30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 5: Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

Imoen from Baldur’s Gate. She could actually have gone into the Day 2 challenge and it was a very close thing but I decided against it so that I could use her for this one.

She is your first companion in Baldur’s Gate and your characters’ childhood friend. She is also the most loyal and reliable member of your party, never leaving you no matter what your reputation and she won’t get into fights with other members. When I was little and I used to watch my dad play Baldur’s Gate and I was always rooting for Imoen, I thought she was really pretty and her voice and portrait made her seem girly but she was badass too. I always like the girly but badass characters because I’m very girly myself but I have interests that don’t really come under the “girly” stereotype and, in case you hadn’t noticed from some previous posts, my way of speaking is not always lady like.

She was probably the first female video game character that I really liked and that had a personality. I’m pretty sure I used to annoy my dad sometimes because I would get upset if he swapped her out of the party for a different character or let her die. I just liked her quirkiness and positivity and I always wanted to be a bit like that, I think to some extent I am (or maybe that’s just wishful thinking). I also think she may be the reason that Rogue is generally my go to class; she was the one I took an interest in the most so I took more of an interest in her class as well and it became the one I know the most about and the most comfortable with. I also really love her name, simple and not too “out there” but it also sounds cool and a bit different.

Which video game character do you identify most with or wish you were like?


2 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 5: Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

  1. Imoen sounds really awesome! I haven’t played Baldur’s Gate yet but it’s on my infinite “To Play” list, haha.

    If you’ve figured out my answer for Day 2, it’s the same for this question. 🙂

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