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30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 4: Your Guilty Pleasure Game

While I don’t actually consider this a guilty pleasure… In fact I don’t really consider many games at all guilty pleasures … I suppose The Sims is quite a guilty pleasure? I’ll get hooked on it occasionally after a long break and I’ll usually go with the following sort of structure: Making a couple where one sim will work their way up honestly (very little cheating for money) from the ground up and the other sim is a total dick to them, not working, cheating on them and just generally being super mean to everyone. Then I either kill off or move out (depending on future levels of drama wanted) the nasty sim when the good sim starts to flourish and make loads of money. THEN the good sim meets another good sim and they start dating but then oh, hell no, nasty sim is back and they have a huge fight. Then the two good sims get married and live happily ever after and I try to make their family tree go on for as long as I can until I get bored and stop playing again.

Re-reading all that, yeah maybe it is a bit of a guilty pleasure!

What’s you guilty pleasure game? If you play The Sims, what drama do you unleash on them? I love hearing other people’s funny Sim stories.


2 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 4: Your Guilty Pleasure Game

  1. Guilty game pleasure? Hmm, let’s see… for me, it’s two games, or series at least: Cooking Mama, which is a blast of solid cooking fun, and Hatsune Miku (any of them) because the music is awesome and the gameplay extremely addicting.

    I have no intentions of ever telling another soul that I play either of these games so there ya go!

    Side note, how does one get into this 30 day game challenge jazz? I like it!

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    1. Cooking Mama is fun! Not played Hatsune Miku or really heard of it but I promise I won’t tell anyone you play them, Dragon’s honor!

      I got into it by reading it from the shameful narcissist’s blog https://ash1rose.wordpress.com/2017/06/01/30-day-video-game-challenge-day-1/and just decided to do it, I believe she was inspired by Cheap Boss Attack and AmbiGaming. I just Googled ’30 day video game challenge’ and the images that came up are the same as what everyone has been using. It’s good fun! I’m really enjoying it!


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