30 Day Video Game Challenge

30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 13: A Game You’ve Played More Than 5 Times

There are a lot of games I’ve played more than 5 times but one of the first that springs to mind is Pokémon Sapphire… In fact I’m playing through it again now! I used to have it as a GameBoy advance game and then I got it when it was remastered for the Nintendo 3DS. With both of those versions I played through it a lot, sometimes trying to switch it up a little by trying a Nuzlocke challenge, sometimes trying to do a type only play through (I’m playing through it right now only using Psychic types)… it’s my favourite Pokémon game, there’s just something so soothing about it, it’s really nice to play. I remember the first time I saw it played was at my friend’s house and up until that time I had only played the sort of semi-coloured Pokémon games like Yellow and Silver so when she showed it to me I was in awe of all the colours. Now I have it in 3D! How times change!

Pokemon sapphire

Which game(s) have you played more than 5 times?

4 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 13: A Game You’ve Played More Than 5 Times

  1. I’m more of a Pokemon ruby kind of girl 😉 I’ve played through Majora Mask a lot though, first on nintendo64, then on GameCube and now on my 3DS, probably my favourite LoZ game!

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    1. I actually haven’t played through Ruby before, I should probably try it at some point if I can find someone with a copy, although I imagine it’s very similar. I got the Majora’s Mask on my 3DS but I haven’t actually finished it which I’m surprised by because I usually get very hooked into the LoZ games. I’m finding the time constraint a little difficult I suppose but I imagine the replay value of it is great because there’s so much to do! I’ll have to persevere with it!

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