Creative Christmas

Creative Christmas: Day 5

Today’s Creative Christmas question is a little cringey, in a good way though! I’m looking forward to reading other answers for this. After re-reading my post I realised that it kind of sounds like terrible fan fiction so… Enjoy?

The party is still going strong and you find yourself conveniently positioned under the mistletoe. Which video game character would you call over for a cheeky kiss?

I’m stood in the corner of the party in my usual go-to party stance. That means I have a glass of Prosecco in one hand, a glass of wine in the other, and I’m standing strategically between the buffet and the bar. Once the epic tunes (mentioned previously) are put on I dramatically throw off the elegant cardigan that was concealing the full wow factor of my dragon scale inspired dress, it is quite sparkly and very pretty and it make me look awesome. I wish you guys could see it, I look incredible. Everyone goes “oooooh…” when I walk past them. It even matches my shoes. I make my way to the dance floor downing my Prosecco on the way to leave one hand free for dancing (because you need a free hand… What if you need to punch the air or something?) and I start throwing shapes to some Blondie when across the room I see him… It’s Link from Legend of Zelda, but not just any LoZ Link… Twilight Princess Link… In an attempt to catch his eye I clear some space on the dance floor and show off my best dance move: The Robot. It works, I see his eyes drift over to me as he watches my moves, clearly impressed. I mime lassoing him and then pulling an invisible rope and while he doesn’t really respond to it at first he eventually obliges and joins me on the dance floor. He’s got some pretty sick moves, he starts back flipping and even does some forward rolls. At one point he gets a bit carried away and rolls into a corner full of china pots. I run over to make sure he’s OK and as I help him up I realise we are stood under some mistletoe, I blush and lean in and as I do feel a strange force bitch slap me. It’s Midna, I didn’t know she was invited. God dammit she’s so cool and beautiful, her magical orange hair is still in the shape of a hand, is it even a bitch slap if it’s done with hair? She glares at me and leads Link away, chastising him. That’s fine, I guess if I’m going to lose out against a female video game character I’m glad it’s her. I start scanning the room for my next victim lucky man. Is that Prince Sidon from Breath of The Wild over there…?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "link twilight princess"
Yes Link, work that camera!

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4 thoughts on “Creative Christmas: Day 5

  1. I was wondering if someone was gonna mention Sidon in one of these, haha. Link is a great choice, I’m pretty sure every lady in Hyrule and many in our world would say the same!


  2. Twilight Princess is when they decided to make Link look like a total hottie. I was definitely here for that 😀 You probably already know my answer, but it’s a certain Great General who moonlights as a one winged angel ♥♥♥


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