Dragon's Nuzlocke Challenge

Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 4 – Rebuilding the Team

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The Team:

  • Hedwig (Hoothoot)
  • Burgie (Gastly)

Quick note: I forgot to take any screenshots for this day so I’m afraid you’ll have to do with some generic Pokémon images instaed… Lesson learned!

In the aftermath of my team’s annihilation, I dragged myself to the PC and withdrew my reserves: Bellende the Bellsprout (Level 3) and Zuluwarior the Zubat (Level 5). I also caught a new Pokémon on Route 31 just outside of the cave: a Spearow. Frustrated at receiving yet another flying type and still bitter about my huge loss I simply named him ‘Burd’.

Image result for spearow

Burd: “Ummm… Sorry but could I have a more imaginative name?”

Dragon: “No.”

Burd: “Have I made you mad? You haven’t even used me yet…”

Dragon: *sobs* “You’ll never be as good as Cawcaw!”

Burd’s beak trembled as he tried to hold back tears.

Hedwig: “Don’t worry Burd, she’ll come around. In the meantime I shall literally take you under my wing and will help teach you to fight. Much like my old master, Toto, taught me…”

For what seemed like years Hedwig and I trained the new recruits as Burgie licked trees on the side-lines, what with him usually being unable to hit anything. Being so close to Union Cave Bellende could kick rock-type ass and level up quickly…

Bellende: “Woah, shame you didn’t use me before! I could have kicked that Geodude’s butt.”

Dragon: “Shut up, Bellende.”

Bellende: “You need me a lot more than I need you. So I’d be a little nicer to me if I were in your shoes.”

Dragon: “…”

Bellende: “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

I wasn’t too worried about the next gym as it was grass-type and sure enough Hedwig and Burd pecked all the leaves to death.

Dragon: “You know what Burd? I’m sorry I gave you a bad name, you’re pretty awesome.”

Burd: “Really? Thank you! Does… Does this mean…?”

Dragon: “Yes, you are officially a useful member of the team.”

Burd: “YES! Did you hear that Hedwig?”

Hedwig: “I knew you could do it!”

The two birds wing bumped, sending feathers spewing everywhere.

Proud Burd

Zuluwarior: “Am I a useful member of the team yet?”

Dragon: “No, all you can use is Leech Life.”

Zuluwarior: *dejectedly* “oh…”

Dragon: “Don’t worry, this is just a phase, you’ll level up out of it soon enough.”

Zuluwarior: *Over-dramatically* “OMG, it’s not a phase! This is who I am!” He flung himself back into his Pokéball in a huff.

With my awesome bird pokemon (who were fast becoming best buddies), the annoyingly good Bellsprout, and the rest of the team who weren’t quite so good we headed into Ilex Forest where the adorable Oddette the Oddish joined the team. We then got to a point where a skinny tree barred our way – someone would have to learn Cut. I glanced between Oddette and Bellende…

Oddette: “I vould never learn such a move as zis… Zis Cut, it vould ‘inder my training.”

Bellende: “You don’t have to speak in a French accent just because she gave you a French name, what is wrong with you?”

Oddette: *sassily rolling her eyes* Eurgh, ze gross twig is so oossless, ‘e only knows deux moves and I vill learn zo quick.”

Bellende: “Come on Dragon, why are you even questioning this?”

Dragon: “You’re right. Bellende. You can learn Cut.”

Bellende: “WHAT?! NO! I do not want that! I’m a much higher level than Oddette why would you give this to me?!”

Dragon: *crooning over Oddette* “Oddette is going to get epic and I don’t want her carrying Cut to burden her. You, however… Meh.”

Bellende: “I hate you so much.”

Behind my back Oddette stuck her tongue out at Bellende who snorted disdainfully and retreated to his Pokéball.

Eventually we emerged from Ilex Forest, and into the route up to Goldenrod City, where we soon discovered that everything was suddenly a pretty high level, causing a fair few runs to and from the local Pokécenter. The team was also joined by Sleepy ZZZ, a Drowzee.

Sleepy ZZZ: “ ’Sup dudes… dudettes.”

Dragon: “Now that I don’t need to use Cut, and that the next gym is a normal type gym, I want you, Bellende, to go in the day care so that I can use Sleepy ZZZ instead”.

Bellende: “Are you kidding???”

Sleepy ZZZ: “Don’t take it personally bro, just take the opportunity to chill”

Bellende: “I don’t want to ‘chill’ I want to fight! My vine whip is so good!”

Dragon: “Well… Yeah but you only have 10 PP for it, and Oddette knows a good grass move too, plus she can poison, stun, sleep… You can’t really do any of that yet. And I also like everyone else on the team more than you.”

Bellende: “Even Zuluwarior? He doesn’t do anything.”

Dragon: “He just learned Bite and Confuse Ray, so… Yeah, even Zuluwarior.”

Zuluwarior did a silent dance of celebration at this.

Bellende: “You’ll regret this.”

Dragon: *Cuddling Oddette and making a fuss of her, ignoring Bellende* “What? Oh, have fun! I’ll come and get you when I need to use Cut!”

Suddenly, my phone rang. “Hi Dragon, it’s Hiker Anthony!”

Dragon: “Oh you little bitch…”

Hiker Anthony: “Do you want to battle again? I won’t lose this time!”

Dragon: “Oh, I will come and battle you again… I’m going to crush you like you crushed Rizzo, Cawcaw and Buzz, and then I’ll come and crush you again next time you call. Then again, and again, and again…”

Hiker Anthony: “… Okay cool, well… See you in a bit then.”

I showed up to the rematch with Oddette on the front lines. She one-shot the offending Geodude with Absorb, nonchalantly adjusting her beret as it dropped to the ground with a thud, confused at the sudden power of the team it had so easily wiped out before.

Image result for geodude fainted
The Pokémon Silver graphics are really impressive…

I kneeled down so that I was eye to eye with it “Looks like Geodude just became GeoFOOD… Get it? Food for Oddette because she used absorbed so it’s like- Nevermind you all get it!”

Everyone groaned at the terrible pun, but I didn’t care. Justice had been served.

The Team:

  • Hedwig (Hoothoot)
  • Burgie (Gastly)
  • ZuluWarior (Zubat)
  • Burd (Spearow)
  • Oddette (Oddish)
  • Sleepy ZZZ (Drowzee)

The Reserves

  • Bellende (Bellsprout)

Day 5→

7 thoughts on “Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 4 – Rebuilding the Team

  1. RIP Bellsprout’s ego.
    It sounds like Bugsy’s gym was a good chance for your team to rally, which is great. Here’s hoping that gym #3 doesn’t end up being too much of a problem. I don’t know how powerful she is in second gen before abilities are introduced, but in the gen four remake she’s well-known for ending Nuzlockes. But you can take her!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, the fourth gym is where I personally have lost a Nuzlocke twice. That was in the fourth gen remake, though, so maybe the fact that you’re playing the original Gold/Silver will make it a bit easier.

        Liked by 1 person

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