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The Dragon’s Return to PC Gaming


Back in my youth I used to be a PC Gamer. It was my main way of playing games, I’d spend hours and hours (I don’t want to know how many) playing games like Neverwinter Nights, The Sims, Dragon Age, Age of Mythology… I loved it. I got into consoles in my mid-teens when my dad brought home his PS2 but even then, it was never my main console until I moved out of my parents’ house and started University. I could have bought a gaming PC or laptop for my time at University but they are SO expensive and I was a poor student living almost solely on baked beans (mainly so that I could spend the money on alcohol instead, no regrets!) Now though I am living with my boyfriend and he has a gaming PC! Yay! It’s the only reason I’m with him really…

Plunging back into PC Gaming wasn’t quite as smooth and fun as I hoped, first I couldn’t remember my username/password for my Steam account. Luckily, I didn’t have that many games on my old one though (I never got to finish American McGee’s Alice though…) and I made a new account (thedragonsteaparty, if you’re interested). Once that was sorted the first thing I did was search for my one and only, my video gaming peak, my soulgame… only to dramatically howl “NOOOOO”, put my head in my hands and take several moments to compose myself. Neverwinter Nights is not available on Steam. I mean they have Neverwinter, the free to play MMO which I have tried on the PS4 but due to my aversion of MMOs and an embarrassing “oops the mic is turned on and everyone on the map can hear me raging over this game” moment I decided it wasn’t for me. I’d been looking forward to playing NWN again and re-visiting it. Nevermind, I guess I’ll just have to pick something from this enormous online gaming library that doesn’t have the one I game I had my heart set on… So, in the end what did I reboot my PC journey with again? Well, it was a choice between two very different games: Dream Daddy and Planescape: Torment. Two very different, polar opposite games. On a bit of a dating simulator high since my experience with Hatoful Boyfriend, Dream Daddy won and I started a game with new dad on the block Papa Squatts (Dan’s name idea, not taking credit for that one.)

Dream Daddy is a dating simulator where you play a dad who dates other dads. It’s been hugely popular due to its wonderful representation of the LGBT community and character diversity. Other than this,  my main motivation for playing Dream Daddy is that it’s a Game Grumps creation, and you guys must know by now that I love Game Grumps. Another big motivator is that it has really good reviews on Steam and I’ve heard great things about it (Adventure Rules did a couple of posts about it a while ago as well). I was not disappointed; this game is awesome. The best thing so far is the dialogue, and with a dating sim that is the thing that needs to be the best as that’s most of what happens. It’s really funny, I have laughed out loud a few times at some of the dad-style anecdotes and scenarios. Unlike Hatoful Boyfriend it seems like it will take more than an hour and a half to finish as I’ve played it for quite a while already and I’ve only just attended a barbecue and met all the dads that all conveniently live in the same cul-de-sac and are all single, except one who has a bitchy wife. Totally gonna steal him from her, mwahaha… But then I like the sporty one too… And the ‘bad dad’… I can’t choose!!!

Image result for dream daddy

I’ll do a nice big post about this in the future because it’s amazing but until then let’s take a look at my other purchase…

I bought Planescape: Torment, mainly because it’s been recommended to me by a lot of people, it looks very Neverwinter Nights/Baldur’s Gate-esque and it’s from the same developers (Black-Isle Studios) so I’m very excited to start it. Unfortunately for Torment, at the time of downloading I was more in the mood to play something chill so Dream Daddy was more enticing. I mean, the blue dreadlock dude isn’t really my type, I’m sure he has a lovely personality though… Or… maybe not…

Image result for planescape torment

I’m sure that Planescape: Torment will be getting a post or two in the future as well, I am already predicting that I will get addicted to it, much as I did NWN and all my old favourites. But until then, who should be my Dream Daddy? Mat, Craig, Hugo, Brian, Damien, Robert, or Joseph? I’m leaning towards Joseph, he makes cakes and has a mean wife that I feel like I need to save him from.

Image result for dream daddy
Potential future boyfriend Joseph is the one in the middle 😉

Are you a PC Gamer? What’s your preferred game console? Have you played Dream Daddy too? How about Planescape: Torment? What were your thought? (No spoilers for either please!)

16 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Return to PC Gaming

  1. I’ve been considering buying Dream Daddy for awhile now. I’ve never really played a dating simulator though, so I’ve held off for now. I do intend to get to it eventually.

    PC is definitely my main form of gaming, mostly because I could never afford to have a computer and another gaming system. Since I needed a computer, I went without other consoles. I was always into nintendo ds though and do have a 3ds. That being said, I don’t really use it much anymore. I’m considering building a gaming desktop (though I have no experience with doing anything like that) because my laptop can’t really handle games like Dragon Age Inquisition well.

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    1. I would definitely recommend dream daddy, I don’t usually play dating simulators, I just happen to have played two in a row recently but I really like it.

      Building your own gaming desktop would be so cool! A lot of people do it so maybe it’s not that difficult!I hope you get to play Dragon age inquisition to its full capacity because it’s great!


  2. Thanks for the mention!
    Neverwinter Nights was an excellent game and I played the heck out of it when I was younger. Games like that and Baldur’s Gate got me interested enough in the idea of tabletop RPGs that I was willing to try one out when I got the chance – definitely worth it!

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  3. I go back and forth between console and PC. It kind of has always depending on what was available in the moment. These days I run with PC for Steam games and such, last gen consoles (360, PS3, WiiU), and a tablet that I use solely for emulations. It’s funny, I remember *really* wanting Neverwinter Nights when it first came out, but we didn’t have anything near a decent PC back then. It remains one of those games that I’d like to at least try out, someday.

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    1. Oh no! Not more Dragon Age! Nooo… I’m not usually into dating sims either, it’s mainly because it’s a Game Grumps creation, I probably wouldn’t have bothered otherwise. I’m glad I got it though because it’s so funny but I know that other dating sims aren’t really like that.

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  4. I never played NWM or many of those top down games on PC. For my, my choice of console is usually whatever is current for Nintendo, and then I use my PC to play whatever else I’m missing out on.

    there are some Ps4 exclusives I’d like to play, but knowing my schedule, I’ll never find time to give that console time. I actually have my PC setup in a way where it’s in my basement, and I can use my mouse and keyboard on my monitor for work and PC specific games. OR, follow my hdmi cable upstairs to my TV, and i have a PS4 controller ready to give myself that couch experience. Pretty fun for me 🙂


      1. It is. It’s based on Normal Boots. If you like Game Grumps, you might enjoy PeanutButterGamer, ProJared, etc. It’s a great game, created by PBG’s wife and their friend. 🙂

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