30 Day Video Game Challenge

30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 12: A Game Everyone Should Play

I assume this means literally everyone, non-gamers included? If so then I think that The Sims is the way to go. It appeals to everyone on some level and it’s strangely addictive. You can have the Sims do whatever you want, build whatever you want, etc etc. Plus there are so many funny stories around of what people have done with their game (one of my particular favourites is someone that had their swim drown then made all the guests show up to the funeral in swimwear). I find that almost everyone, non-gamers and gamers alike have played The Sims at some point and it’s often a nice starting point in a gaming-based conversation.

Have you got any funny Sims stories? Which game do you think everyone should play?

5 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 12: A Game Everyone Should Play

  1. I’d say The Sims is a great first time game, because the core concept is point-and-click, so controlling is easy enough. Heck, you don’t even need the keyboard! And you go about doing whatever you would do in your normal life.

    As the series went on (particularly around the third installment), the features blew up and there was so much to do, but I think the first or second Sims games would be solid starters.

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    1. I loved The Sims 2 and the expansion packs were great, that’s the one I had in mind. I have played the fourth one and it is a bit overwhelming, plus we had to make an Origins account to play it which was really annoying and would be off putting if you didn’t usually play games.

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