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Cleavopatra: The Return (Boss Battles Galore)

It’s been a while since I introduced my Bloodborne character Cleavopatra and I thought I’d post an update on my gameplay. Cleav’ is doing pretty well.  You can see her hair now! (I made it pink so that there would be some bubble gum happiness in the dark and gothic Yarnham) Guess my 45 minutes of character design wasn’t wasted after all.

She has a sweet top hat too


My biggest achievement so far, and possibly the most intense boss battle of my life, was defeating Father Gascoigne. It took me a while but I finally did it. I saved a video clip of my battle because there is a part at the end where we’re both at very low health and that shit is intense, plus I was just very proud, I like to watch it to cheer me up when I die too much in the game. I really wish I had been able to record my voice over it somehow because my Dad was watching me play (he’s playing through it too – go gamer Dad!) and we were both SCREAMING at the TV. Here’s a small, insightful sample of dialogue which really shows off my extensive vocabulary, and eloquently demonstrates my general reactions to this game:


Fireworks went off, world peace was achieved, I was knighted… Here are some screenshots to help you experience the moment with me.

Visceral shot, check out that pink ponytail swing
Gascoigne fight flying
This was the tensest moment EVER, just look at those health bars! (Also I know it’s unclear but that’s Cleavopatra flying through the air)
Gascoigne Prey Slaughtered

So if you are a Bloodborne player you’re probably thinking “lol wait until you get to *future boss* if you think Gascoigne was bad” and yeah, to be honest I’m not expecting to finish this game. I’ve seen some of what awaits me from my boyfriend’s and the Game Grumps’ playthroughs (one of my favourite playthroughs of theirs FYI) and it looks a bit tricky, but I will try! My other half is currently getting his arse kicked by Ludwig over and over, and is stubbornly refusing to summon other Hunters to help him because he wants to do it all by himself, which I totally get – but unlike him I will get to the point of throwing my pride and independence out the window very quickly with zero fucks given and summoning an army to help me out.

Right now I have just gotten rid of Djura, the hunter on top of a tower with a gatling gun turret, and his little dodge-happy hunter buddy at the bottom of the tower. So this Djura dickhead was shooting away with the most annoying precision shooting ever. At one point I was inside a building, thinking I was safe, and suddenly no. Dead. He shot me through some microscopic crack in the wall. I finally managed to climb up the tower and confront him, I barely made a dent. I tried a few more times and it was just impossible so my Dad let me in on the secret of how he had killed him, even though I was slightly loath to know as I haven’t used any guides or glitches yet in this playthrough. If you’re interested you get the hunter’s pistol (I found my blunderbuss too slow) and as soon as you get to the top of the ladder you target him and just shoot him over and over until he falls off the edge of the building, then you quit the game and reload it so that his remains are on the top of the tower and you can get the Powder Keg Hunter badge. I feel a bit guilty about killing him this way but he was so difficult and I didn’t want to have to go through the area worrying about being shot at on top of everything else.

So this brings us to where I currently am: The Blood Starved Beast.

Blood starved beast

He doesn’t look that blood starved, he’s covered in the stuff.

About 20 seconds of rolling around desperately I was killed. Any tips to get me through it are welcome! I’ve been told there’s a super easy way to beat this boss for an easy kill, but I’ve told my other half not to share it with me – I don’t want to resort to that unless I have absolutely no choice!

7 thoughts on “Cleavopatra: The Return (Boss Battles Galore)

  1. Anti poison items help a lot with blood starved beast. It’s not as bad as some of the other ones in my opinion. Don’t get greedy when attacking it; a couple of hits then back off. He can be parried with your gun fairly easily too.

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      1. I recall there being some items behind the alter in the room, but I think it’s just more antidotes. I think he’s vulnerable to fire too. I remember beating on him for the first phase but the second phase is where you need to keep your distance a lot more.


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