Creative Christmas

Creative Christmas Day 7

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I had a lovely one, I ate so much food and watched so much TV (mine is a very chilled holiday). Back to the Creative Christmas questions now (from Later Levels) after a 2 day Christmas break…

Your help must have worked, because it’s now Christmas morning and presents are under the tree! There’s a fancy box with your name on it; which gaming-related item are you hoping is inside?

Ooh… Well this is more gaming merchandise than actual gaming but I think a year long Loot Crate subscription would be rather lovely (specifically the LootGaming crate), then I get a present every month so Christmas just keeps on coming! I am one of those people that gets super excited if there’s a parcel on the way to me, especially if it’s a mystery parcel. I did get a Loot Crate once to see if I’d like it but was really disappointed by how long I was waiting for it (it got delayed by about 3 weeks) and the contents wasn’t that incredible when I did get it because I only played 2 out of 6 games I got in it but I suppose that’s the risk. If it was a gift though then I would appreciate it so much more. If it was a themed box like the Harry Potter or Stranger Things ones the guarantee of me liking everything in it would increase tenfold as well.

This would be a pricey gift of course but the question says it comes in a fancy box so…

August 2017 Loot Gaming featuring items from Legend of Zelda, Witcher, Dragon Age, Skyrim and Shadow of War

3 thoughts on “Creative Christmas Day 7

  1. Argh the delays! I’m still waiting on two t-shirts, along with a special edition crate that was meant to arrive for Christmas… but as you say, if a new subscription was a gift I’m sure I could put up with it. 😉

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  2. I like this idea as it would keep being a present every time it was delivered. I have thought about getting a subscription to this before but was a bit put off by reviews mentioning delays so never bothered. If it is a present that is a different matter… maybe someone will be nice for your next birthday or next Christmas!

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