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30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 2: Your Favourite Character

This is really difficult… I’m honestly really struggling with this as I have lots of characters I like but a core favourite doesn’t really spring to mind – it’s easier to think of characters from TV or movies. I suppose Kratos from God of War, if I had to choose. God of War 4 is the only game that I am actively following the progress of this year. This sounds kind of bad but I really enjoy Kratos’ brutal, aggressive tactics which are different from most other games I play, it gives you a cool alternative “you know what? What if you did just kill everyone and get it over with rather than try and do the ‘good’ thing?” it’s even brought into puzzles sometimes where you’ll be trying to solve something and then it gradually dawns on you that you have to do THAT nasty thing that you feel bad doing and it’s not a choice, it’s required to make you complete the game. It’s different having a hero that does not give a shit at all, literally not one, about what others think of him and his actions, well until 3 anyway when he meets Pandora and then there’s some nice character development which I liked. Also while he can talk, unlike some protagonists, often the expression on his face speaks for itself and he just doesn’t need to, he’s basically a super buff, human Grumpy Cat.


A few honourable mentions: Imoen from Baldur’s Gate, GlaDOS from Portal, Midna from Twilight Princess

Who’s your favourite? Any other Kratos fans out there?


12 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge! Day 2: Your Favourite Character

  1. I’ve never played a God of War game so I can’t really comment there, but a shout out for Imoen makes me happy! My favourite character from the Baldur’s Gate series is easily Irenicus though, if only for David Warner’s wonderfully sinister reading of his lines.

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    1. I was going to have Imoen as the star of this post but then I thought I’d save her for a future one instead. I don’t remember the second Baldur’s Gate as well as the first one so I can’t quite remember Irencius, I do intend to play it in the near future though!

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  2. I’ve never played a God of War game yet, but Kratos looks really badass! I’ll just let you guess who my favourite character is 🙂

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  3. This is a hard question, but I’ve always loved the character Magus from Chrono Trigger. Without getting into spoiler territory, his is a tragic backstory and he’s such a bad ass.


      1. Honestly I’m not super into racing game but that one was just the best! I think I spent a whole summer only playing that with my brother and cousin and we finished the game, unlocking all the achievements and secret levels! so much fun 🙂

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  4. Kratos’s backstory breaks my heart. I had no clue that’s why his skin was that color until I saw a commercial for, well not the newest one, but a later one. There is some hot about a guy who has no problems killing his enemies, and the reason he’s like that is totally valid.

    It is well known throughout the interwebs that TSN’s favorite character is Sephiroth from FFVII, so I shall not clog up your comments with my fangirl gushing 😋

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    1. I did read your one and knew it was Sephiroth! He’s a good choice.

      Kratos’s story is sad, and I like how they tie in mythologies with it, when I first played it I almost though he was an actual Greek Myth as well, he’s very similar to a lot of Greek heroes they did a really good job with that

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