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Pimp My Dragon

Hello there lovely readers, exciting stuff over at The Dragon’s Tea Party, some re-branding going on!

RIP to my old, what-was-meant-to-be-temporary-but-actually-ended-up-being-quite-long-term logo, in case anyone was wondering what the hell it was, it was of course a picture of a cat in an avocado costume… My reason for choosing this is simply that every time I see the picture it makes me giggle. Here it is in full for your enjoyment:

Old logo

Aaaaaand here is my new logo!

The time of the Sassy Tea Drinking Dragon has come

Nice little story behind this. I was on the train coming home from one of my fortnightly visits to my boyfriend and was sat next to a girl who… not only was reading a Garth Nix book (one of the Abhorsen ones I haven’t read yet), she also had a Tardis notepad too. I knew it was meant to be and we had a lovely conversation about books, movies and drawing. Personally I am a terrible artist, (although I will discard all modesty and admit that my stick men are usually pretty flawless as long as they have no facial features or any detail whatsoever) she was showing me some lovely drawings from her Tardis notebook and I mentioned that I needed to up my drawing game to make the logo for my blog, at the time I was considering making a stick dragon, but then she immediately asked what I wanted and started drawing it all up for me. The next day she set me over the logo! I love it, it’s perfect.

I feel all official now that I have a proper logo, it’s weird.

A few more updates include me changing round the theme of my blog to match my logo colour scheme more and messing about with my widgets, About and Contact pages. I love messing around with all these colours and pictures.

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