Dragon's Nuzlocke Challenge

Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 1 – My Journey Begins

I have decided to try something a bit different; a series of posts written as diary entries about my journey in Pokemon Silver as I attempt to complete a Nuzlocke challenge. I will update my blog with these twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday).

So what’s a Nuzlocke challenge? Well, I think it was made by this guy who made a pretty brilliant comic strip about his adventures, do check it out, his skills in Paint get so much better as he goes along. By the same token my other half has offered his own Paint skills (of a sort) to illustrate my diary entries so I hope you enjoy those! We had a lot of fun making them.

While you can customise your own Nuzlocke challenge to suit your difficulty level I am pretty bad at Pokemon really so I’m going to keep it simple (I have added two rules to the original rules though):

Rule 1

I can only catch the first Pokemon I see in each area (I’m establishing each area as a route, caves and buildings, etc). If I can’t catch the first Pokemon then tough, I have to solider on. The only exception is if I already have the first Pokemon that appears, or an evolution of it, otherwise I’d just have an army of Weedle and Rattata.

Rule 2

Once a Pokemon faints it’s ‘dead’ and I have to release it. No revives, nada. Once I white out it’s game over.

Rule 3 (Dragon Rule)

I didn’t want to do this because it makes it so much harder but my other half insisted it would be more interesting for the blog and went on and on about it until I agreed… Once I catch my first Pokemon I have to release my starter. I did make a slight exception here where I caught a level 3 Pokemon and kept my starter until the new one reached level 5.

Rule 4 (Dragon Rule)

I’m not keeping any Pokemon that are given to me unless they are required as part of the story.


So with all that established let’s get started with Day 1!

Day 1: My Journey Begins

Today I got my first Pokémon from Professor Elm. It was a Totodile and while I tried not to get attached, Toto was just so awesome and cute. Nothing could stand in his way. Together we fought a true battle of the ages and defeated a rather mean thief called BLAAAAAA (I was tired and my brain couldn’t think of good names) and retrieved a mystery egg for the Professor. Good times. Once I finally got hold of some pokéballs I went out to catch my first Pokémon. Who would it be? Suddenly, a blur jumped at me from the grass and I came face to face with my ‘first’ Pokémon… A level 3 Hoothoot. Feeling my time with Toto slipping away I rather begrudgingly caught him.

Dragon: “I shall name you… Hedwig.”


Totodile remained to train Hedwig until he became a level 5. Hedwig was not a very fast learner but he did his best, tackling everything in his path.Screenshot_20180129-223946

Eventually his training was complete and it was time to say goodbye. The two Pokémon had grown close during training and they said a tearful farewell…

Hedwig: “Master Toto, where will you go? What will you do? Please don’t leave. I can’t look after Dragon alone, I’m just an owl – I am no replacement for your incredible crocodile strength!”

Toto: “Young Hedwig, do not worry, for you are mightier than you think. Dragon shall catch other Pokémon that will aid you in your quest, so you will not be alone for long. As for me, I will find the family that Professor Elm so cruelly stole me from at such a young age. I will train and become the greatest Totodile that the Johto region has ever seen. Promise me you will look after Dragon, for she becomes easily cocky in battle, and will probably slip up a few times.”

Hedwig *eyes brimming with tears*: “I promise… I’ll miss you master!”

Toto *smiles sadly*: “I am not your master any more… I am your brother.”

We all had a tearful group hug and then Toto dove into the lake next to Cherrybark as Hedwig and I waved goodbye.

Hedwig: “What do we do now?”

Dragon: “There’s a small area called Route 49 I think we missed. We can go catch another friend.”

Hedwig: “Let’s do it!”

Enter Rizzo the Rattata. A rather excitable fellow who was eager to be unleashed in battle to mess up my enemies. He slaughtered his way through many Hoothoots and even his own kind as Hedwig and I looked on rather fearfully. He reached level 5 in half the time Hedwig had taken, put on some sunglasses and pointed finger guns at us as he returned to his pokéball.


The Team:

  • Hedwig (Hoothoot)
  • Rizzo (Rattata)

Rizzo the epic rattata.png


Next diary entry to be released on the 14th where we’ll meet new friends, some great, some not so great. Stay tuned! (Feedback welcomed!)


Day 2 →

23 thoughts on “Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge: Day 1 – My Journey Begins

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. As much as I enjoy playing Pokémon games I have not done one of these challenges. I did wonder about how this works in terms of not ending up with just Rattata/Weedle/etc. Looking forward to your next post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t actually followed along with one of these challenges before, and being that I’m also not fantastic at Pokemon, I haven’t dared to take on a challenge like this.

    I hear you on becoming attached to Pokemon, though, and I love this first post! Looking forward to the next ones! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not actually that great at Pokémon either so I’m not expecting to get to the end to be honest. It’s quite a beneficial challenge in a way though because you learn things about Pokémon you might never have known as you use ones you don’t usually pick.


  3. I’ve never successfully completed a Nuzlocke of Gold/Silver so I hope your run goes better than mine typically do. Rizzo sounds like it’ll do some serious damage to the bad guys!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Rattata is pretty solid early game in my experience. STAB Quick Attack wrecks pretty much anything that doesn’t resist it, especially if Rizzo’s got a good attack stat. Of course, it works both ways – enemy Rattata can be serious pests, especially if they carry Pursuit. That can really cause problems when switch-training!

        Liked by 1 person

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