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Hyeeeh, kyaaah, HYAAAAAH! (or The Comic Con Legend of Zelda Meetup)

In my previous Comic Con post I mentioned how I went to a Legend of Zelda meet up at but that I didn’t have the pictures. Now I do! They were taken courtesy of Celery Moon Designs, she was lovely and has provided me with one of the best pictures taken of me for a loooong time, and I’m an awkward model so that is quite an achievement. Have a look at her page to see more Comic Con pictures and more of the album that the below are from (and some awkward ones of me trying to look tough).

At the group meetup there was an interesting split between Breath of the Wild and the ‘old’ games so there was a lot of diversity. We had some individual pictures and then a big group one, then by game, good characters, bad characters… It was really fun and it was great to meet everyone. Keep an eye out for the Midna’s and Princess Leia-Link, I had slight cosplay envy.

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I have to say the best LoZ cosplay in my opinion (other than myself, obviously) was a Wind Waker Link that turned up with Medli in a full size King of Red Lions boat. She was actually driving it around the convention like a little go-kart, it was incredible and it looks absolutely perfect too. She has a Facebook page called StarKey Studios with some other incredible cosplays she’s done, they look amazing. If you take a look at the page there is a video of the boat in action driving around with Captain Jack Sparrow on it while onlookers sing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme tune. It’s pretty awesome.

I seriously can’t get over how awesome this boat is

Finally, while we’re sort of on the subject of Nintendo, when I was writing my last post with the links to artists at the bottom I was desperately searching for the business card of one of my favourite stands whom I bought a realistic Pokémon bookmark from but I couldn’t find it and I had to publish the post without it. Turns out I had put it in clear view the whole time but due to my messiness I was sorting through piles of clothes and bags thinking I wouldn’t have tidied it away. Anyway, here is a picture of my gorgeous bookmark (unpopular opinion: Bulbasaur was my favourite starter) and the artwork on the back of her business card, I really like the colours and the realistic twist. Check out the shop here! She specialises in fantasy and mythology if you’re into that sort of thing.

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