Dragon's Nuzlocke Challenge

Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 5 – Raising the Steaks

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The Team:

  • Hedwig (Hoothoot)
  • Burd (Spearow)
  • Burgie (Gastly)
  • Oddette (Oddish)
  • Zuluwarior (Zubat)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Drowzee)

It was time for Gym 3. The whole team had been working really hard to level up and I was feeling confident. My only reservation was that we had no type advantage, being a Normal-type gym.

Dragon: “Are we ready guys?”

Hedwig and Burd: “Oh… We’re ready”

A blinding light filled the area and, standing back to back, Hedwig and Burd evolved into Noctowl and Fearow. They struck a pose as the light dimmed away, showing off their new forms.

Dragon: “You guys… That was SO COOL!!! We have got this in the bag! Group hug!”

We all had a Team Dragon group hug before kicking open the Gym doors and easily clearing a path to Whitney, the Gym Leader.

Her first Pokémon? Pfft, a Clefairy? Ha! That was destroyed easily, but then the ground shuddered as her next Pokémon entered the arena. My team looked at me fearfully – What could it be? I’d done my research and I knew what was coming… It was time for Operation Status Effects!

I sent Oddette out first and she bravely looked up into the face of… A Miltank.

Enemy Miltank: *Spits on the floor* “Hello little plant… I will have fun crushing you.”

Oddette: “Ugh, you are by far ze ugliest enemy we ‘ave faced zo far. Vive l’équipe Dragon!”

Oddette Ze French Oddish

With that she jumped over the Miltank in a graceful arc, scattering Stun Spore as she went and then, after taking a hit, swapped places with Sleepy ZZZ.

Sleepy ZZZ: “Dude… Why so aggressive? Let’s get rid of that for you”

He lazily flicked his wrist and disabled Rollout. This greatly angered the Miltank who managed to Stomp on Sleepy ZZZ before he could retreat back into his ball, injuring him. Now for the final stage of my plan…

Dragon: “Go Burgie! Use Spite!”

Burgie: “I… I can’t… I can’t lick it?”

Dragon: “No, you need to lower its’ PP as much as you can while Rollout is still disabled.”

Burgie: “I… Have other moves?”

Burgie got to work and reduced the PP of both Rollout and Stomp by a considerable amount. So far so good. Everything was going pretty well but then Miltank became able to use Rollout again. What to do? I couldn’t keep Burgie out, couldn’t send out Hedwig, Zuluwarior or Burd (being flying types), Sleepy ZZZ and Oddette had both taken pretty big hits…

Suddenly, a voice from above told me to send out Oddette, “you can poison it and Rollout won’t be so bad against Oddette at first.”

“But it’s already paralysed, I can’t poison it.”

“I’m pretty sure you can, if you select it often enough it will replace paralysis, try it.”

Who did those voices belong to? I guess I’ll never know but I decided to follow their advice…

Dragon: “Come on Oddette! Let’s try to poison it! I should have done that from the beginning.”

Several turns later and Oddette had still not managed to poison the Miltank and its’ Rollout had built up to the third round.

Dragon: “She can take one more hit…”

She could not take one more hit. Down Oddette went, all the plans I had for an epic Vileplume went out the window. Her adorable little face turned to me as she took her last breath and raised a small white flag. I’d told her that she would be my plant prodigy but she hadn’t even evolved into a Gloom yet…

Enemy Miltank: “Goodbye, little plant.” With that the Miltank kicked Oddettes’ small body across the arena to me, I tried to straighten out her leaves which had been crumpled from the impact of Rollout and glared at the Miltank with tears in my eyes.

Enemy Miltank: “Ooh the trainer’s upset. Go on cry!”

Dragon: “Shut up you… You Meanie! I’ll avenge you Oddette, you didn’t deserve to die so soon like that, I’m sorry.” Who could I send out to avenge her? Maybe… Just maybe…

Dragon: “Go Zuluwarior!”

Zuluwarior: “Yes! I’m a part of things!”

Surprising me with his swiftness he used Confuse Ray and then Bite over and over, the Miltank had no chance to attack between the confusion, paralysis and flinching. Eventually its’ health was down to the last section… For a minute it looked like we would win…

Zuluwarior: “I’m going to do it! I’m going to get the badge!… Ew, what is it doing?!”

We all watched in disgust and horror as, without breaking eye contact with Zuluwarior, the Miltank milked itself right then and there. It then drank its’ own milk, restoring almost all of its’ HP.

Dragon: “My God…”

Enemy Miltank: *wiping away milk moustache* “Mmmm, tastes like… Victory.”

It then sent a boulder hurtling towards Zuluwarior, crushing him underneath.


I resorted back to sending out Sleepy ZZZ and prayed that the Miltank wouldn’t attack, Rollout was once more disabled and Burgie made another appearance to reduce any remaining PP. I rotated the two Pokémon for a while with this technique but I was just buying time. I couldn’t win yet unless… I suddenly realised that Miltank hadn’t even tried to attack for the last few turns, it was just constantly healing itself.

Dragon: “We did it guys! It’s out of PP! Come on Burd, take it out quickly!”

Enemy Miltank: “Mwahaha! Bitch, you thought!”

A boulder hurtled through the air and my heart skipped a beat, I couldn’t lose Burd!

Hedwig: “Like we practised Burd!”

Burd flapped his wings and attempted to fly over the boulder, gracefully he arced over it, only catching his back on it slightly. He then dove towards the Miltank and speared him through with his beak, the Miltank fell to its’ knees.

Hedwig: “YES Burd! That was AWESOME!!!”

Burd: *placing a foot on the Miltank’s back* “Goodbye, little Cow”

Enemy Miltank: “Ha… Hahahaha… You think you have won? You will find no joy in your journey, Dragon. Just more losses.” Burd put his foot down and the Miltank collapsed into a puddle of his own milk.


The battle had lasted over half an hour (it genuinely did, it was possibly the longest non-game ending Pokémon battles I have ever fought) and we emerged from the gym victorious. The stress of the challenge was starting to show though, I worriedly thought ahead to the next gym and looked at what remained of my team… They were battered and bruised and looked a little worried after hearing the dying words of the Miltank.

Dragon: “I know we lost more friends today but we did well. I’ll make sure we’re properly ready for the next gym, I promise. If you guys don’t want any part in the rest of the journey though you can always ask to leave”

Hedwig: “We believe in you Dragon, it’s dangerous but we want to help. You have my wing.”

Burd: “And mine.”

Sleepy ZZZ: “And my… I dunno… Paw, I guess?”

Burgie: “And my tongue!” *Lick*

Everyone: “Ew! Gross! Dammit, Burgie!”

We solemly buried Oddette and Zuluwarior, both of which had proved themselves to be valuable team members in the end, and continued our journey to the next gym…


The Team:

  • Hedwig (Noctowl)
  • Burgie (Gastly)
  • Burd (Fearow)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Drowzee)

The Reserves

  • Bellende (Bellsprout)


  • Oddette (Oddish)
  • ZuluWarior (Zubat)

Day 6→

5 thoughts on “Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 5 – Raising the Steaks

  1. “He literally just got good!” had me rolling. That happens at least once a Nuzlocke – you finally manage to baby and coddle a Pokemon to where it is good enough to fight on its own and then it dies immediately.

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