Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 11 – Ice Ice Maybe

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The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Squidward (Tentacool)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Zappy (Magneton)

After defeating Team Rocket in the Radio Tower I was gifted the Silver Wing… I had a vague memory of someone mentioning this near the whirlpool infested island that I couldn’t get to before near Cianwood City, and after losing Nointy and Popotte I wasn’t looking forward to my attempt at conquering the 8th Gym. What the Hell. We set off to investigate.

Dragon: “Right Squidward, you need to learn Whirlpool.”

Squidward looked disappointed and sighed.

Dragon: “What’s the matter?”

Squidward: “I already know Cut and Surf, now I’m going to learn Whirlpool… Do you even like any of my original attacks? Am I just an HM Whore to you?”

Dragon: *High pitched* “What? Noooo! No, no, no! Not at all! I really like your original moves… It just happens to be the case that you can learn most HM moves…”

Squidward: “I could be great you know, I could learn Hydro Pump eventually but I won’t be able to because of all these HM moves.”

Dragon: “You still have an extra slot, we can replace Bubble Beam with Hydro Pump.”

Squidward: “I like Bubble Beam! I can shoot bubbles!!! Who wouldn’t want that?!”

Dragon: “OK… If all goes well I promise that, when it’s no longer needed, I will take you to the move deleter and we can delete Cut.”

Squidward: “Fine.”

We sailed over the whirpools and into the cave. A new area! Suddenly the battle music began and the first Pokémon flopped into view. A Seel.

Dragon: “Oh my… You… are… ADORABLE!”

Seel: “Arf?”

Dragon: *tickling his belly* “Who’s a lovely Seel? You’re a lovely Seel! Yes you are!”

Zappy: “Oh god… It’s a cute one.”

Pointy: “Are we not cute enough for you Dragon?”

I glanced over at my team: A magnet, a blue dinosaur, a stumpy ostrich, a jellyfish, and a creepy, yellow hypnotist.

Dragon: “I mean… You guys are so great… You have to remember, beauty is on the inside.”

The team exchanged looks but I was too absorbed in playing with the newly discovered Seel that I didn’t notice.

Related image
Pokémon games are looking so realistic nowadays. This Seel almost looks real.

Dragon: “Do you want to come with us boy?”

Seel: *happily* “Arf! Arf! Arf!”

Dragon: “Awesome. I shall name you… Arf Arf.”

Zappy: “Wow.”

Pointy: *Facepalming* “I can’t believe something called ‘Arf Arf’ is taking Nointy’s place on the team.”

Dragon: “I know you’ve suffered a huge loss Pointy, we all miss Nointy. It would be really helpful if you could just reign in the sass a tiny bit though. Arf Arf can learn ice moves, he could be our ticket though the 8th gym.”

Pointy: “We wouldn’t need an ice type to carry us if Nointy was still alive.”

Dragon: “OK, take a time out!”

I transferred a sulking Pointy to the PC and withdrew Sluuuuurp the Lickitung instead (side note: I may have lost my notes around the time I caught Sluuurp and not mentioned him before. I caught him on Route 44 between Mahogany Town and the Ice Cave).

Sluuurp: *lick*

Dragon: “Oh no, not another one. What is it with licky Pokémon?

Sluuurp: “I met Burgie while I was in the PC and we licked all the inside of the computer together.”

Dragon: “Why?”

Sluuurp: “Have you ever been trapped in a PC? What else is there to do?” *lick*

Arf Arf: *licks Dragon’s face* “Arf!”

Dragon: “Awwww! Did you guys see that! He gave me a kiss! Isn’t he adorable?”

Sluuurp: “Oh, so when he does it it’s cute.”

With both Sluuurp and Arf Arf lacking a little in levels compared to the rest of the team it was time to do some grinding. Unfortunately, that seemed hard to come by in this particular area. There were Gravelers Self-destructing everywhere and while Sluuurp could take a hit from that I still had to heal him after every battle and it was out of the question for Arf Arf to go up against one, he had the lowest defence on the team. Eventually I went back to the Ice Cave to find some Golbat for Arf Arf to level up with. Everything was going well, the occasional Delibird even popped up and healed Arf Arf for me!

Dragon: “Ah, another Delibird, go on then, what’s the mystery gift? Are you going to heal Arf Arf again?”

Delibird: “Delivery for Arf Arf.” *lays package down on the floor*

Arf Arf: *flops forward and sniffs the package* “Arf?”

The Delibird grinned at me from across the room and flew away. I suddenly had a bad feeling…

Dragon: “Arf Arf, don’t touch-”

BOOM! The package exploded, taking Arf Arf with it. I stared blankly at the space where my adorable little Seel had been just moments ago.

Burd: *Placing a wing around my shoulders* “I’m sorry Dragon, I know you had high hopes for him.”

Zappy: “At least he went out with a bang.”

Everyone looked at Zappy.

Zappy: “What?”

Sleepy ZZZ: “Not cool bro.”

I sighed and went back to the PC to withdraw a smug Pointy and we headed for the gym. I wanted to get a feel for what the trainers were like. Apparently so far the only Dragon type in the game is Dratini. The first trainer used its’ three Dratini to spam Dragon Rage at my team, doing a fair bit of damage, until Sluuurp disabled it and then it resorted to Twister, which wasn’t so bad but we could still have done without. We left the gym feeling a little overwhelmed. We’d have to do some serious grinding for this gym, if those Dratini were the same level as my current team then the leaders’ would be higher. Meanwhile, IRL, blogger Rory from Free Time = Game Time suggested I level up Powafish to evolve him into a Gyarados. It was true, a Gyarados would be an incredible addition to the team but levelling up a Magikarp… I really didn’t want to do it. It would take forever. I went to the PC to see how many levels he had to get on par with the rest of the team anyway, just in case, only to find he was gone! I was then elated to remember that I’d put Powafish in the daycare! Yes! Thank you past self! Powafish, at level 29 was brought into the team (in exchange for a rather relieved Squidward), but where to train him? I couldn’t take him to the self-destructing Gravelers, I tried the Ice Cave for a while but he couldn’t handle any of the Pokémon there by himself… With a shudder I thought back to the days and days of grinding near Ecruteak City. All those Stantler my team had killed for their chunky XP… Powafish would be able to handle them though. We reluctantly flew back there and the rest of the team and I settled down with a game of Poker as Powafish sweated away, tackling Stantler and Pidgeys.

Powafish: *adjusting sweatband* “I am a dragon warrior on the inside, I can do this.” *Aggressively flops into a tackle*

Dragon: *Not glancing up* “That’s it Powafish you can do it… Sluuurp! Stop eating the poker chips!” As we had no chips we were using berries instead.

Sluuurp: *Juice stains round his mouth* “I’m not eating any berries…” His tongue snuck up the other side of the log we were using as a table towards Pointy’s berries who grabbed it and tied it around the log.

Sluuurp: “NNNNNNGGG!!!”

Sleepy ZZZ: *Sliding one of his cards over to Zappy* “Check Mate, bro.”

Zappy: “… What? This is Poker not Chess…”

Sleepy ZZZ: “… Oh… Go Fish…”

Zappy: “Oh Arceus…”

Pointy: *Slamming four Queens onto the log* “Four of a kind, bitches! Pay up!”

Burd: “How do you keep getting Queens?!”

Pointy: “I guess there’s just something about me.”

We all groaned as Pointy dragged all the berries over to join the mountain she already had and adjusted the twig crown she’d made for herself as Queen of Poker.

…: “You guys better hand over those berries… Because I just got a King.”

A shadow loomed over us and we all stared up slowly. A huge Gyarados towered over us…

Zappy: “That… That’s not-”

Burd: “Just let him have this.”

With Powafish now epic we all headed back to Blackthorn. I’d figured out that he’d be able to withstand the self-destruct attacks of the Gravelers now and we got down to training. It was going pretty well… Until it didn’t. While he was easily able to withstand a generic Graveler self-destruct attack apparently a critical one from a Geodude was too much for him. We all watched, unsurprised and numb at this point to be honest, as Powafish was blown far into the sky, Team Rocket style.

Related image
Goodbye Powafish!

Dragon: “Are you kidding me?! I was going to use this TM to teach him Icy Wind as well…”

Pointy and Sluuurp shifted uncomfortably.

Dragon: “Wait… You guys can learn Ice type moves?!”

Pointy: “Well… I mean… Yes…”

Dragon: “Why didn’t you say anything?!”

Sluuurp: *Licking the ground fretfully* “Anything you pin your hopes on for this next gym seems to end up dead at the moment so… We didn’t really want to join attention to ourselves.”

Dragon: “I can’t believe this…”

Next time on Dragon’s Tea Party (Sunday) we take on the 8th gym!

The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Zappy (Magneton)
  • Sluuurp (Lickitung)


  • Burgie (Haunter)
  • Smokey (Koffing)
  • Fritatta (Exeggute)
  • Fritlet (Girafarig)
  • Nommy (Slowpoke)
  • Squidward (Tentacruel)


  • Arf Arf (Seel)
  • Powafish (Gyarados)

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6 thoughts on “Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 11 – Ice Ice Maybe

  1. that blows! well a sweet tip in the dragons den you can get a sweet dratini you will have to be lucky and I think there is a way to get one gifted to you (that was the case in heart gold so I am not 100% on silver here but you know internet can help) anyways good luck with the last gym!


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