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30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 3: A Game That is Underrated

A few years ago I got full-on addicted to Dead Island, it got really bad. I actually started having dreams about being attacked by zombies with the viewpoint as if I was playing the game, although weirdly I was never scared in those dreams because I was always so confident I’d either beat them up or if I died in my dream I knew I wasn’t really dead and would sort of ‘reload’. Super weird. Anyway, point is that game didn’t seem to get a huge amount of love, not enough to warrant my addiction anyway, and I know it had its faults and that it was “just another zombie game” but it was so much fun, plus I really liked running around that beautiful hotel resort and island. Still waiting on the second one though…

dead island

Who else has played this? Have you ever been addicted to a game like that? What games do you think are underrated?

12 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 3: A Game That is Underrated

  1. I first played Dead Island on PC, where I played for several hours, having a ton of fun. Then I quit and came back the next day to find that my character was gone. I tried again, and the game just refused to save any of my progress. I looked online for help from the developer, Techland, and even though I found that I wasn’t the only one having this problem they didn’t seem to have any intention of fixing this problem because it only happened to a minority of players.

    Years later it came out for free on 360 so I thought alright, as long as I don’t have to pay for it again I guess I’ll try it. I played through it all fine and had a lot of fun. So much that I forgave them and bought Dying Light (on Xbox One this time). I liked it so much that I played it all night after I got it. Can you guess what happened next? This time it didn’t entirely delete my character though, it just rolled my character back to an autosave from about 6 hours worth of play earlier and no other newer saves existed anymore. How does that even happen? I took it back the next day and will never buy another game made by Techland again, no matter how fun they might be.

    That’s my depressing, unsolicited story about Dead Island. What was the question again? Oh right, uh…Lands of Lore. Lands of Lore is the greatest!

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    1. It’s such a shame you had that experience! I always played it on the PS3 and didn’t have that issue. It’s nice to know you were enjoying it up until that happened though and that you got to play it later. I haven’t played Dying Light but it looks like fun, maybe I’ll double check that no one’s had any issues with it on the Playstation before I get it though!

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      1. As far as I could tell while trying to find answers about the problem, it’s something that happens across all platforms, but only to a very small percentage of players I guess. I just got really unlucky. Chances are it’ll never happen to you, but I’m not going to roll the dice a 3rd time. I can tell you though, if you liked Dead Island, you’ll reaaaaaally like Dying Light. It’s basically just Dead Island 2. I don’t know why they even changed the name.

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      2. I’ll give it a go! They’re supposed to be bringing out a Dead Island 2 so that’s probably why they didn’t call it that, they released a trailer for it ages ago but then it kept being pushed back and now they seem to be acting like it never happened. Shame because the trailer was really good.

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  2. It was a better game than critics said (in my opinion) but considering the marketing and the final product were hugely at odds with each other, I can understand that it wasn’t what people were hoping for. I still had fun playing it.

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    1. I didn’t actually see any marketing for it before I played it, or if I did I didn’t pay any attention to it, it was someone else’s game that I had a go on and then really liked so got it for myself. Maybe that’s why I liked it more than some then.

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  3. I have Dead Island! It’ll be a long time before I get around to playing it though… Backlogs are brutal! Your post may have convinced me to try it out sooner rather than later 🙂

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  4. I spent lots of time playing it on PC! I loved meeting up with random folks and murdering everything. Upgrading weapons was a lot of fun too and running through “hoard” areas was terrifyingly awesome!

    Dying Light was also excellent when played with strangers. Creepy-ass game for sure.

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    1. I never played it as a multi player game, it looked like fun though.
      I have added Dying Light to my list, as it’s PS4 it might be my next new game!

      I also wanted to say thank you for recommending the FFX review by Spoony, I thought it was really funny!

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