30 Day Video Game Challenge

30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 29: A game you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

Well this is a coincidence as I’m publishing a post about this today (I did mean to do it yesterday, I know I said I would in yesterday’s challenge post, but I got distracted). Stardew Valley is my answer!

My boyfriend tried to get me into this when we first started dating and I was really put off by it when he showed me his game. It’s the sort of thing that I find really boring to watch someone else play, I was just watching him chop wood and water plants, and I was bored to tears. It put me off so much that I didn’t play it for a little while until he convinced me to try it for myself and as soon as I started I was hooked. I won’t go on about it because it’s all in my new post!



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