Dragon’s Tea Party has 100 Followers!!!

I have reached 100 followers!!! I am so happy and proud. When I first started this blog back in April I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, I was very nervous about it and it took every inch of my confidence to press the ‘Publish’ button on my first post. Little did I know back then that there was such a wonderful blogging community waiting to welcome me, discuss all my favourite games and boost my confidence to the point where the dreaded ‘Publish’ button is not that scary any more.

When I first started blogging I promised myself that I would update my blog with WordPress’s Personal Plan when I reached 100 followers, so my blog may look a little more professional soon, depending on when I get around to it.

Now for my speech…

I want to thank all my super regular readers for… Well, for reading my blog regularly! You’ve all helped me out so much with my confidence in writing and I love discussing games with all of you.

The Shameful Narcissist

I Played The Game

Lightening Ellen

Richenbaum Fotchenstein from Virtuanaut

Kim at Later Levels (whose latest blog party is probably what helped push me up to 100 so thank you for that!)

Nostalgia Trigger

Adventure Rules

Jay Borenstein from Nerdspeaker

Cary from Virtual Bastion

I would also like to thank my first ever follower, Claudio Caudullo from Explore the Gaming World. I don’t see much of you in the blogosphere and don’t know if you will see this, but I will always remember how excited I was when I got a notification telling me I had my first follower, you even beat my mum to first follower position, impressive.

Finally, thank you to everyone else that reads my blog, whether it’s just occasionally or frequently, I truly appreciate it so much and I hope that you’ll keep coming back for more Tea Party action!

I know that 100 followers is not a huge amount compared to some but it’s still a big milestone for every blogger and I’m very excited. I’m not going to make a big thing about it though, I’ll just take my 100 Followers trophy and go eat my 100 Followers cake in celebration.

Did you guys think I was joking? Any excuse for a Tea Party!
Icing is hard, still yummy though

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