My Final Final Fantasy X Thoughts: Torn Between Critiquing and Praising

As you may or may not know I have been playing, slowly but surely, through Final Fantasy X with some reservations about it due to my aversion to turn-based gaming (if you don’t you can read my previous posts about it here and here to fully understand my journey). Well I am pleased to say that I have finally finished it! It’s been a bit of a struggle occasionally but I suppose when all is said and done it has won me over. That doesn’t mean I haven’t found plenty of faults with it though. When I first started writing this post it was meant to be a straight up appreciation post but then I kept remembering things that really annoyed me about the game and I got carried away. Now this is a half rant, half appreciation post. I’ll get the ranting out the way first as it’s never good to end on a negative! Plus my ranting isn’t to be taken to heart or anything like that, FFX is definitely a good game, I just need to vent my feelings about some of the things that were bothering me, particularly at the end. Spoilers ahead!


So first off, I did not complete the game “fully” in that I didn’t complete any of the side quests. I really did try with the monster arena but WOW, how boring is that? Yeah, let’s just wack stuff with a sword over and over again mashing the X button until I die of either boredom or old age.  No thank you. I know that it gets harder when you capture more difficult monsters and the monsters in the arena are insanely difficult of course but I think my aversion to turn based gaming came through way too much here, if it was a case of running round an area hitting stuff as I go and picking up XP automatically instead of SMASH! YOU’RE IN A BATTLE! Animation of monsters coming in, oh look it’s my turn, attack animation, animation of me winning, point allocation… Then that would be fine. Basically I don’t have the patience to catch all the monsters and then grind enough to get my team to a level where they can beat the monsters in the arena. Dan is currently trying to complete 100% of the game in his own playthrough and while I can appreciate how some may enjoy it, it’s not for me.

Now let’s talk about the final boss battles starting with Seymour “my-hair-looks-like-chopper-handlebars”. He is persistent I’ll give him that but his last boss battle was bullshit. Maybe I just got lucky with this or something but it seemed like the wheel things he was attached to (furthering the chopper theory) were supposed to move and change the elements he was attacking with every round but he just stuck with Firaga the whole time until I killed him. It was a bit disappointing. Then we have the battle with Jecht and I must say at this point, damn the boss battle music for that bit was so cool, plus he looked incredible. It was a shame that it was quite an easy battle. Same goes for the fight with the aeons and Yu Yevon. Plus they had made it so that you can’t die which took away any sort of risk. I did kind of appreciate it though because I had no intention of running through the time filler room between the last save point and Jecht where you have to collect ice balls and avoid running into ice shards again. That was a weird room. It also seemed like the boss battles were easier than a lot of previous battles. I had spent a lot of the game (under Dan’s almost manic strategic gaming style) getting to know all these different tactics, what to look out for, what should be equipped, etc but at the end it seems like they say “nah, don’t worry about all that, just go for it”.

Finally, you know I’m going to end my rant with Tidus. We finally get to Jecht after learning throughout the game, and through the Jecht spheres, about the sacrifice he makes and how he really does love his son, even though he’s a dick to him, Tidus has shown some character development around Jecht after finding his sphere message things… But being the arrogant douche canoe that he is Tidus McTwatwaffle ruins what could have been a nice moment at their reunion by telling his dad he hates him. I thought it had been established that he actually doesn’t and it’s obvious he doesn’t really, he just has a huge flair for the dramatic which Yuna, for some reason, seems to find attractive. You can do so much better than him Yuna, get it together girl. Oh, and also “this is my story” get to fuck Tidus, you self-absorbed prick, it is not your story. It is Yuna’s story. She is the one that had to summon all her aeon friends to be killed at the end, she is the one that lost both you and Auron on the same day, she is the one that was plot central, she did literally everything in that game and even when she got kidnapped she was like “I think not”, leaped off a building and flew to safety. She even outlasted Tidus so many times in battle, he was constantly dying. I honestly do not know why Tidus was dreamt up, was it just so that he could shout at Jecht during the boss battle to stop him from going into overdrive mode? Seems like it. I would much rather have played as Yuna throughout the game I think it would have made more sense.

The real hero of this story

On to brighter things now; this game is absolutely beautiful, has some amazing voice acting, music, characters, monsters… It’s great, it really is. The story was also very good, what I could understand of it anyway, I had to keep double checking with Dan that what I thought was happening was actually happening but I often get lost when there’s a complicated plot so I think that’s more my fault than the game’s. I know that my ranting above has made it sound kind of bad but I enjoyed playing it. I will also admit that when Auron was sent a sneaky tear fell down my cheek and I had to take some deep breaths. So yes, I would highly recommend this game, I liked it and I will now consider Final Fantasy games more than I used to. I guess you could say that Final Fantasy X won’t be my final Final Fantasy game.

Once Dan and I have moved in together we’re going to play through FFX-2 which I know is meant to be bad but we’re going to approach it in a light hearted manner and not take it too seriously.


To finish off this post I would like to ask my FF fan readers some questions about the FFX plot which I am still unsure about:

  • Is Yu Yevon the god that they have been worshipping all this time? Who or what is it? If it is the god they’ve been worshipping then why do they keep worshipping it afterwards in the epilogue?
  • Why doesn’t Yu Yevon just possess the dark aeons? Those things are crazy hard to kill. Can he not possess something unless it’s inside Sin?
  • Why was Seymour so set on marrying Yuna? Why did it have to be her? He could have chosen any summoner once she refused him, couldn’t he?

17 thoughts on “My Final Final Fantasy X Thoughts: Torn Between Critiquing and Praising

  1. Ohh boy, did this post hit close to home!

    FFX was my bucket list game for about 15 years. It was THE game, the one I was convinced would be so absolutely awesome that I just have to play. I put it off for years wanting to wait until the ideal moment to pick it up.

    I have a copy for PS2, I have a copy for the Vita, and eventually I ended up buying the HD remaster for the PC. The sole purpose for buying the HD remaster was to get access to the ability to fast-forward through the random encounters, which proved to be a godsend.

    Like you I also have an aversion to turn-based battles. However going into final fantasy 10, I had played a slew of RPG’s in that style and gotten used to it. It turns out the battle system is the only thing about this game I actually liked. This storytelling initially had me pretty captured, but I quickly lost interest as soon as the very obvious villain Seymour and his ridiculous hair stormed onto the screen. Tidus gets a lot of hate, but personally I can’t find anything to relate to with any of the characters, with the exception of Auron.

    In the end I don’t at all regret playing FFX, But it definitely did not live up to the hype that I Constructed around it. If you want to have a really good laugh, And possibly have a better time than you did playing the game, I advise you to go on YouTube and search for Spoony’s FFX review. It’s a four-part review of this game that, in a hilarious manner, addresses a lot of the concerns that you bring up in your various article about it. Heck after you’re done with that he has one on FFX-2 to as well!

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    • If you can fast forward through the random encounters on the remastered PS4 version I didn’t know about it, if I could have done I’m going to be so annoyed because that would have been so handy.

      I know what you mean about the characters not being that relatable. None of them were annoying like Tidus I thought but then none of them were that interesting either. I did like Rikku though she was quite cool but they could have done more with her character as well.

      Did you play it on all the different copies you had or just the remastered version? If so I don’t know how you can leave a game alone after you buy it! I usually go home and play it immediately!

      I will definitely take a look at that YouTube review, it sounds good! I won’t watch the part 2 one yet though as I don’t want spoilers before I play it (although I can almost guarantee I won’t be playing it for long).

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  2. Seymour is the pinnacle of ridiculous Final Fantasy hair. It not only defies gravity, it also makes no damn sense. His voice pissed me off, too I know they were going for the elitist, smarmy, douchbag, but ugh. I usually find the villains attractive. Also Seynour is really a name to run away from.

    Everything you said about Tidus. The only reason I felt bad at the end was because Yuna obviously loved his fish out of water/stranger in a strange self, but I never really thought to critique his “This is me story” insistence. It *isn’t*gis story. It’s Yuna’s, but FF likes to do that. Steer your focus towards a male MC, but have it really be about a female one. Vii is similar. The most important character in that is Aeris, but the boys have to have their big sword fight (pun intended lol).

    I’m glad this isn’t your “Final” Fantasy 😊

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    • Yes! Seymour’s voice was very irritating and that little smirky laugh he did was so weird as well! Like you said with the name, it’s an odd choice for a villain name “oh no, here comes Seymour”.

      I did feel bad for Yuna when Tidus disappeared but not as sad as when Auron left. It’s a shame they steer it towards a male main character most of the time, watching the trailer for XV there was barely a girl in sight.

      Maybe I should play VII next (after X-2 that is), everyone says that’s the best.

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      • Because I loved the movie Little Shop of Horrors growing up, all I could think of was “Suddenly Seymour” 😂😂😂 Not. Remotely. Intimidating.

        Auron’s story was so much sadder than Tidus. I mean Tidus was someone’s dream (and yeah, who the hell is dreaming about him??), but finding out Auron was her father’s guardian and is now hers even after death hits hard.

        VII is my favorite story of all time, but the graphics are aged and it’s confusing/convoluted. I’d recommend IV or VI and then VII!

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  3. I don’t think anyone anwsered your questions and you probably already know the anwsers by now but let me make an attempt.
    1. Yevon is a religion that Yu Yevons daughter (Yunalesca) created so that people would continue to use the final summoning. I think it’s because she was the first person to defeat sin and thought that the final summoning was the only way? Idk. Yu Yevon was the leader of Zanarkand during the war and basically turned everyone in Zanarkand into a fayth so that they could dream up the Zanarkand that Tidus is from, Yu Yevon summoned Sin as armor that would protect the Fayth and dream Zanarkand but lost control of it because of its power. I don’t remember the ending too well but I know in X-2 they make another religion called New Yevon which basically is Yevon minus the secrets and Bs.
    2. Yu Yevon can only merge with aeons inside Sin I guess because when have you seen him outside of Sin? That one i’m making up so don’t quote me!
    3. Seymour wanted to marry Yuna because her father was the high summoner who brought about the previous calm so that way he would have absolute trust withing the people of Spira. People didn’t accept him because he was half guado, half human. (and half crazy!)
    That may have anwsered your questions, hopefully, but I know just as much as what other people online tell me!

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