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A Very Geeky Wedding

I haven’t been to a lot of weddings in my time, but damn, I would not hesitate to say that I recently attended the best wedding ever. I wouldn’t usually do a post about something like this but it had a geeky theme to it so I thought why not! There’s so much to show and tell, keeping with the gaming/geeky theme of the blog I’ll start off with that part of the wedding and then on to the circus element, THERE’S FIRE BREATHING, JUGGLING AND BULL WHIPS. Finally I’ll put on a little slideshow of the beautiful venue (aka the brides’ parents’ garden) so that you can have some Alice in Wonderland style British countryside porn.

So first off the invitation arrived, and it definitely set the tone for the rest of the wedding… However as I’m currently on holiday (in a very rainy France) and can’t take a photo of it at the moment, you’ll have to take my word for it until I get home.

They had Pokémon cupcakes…

Pokemon cupcakes.jpg

The cake was cut with Kirito’s sword from Sword Art Online and Thorin Oakenshield’s sword, Orcrist, made an appearance as well (although it doesn’t look that impressive next to Kirito’s).

The cake itself was My Neighbour Totoro themed (not going to lie, only know that because I googled “big grey rabbit thing Japanese” – I’m not a big Anime person) and it tasted amazing.


The vows themselves were mostly huge collections of pop culture references, which was funny. Particularly the bride doing Yoda’s voice to say “meant to be, we are”.

On to the circus/entertainment element. The bride is a part-time teacher in a circus school, teaching fire breathing and bullwhip, so she had a lot of friends that showed up – including a ring master in a splendid waistcoat acting as the officiant and sort of all-round compère – who did a few little shows themselves. One of the more intense bits was when the groom had to hold spaghetti in his mouth and between his legs as the most stereotypical British man in the world sliced it to ribbons with a bullwhip (never thought that was a sentence that would need to be said…). He also whipped a piece of paper in half as it was held aloft by a small child, while the audience yelled “MORE DANGER!”

It’s good to see that the old English tradition of sacrificing small children in a creative, eccentric way at your wedding is still around. He made balloon animals too, that was nice. I tried to get a picture of the whip bit but it was too fast and I can’t put videos on my blog yet… You’ll have to take my word for it that it was awesome.

Then the bride did some fire breathing and her friend juggled an axe, a bear trap (he had me throw a stick at it and it was not a fake bear trap) and a scythe. Shame I had the toilets in the background of my pics but the side where they wouldn’t have been in shot was taken up by “real” photographers.

The kids were treated to a Punch and Judy show. American/not English readers, I don’t think you have Punch and Judy so let me just explain the concept. Two puppets made from nightmare fuel bash each other in the face with sticks potentially crippling you with a fear of puppetry and then haunting your British dreams for the rest of your days. It’s great fun. Needless to say I was a much bigger fan of puppets such as Basil Brush or Sooty and Sweep in my youth.

Punch and judy

There was giant Jenga nearly as tall as me, as well as space hoppers and random circus style toys like diablos and plate spinners.


As promised here is a slideshow of the beautiful garden with the Alice in Wonderland theme worked into it (bonus game of Where’s Wally – or Waldo, for my American friends – here, courtesy of our friend Matt who kindly provided our transport to and from the event.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, it was also a fancy dress wedding and I loooooove fancy dress. Every party would be fancy dress if I had my way (I know I’ve put this post under my ‘cosplay’ category but it’s that too, right?) Dan was asked to dress as Deadpool by the bride so naturally I decided to go as Deadpool’s one true love: a fluffy Unicorn (wink wink if you’ve seen the movie). I made my dress as well which was fun but now my entire flat is covered in sequins. They are literally everywhere, I can’t get rid of them.

When it comes to planning my wedding sometime in the future, how am I supposed to not copy them in some way? I can’t not have something like a sword cutting the cake, tea cups full of candy on the tables, or an eccentric bearded man terrorising children. I had such an incredible day it was so much fun.

10 thoughts on “A Very Geeky Wedding

  1. This is so awesome!! Thank you for sharing pictures from it! I planned our video-game themed wedding, so I always appreciate the extra mile that people go through when planning a themed wedding, especially a geeky one that you want guests to appreciate as well.

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    1. That’s so cool that you had a vide game themed one! That must have been amazing!
      I think a lot of the older guests were a bit bemused by some of the cosumtes (Dan’s Deadpool outfit won ‘scariest costume’ for example) and they didn’t get a lot of the puns the bride and groom did in their vows but then the circus side of it seemed to help balance it out and everyone had fun.

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  2. I LOVE geeky weddings, and I love that nowadays they’re becoming much more common. I’m a fan of making new traditions, and a big fan of doing whatever the hell you want/what makes you happy especially on your wedding day. I incorporated Final Fantasy into mine. All the music for the ceremony was from it, and my colors were black, red, and silver in homage to a, er, particular character lol. I love the pictures of the fire breathing bride ♥

    I’ve actually heard of Punch and Judy!

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    1. Your wedding sounds like it was amazing! I wonder which character that was!
      I agree, I think that you should be able to do whatever you want to do on your big day. When I told people about it in the office they all thought it was a really weird idea and didn’t seem that impressed. I imagine they were just jealous they hadn’t been to a wedding as fun as that one.

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      1. I’m curious the age demographic of these people tbh. I know the generation after mine is a bit put out by it (I’m in my mid thirties). I think many of them are too mired in tradition. I say buck tradition in favor of fun if that’s what you want to do!


  3. Oh my goodness, I want to attend this wedding! I think it’s time for them to renew their vows already, and send me an invite 😉
    Seriously though, now I’m going to have to ponder circus, wonderland, and/or fairytale-ish whimsy aspects to my future wedding.

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