Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 10 – Jynxing Myself

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The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Squidward (Tentacool)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Nointy (Nidoking)
  • Zappy (Magneton)

Zappy: Can we just use an escape rope and come back later? I’m so bored!

My team were sat in the corner of the ice cave, playing a game of cards as I slid across the icy floor, throwing myself against rocks and trying to angle myself at the little patch of ground with a ladder in the middle.

Dragon: “No… I… Can… Do… THIS!”

I narrowly slid past the patch, eventually stopping at the other side of the cave.

Zappy: “We’ve been here for ages, it’s just getting embarrassing.”

Dragon: “Burd, can’t you fly me to the ladder?”

Burd: “No.”

Dragon: “Why not?!

Burd: *A look of horrified confusion dawned on his face* “I… I don’t know…”

… : “I can show you the way.”

Two large, orb-like eyes and a creepy, smiling, bright red mouth peered out of the darkness.

Dragon: *Jumping into Pointy’s arms* “AAAH! What the hell?!”

The whole team recoiled as a Jynx appeared.

Popotte: “My name is Popotte, let me show you the way…”

She (he?) effortlessly glided between the rocks, landing on the ground next to the ladder.

Dragon: *Shuddering* “Humanoid Pokémon are so creepy…”

Related image
Why is this thing? At least it’s not as bad as Mr Mime.

Burd: “Woah, woah, woah… Why would you show us the way?”

Popotte: “Have you seen what I’m wearing? It’s freezing down here! Take me with you! Besides… I think you’ll want an Ice Pokémon for the gym up ahead.”

The team and I exchanged glances, she was the first Pokémon I’d seen… And Ice Pokémon could be pretty epic…

Dragon: “OK, but you have to wear this bag over your head.”

Popotte: “That’s fair.”

True to her word, Popotte guided us out of the freezing cave and into the sunlight. We had arrived in Blackthorn City. After a bit of exploring I decided to see what wild Pokémon were about, upon jumping into the long grass we were immediately attacked by a Graveler. A Rock type would be pretty sweet. Unfortunately, I had not thought that maybe a Graveler would literally rather die than join my team, as he used Selfdestruct, making me wince as Sleepy ZZZ was hit, hanging in there though, I lost my opportunity to get a Pokémon in that area. Nevermind.

In preparation for the gym I started training up Popotte. She was incredible. Everything was taken down in her first go. She left a trail of smashed up Gravelers behind us as we made our way through, I could almost taste the 8th gym badge. We then decided to go into a nearby cave, would we be able to get another Pokemon? The answer was no. A Wobboffet appeared, and was accidentally killed straight away. Nevermind, back to Popottes training… Another Wobboffet appeared, no problem… Right? Popotte unleased Icy Wind as she had done in previous battles but unfortunately it didn’t kill the enemy straight away. That’s fine, I was sure she could handle whatever was coming next. The Wobboffet then grinned slyly, like he knew he was about to wreck my dreams, and used Mirror Move, reflecting Icy Wind back at Popotte. She was taken down immediately.


I stomped out of the cave, furious and went straight up to the gym. If I could battle a couple of trainers and get a feel for what my team were like against them then I could get a better sense of what to do.

Guy: “The gym leader’s training in the cave behind the gym right now.”


As I approached the cave though anther guy blocked the entrance and informed me that only Dragon Trainers were allowed in.

Dragon: “Well… Where the hell am I supposed to get a Dragon type?”

Zappy: “Maybe we’re not supposed to be here yet.”

Burd: “Didn’t you get a call about a radio tower being attacked by Team Rocket? You totally ignored it but maybe we have to do that first…”

Dragon: “But I don’t wanna fight more Zubat and Koffing…”

Zappy: “No one does, but we if we want to get that badge…”

Dragon: “FINE! Bloody Team Rocket. I haven’t even met Jessie and James yet, they shouldn’t have team Rocket if I can’t fight them…”

Zappy: “Who’s Jessie and James?”

Dragon: “Nevermind.”

Image result for jessie and james pokemon
The only Team Rocket members I care about. (I am a big fan)

I grudgingly flew to the Radio tower and fought my way through Team Rocket with blinding speed.

Team Rocket Member: “Ah ha, you want to get through the gate! Well the only person that has the key is the guy in the place that is not here!”

Dragon: “GRRRRAAAH!”

We sprinted to the actual place we needed to be and I was faced with a set of three switches. I don’t know what I did but to my shame it took me AGES to figure out how the switches worked. Enough to rage quit, sit in silence for a couple of minutes, sigh and pick up the game to give t another go. Once I could finally get through I found the director and we raced back to the Radio Tower. Finally, the last Team Rocket member remained, an Executive. I barely gave him a second thought as I sent out Nointy to kick his Koffing in the face but then the Koffing used Selfdestruct… And took out Nointy.

Pointy: “NO! Nointy you can’t die! Hold on! It was just a Koffing, you can’t go down this way!”

Nointy: *holding a paw to Pointy’s face and wiping away her tears* My darling, I love you so much. You must stay strong.”

Pointy: “I can’t do this without you!”

Nointy: “You have to. Promise me that, when this challenge is over, you will take our egg from the PC and raise it on that nice little route we picked out. The one with all the Meowths for it to Double Kick and grow strong.” *cough*

Pointy: “I promise. I love you Nointy.”

Nointy: “And I… *cough*… love you Pointy.”

With that Nointy’s eyes closed and Pointy flew into a rage, throwing the Koffing across the room as if it were a ball. It splattered across the adjacent wall, leaving the Team Rocket member stunned.

In a grieving silence we finished the mission, and left the Radio Tower. I hadn’t even wanted to do it in the first place and now Nointy was gone.

Pointy: “It should have been me. He was never as involved in this challenge. I should have been sent out.”

Dragon: “He wanted to be here just as much as anyone.”

Pointy: “You should have sent someone out that had better defence, like me! You know that Koffings can Selfdestruct!”

Dragon: “I’m sorry Pointy, I thought he’d be able to take it! He was so big, it didn’t even occur to me that he wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

Pointy: “This is all your fault!”

Will Pointy ever be able to forgive Dragon? Will the team get to fight the 8th Gym Leader? Find out on Wednesday!

The Team

  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Squidward (Tentacool)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Hypno)
  • Pointy (Nidoqueen)
  • Zappy (Magneton)


  • Burgie (Haunter)
  • Smokey (Koffing)
  • Fritatta (Exeggute)
  • Fritlet (Girafarig)
  • Powafish (Magikarp)
  • Nommy (Slowpoke)


  • Popotte (Jynx)
  • Nointy (Nidoking)



7 thoughts on “Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 10 – Jynxing Myself

  1. Oh Wobuffet, the worst possible Pokemon to encounter in a Nuzlocke. I hate those guys. Generally when I meet one I pray that the Pokemon in the first slot has a weak attack that it can use to very slowly whittle the Wobuffet down. If not…well, let’s just say Popette won’t be alone in the Poke-afterlife.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s a real shame you lost your Nidoking, Nidoking has solid stats and can use a wide range of Tms making him killer to run with. and I recommend switch training your magikarp or make plans to to catch a gayrados it will help give your team better coverage and you are going to need it in the times to come. I wish you luck on the remainder of your adventure

    Liked by 1 person

      • grinding sucks…. but… a necessary evil…. I always have something on netlix, or youtube figure out the patch of grass that has decent levels and close ish to a pokemon center and go to town… on my Kanto play through (starts rolling out tuesdays and thursdays) grinding was all I did in the beginning….

        Liked by 1 person

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