dragon’s Tea Party after all and I can’t have a Tea Party without guests! We used to live together and she’d watch me play through games like Final Fantasy XIII, Borderlands, God of War, etc and we got used to chatting away while I played. Finally, I got her to play Dragon Age in our last year living together, she loved it and is now the proud owner of a PS4.

We’ve had a bit of practice streaming but not advertising it, so basically streaming to no one but we are quite happy with how we dealt with it and decided we’re ready to try and get it out there a bit more and see what happens.

We don’t take ourselves seriously (at all) so don’t expect perfection in the way of  gameplay, that makes it more fun though!

On Saturday 21st (aka tomorrow) at 15.00 GMT we’ll stream God of War 4 which I am SO excited about as I love the GoW games. Sorry for the short notice but we literally took ages deciding on what to play!

If you’d like to tune in here’s the link or search for DragonsTeaParty, we’d love some feedback, especially in terms of what games you think we should play, if you can hear us and the game properly, if you think the current game we’re playing isn’t working for us, and anything else you can think of.

Finally, if you have a Twitch channel feel free to shamelessly advertise it in the comments! Always looking for channels to follow!

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15 thoughts on “Dragon’s Tea Party debuts on Twitch

  1. This is so exciting! I’m going to try to tune in if I can. Though I don’t have an account so will just be lurking and not chatting (also no idea if I would show up as a viewer or not). Hope it all goes well.

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  2. That’s super exciting!! Congrats on getting it going. God of War 4 looks so good so far. Can’t wait to check out your stream!

    My fiancé is a streamer, too! WarKittens721!! You should check him out!

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  3. This is awesome! I’m working until 4pm, so hopefully I might be able to catch the end depending on what time you finish. My boyfriend has just set up a YouTube channel and hopefully we’ll be doing some videos together when he gets it going.

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