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My Future Geeky Flat

It’s becoming a busy month for The Dragon’s Tea Party! I have been offered a new job! This means I’ll be moving away from London but that’s OK as I have been looking to get away from there for a while now as I’m not very happy in the big city. It’s a very stressful, busy place and I’m a lot happier in a smaller town near the countryside (still with some good nightlife though, don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere either). On top of that, what with recent events like the attack in London Bridge – which is the main station I go through to get to work every day – I would feel a lot safer being away from the big city right now.

My new job will take me to Dorset which means that I will be moving in with my boyfriend (so that I can stop referring to him as ‘my boyfriend’ and ‘my other half’ by the way, his name is Dan)! We have found a flat and there is a lovely room in there which will become The Games Room (or The Arcade, not sure what to call it yet). In this room we’ll have a table dedicated to D&D and other games, a space for the PS4, Dan’s desktop computer so I can FINALLY get back into PC gaming and my sewing machine, which isn’t really in theme with the rest of it but I need somewhere to put it. We’ve got lots of geeky ideas to furnish our flat with, most of which probably won’t happen straight away but hopefully will do in the future. I thought it would be fun to put a few of our ideas on here and see if anyone has any further geeky furnishing suggestions!

Here are some of the ones we have so far:

  1. Snorlax bean bag chair – OK this is super pricey but it’s ok to dream!Snorlax bean bag
  2. Continuing the Pokemon theme… Bulbasaur plant pots! I’m going to put these along the window sill in the living room with lots of little plants in there and maybe take one for my desk at work too.Bulbasaur plant pot
  3. Portal bookendsPortal bookends
  4. Game Grumps/Starbomb poster. I’m not as keen on Starbomb as Dan is but I think that poster is better… Not sure which one to go for (maybe both?) 

  5. Harry Potter themed key holder Alohomora

As well as that I’m planning on dotting a few cross stitch creations around the flat, mostly nerdy quotes to put in relevant places (the crumpocolypse Borderlands 2 one can go in the kitchen, the Zoolander/mermaid one in the bathroom, the Rick and Morty quote by the TV… I’m not sure where the Follow your dreams Game Grumps quote can go but I like it and I’ll find it a place!)


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I suppose I should also be thinking about boring things like sofas, tables and chairs but I’m too excited to do that.

Anybody got any geeky furnishing suggestions or any advice in general? I am getting very excited planning all this!

12 thoughts on “My Future Geeky Flat

  1. Congrats on the new job! And yeah I don’t blame you for being anxious at all in light of recent events. I’m more of a suburbs girl myself. I like seeing trees and parks, but having things around. My state is literally named for its “sylvan” atmosphere, and I’m very happy about that.

    Ahhh I love that Snorlax!

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      1. The only time I have a problem is around the holidays, because I live near the biggest mall in the country. Literally lol. In terms of store space, it’s even bigger than the mall that has the roller coaster. It’s quite a pain to get around then, but other than that, I really can’t complain 🙂

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