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New Year Gaming Goals!

It’s a New Year! For those of you that were following the Creative Christmas posts I’m sorry I fell off the radar a bit after Christmas… Oops. On to the first post of the year though! This is a list of gaming goals I’ve made for myself, to be honest most of them are “finish X game” so you can all gasp in horror at some of the games I’ve left unfinished. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 because if I listed all my unfinished games we’d be here all day.

  1. Finish Portal 2. How I have not finished this I don’t know because I was loving it. I think it just got caught in the awkward time where I got about halfway through and then moved house so once I got to the new place I was all focused on unpacking and settling in and getting on with the new job… It wasn’t until I saw something about it the other day that I remembered it!

    Related image
    I really am… How could I abandon GLaDOS? One of my all time favourite villains
  2. Make another attempt at Bloodborne. Some of you may remember my awesomely named Bloodborne character Cleavopatra (read about her adventure so far here and here). Unfortunately she didn’t get very far in the hunt, she found her way to Vicar Amelia and died time and time again… And again… Aaaaaand again… Then just to make sure she died again. This wasn’t helped by the knowledge that Ameila is meant to be one of the slightly easier bosses (according to my other half). I couldn’t help wondering if I had been informed wrong as Cleav’s body was thrown through the air accompanied by a painful “AAAAARGH” as she died for the 500th time. Eventually my other half helped me kill Amelia (when I say helped, he basically did everything) and I feel kind of cheap about that because it wasn’t ME that did it but I am at least into the next area so… Maybe I’ll get over the fact that I needed help and Cleavopatra’s adventures can continue.

    Your time will come Cleavopatra…
  3. Finish Doom. I was really enjoying this game. It’s a lot of fun but I hit a bit of a wall where I was struggling to get past something or other and I’m being stubborn about lowering the level of difficulty to help me get past it. I got Doom at the same time as my dad and my boyfriend, both of whom were playing it on the level of difficulty below me so I was being a bit cocky about that… However now I’m in a spot where my only solution may actually be to lower the difficulty and I’m finding it hard to swallow my pride and admit that I need to do that… Maybe if I just don’t tell them…
  4. Give The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt another go. Unpopular opinion: I’m not too keen on this game… For some reason I find it really hard to fight, I don’t know if that’s normal but I die so much that my frustration around that has started impacted my overall enjoyment of the game. It’s weird because I really like the concept of it. I love the supernatural-esque hunting of ghosts and mythical creatures, I like the spells and swords and… It just seems like the perfect game for me but I just can’t get the hang of it! In the beginning when your mentor (or whoever he is) is teaching you to fight time sort of slows as he goes to hit you and you can parry, that’s great, I can do that. However the actual fighting is not like that, Geralt is SO SLOW, by the time he’s got his sword up to parry an attack he’s already been hit and the worst thing is it seems to only be me that has this problem as everyone else loves this game! As the game is considered to be so good I always feel like I’m missing something with it so I do want to try it again. I have already tried to play this game twice, maybe third time lucky?
  5. Finish Borderlands 2, or at least start the third one. Again, another game that I really like. I love all the Borderlands games but I’ve only finished the first one. The problem with the second one is that I started it on PS3, then I started it again as a multiplayer game with my sister, then got it on PS4 and started a new game but decided I didn’t like my character, started again and chose to play as Gaige the Mechromancer who, at first was a really cool character but now that I am over halfway through the game, possibly near the end (not too sure), I’m finding her really hard to play. I rely almost completely on the robot she summons. I probably messed something up while levelling her but I just don’t want to keep playing as her now and the thought of starting the game AGAIN… Eurgh. I was waiting to finish the second one before I started the third properly (I’ve only messed about in 3 so far) but I might not bother waiting.  Image result for borderlands 2 mechromancer

There you have it! Do you have any gaming goals for 2018? Have you played any of the above games and if so, got any advice? Which games do you like but have left unfinished?

32 thoughts on “New Year Gaming Goals!

  1. Some great goals here!

    Re 3) just put the difficulty level down….it’s better to finish an easier game than never finish the game at all!

    4) I didn’t enjoy Witcher III either so you’re not alone! The combat in particular just reminds me of the puppets fighting in Team America…just messy….

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      1. Yeah, I’d make your life easier on 3) You reminded me of my struggles with Wolfenstein…like you I had the difficulty level at a respectable point, only for it to drop and drop!

        Don’t let my comments ruin Team America for you 🙂 it’s much more fun than Witcher 3!

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  2. Bloodborne was amazing, but I’d agree with you: Vicar Amelia was a real pain and my first real stumbling block. After her I found most of the other bosses easier. You really need high DPS to out damage her healing to have a chance.

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  3. I have several games that I should finish and so many that I should play that I haven’t started. Hopefully this year is the one that I get through some of them. For the difficulty part, just put it down a level. If that means you can enjoy the game and finish it that is worth more than getting stuck and hating it and not seeing what comes after. I have to admit I’ve never played Bloodborne or The Witcher 3 so I hope you can continue them this year.

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      1. There are several games that I started but haven’t finished. Most recent was I started The Turing Test and stopped for a couple of months. I want to finish that for starters. If I thought about it I could probably name about 5 more games.


  4. Great goals here! Portal 2 was some of the most fun I remember having in recent years, some of the later puzzles are such brainbenders but the ones where you need to carry momentum through 3 or 4 Portal gun shots are just super intense! Wish I could play through it again but puzzle games like that have limited replay value for me since I’ve already solved them….

    Been wanting to play Bloodbourne for years but no PS4 and still praying for a port to something like.. the Switch perhaps!

    I also need to finish DOOM – great game but I was only able to play in short bursts. That game gets the heart pounding!

    Anyway, good luck on these goals! They are certainly attainable, which is great to see – lots of gaming goals (aka “clear my backlog”) can teeter on the impossible!

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    1. Thanks! I didn’t want to make any difficult ones because I knew I would never do it, I was going to say “finish Bloodborne” instead of “attempt it again” and then I was like “lol nah that’s never happening”.
      It’s weird that Bloodborne is only on PS4, hopefully you’ll get to play it soon as, despite my difficulties with it, it’s a great game!


  5. Weird and slightly self-serving question: Do you play “Bloodborne” and “Witcher” w/ your music on? Haven’t tested the DSIII music theory on “Bloodborne” yet; but, I believe they share a few composers, so it’d be cool if it works. A lot of the basic battles in W3 seem to fit its fight music, too, so that might help; but, otherwise, spacing (don’t be afraid to break away from an enemy for a bit, footsies, yo) and inventory item management are huge in that game. Great goals, great games, and good luck!


  6. I’m in the same boat regarding Borderlands 2 – I still have to finish it myself. I picked up a ton of games from the PS+ promotions that I really want to play, such as Life is Strange and Infamous: Second Son. And I at least need to finish Kingdom Hearts 2.8 before KH 3 is released…
    Aside from that, my gaming goals are to play the above, plus a few retro games here and there and write about them. Good luck with your goals!
    ~Ryan from Games with Coffee

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  7. nice goals!
    I’ve started Witcher 3 no less than four times. Every time I seem to get distracted by something new and shiny. I’ve now gone for the Xbox One X version in the hope that the shiny graphics will keep me focussed…we’ll see.
    If you’re interested, check out the noclip docs on youtube, they’re great viewing

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  8. Those are great goals, I really should get back into playing more games but we still have a PS3 so unfortunately no new games 😢 I think my gaming goal would be to finish Pokémon moon (I know, I’m ashamed I still haven’t finished it considering there is already a new one out…) and also to get over 300 Pokémon in Pokémon go 😊 yep, lots of Pokémon!

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  9. I’ve never played Bloodborne (PC gamer here), but it looks really neat. I’m a Dark Souls freak so I know I’ll love it if I ever got around to playing it. The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece in my opinion. I have all the books and I’ve played all of the games. I love the lore, characters, and world that CD Projekt Red created for us to enjoy. I would recommend lowering the difficulty if you’re having a hard time.

    I need to buy The Evil Within 2 because I enjoyed the first one. I also need to complete Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It doesn’t help that I just got back into Skyrim and I’ve been ignoring every other game while I play through that again.

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  10. You’ll have fun playing Bloodborne if you struggled with Vicar Amelia. There’s no boss fight that I found unbearably difficult apart from Martyr Logarious which I would say is easily the most difficult fight I’ve ever attempted. That being said, have fun and grind well. It helps if you’re diligent on resources and stingy with how you approach situations. Oh, and there are many different optional bosses which would appear to be on the critical path.

    But anyway, that’s my advice even if it’s slightly meagre. Good luck, have fun. ^-^

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