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As you may or may not know I have been playing through Final Fantasy X with my boyfriend (if you don’t know then read about it here!), and in our most recent session, he told me how much it frustrates him to watch me play. This is because, while we have both agreed that we are equally skilled at gaming (when I say “equally skilled” I of course mean that I am way better than he is), we have very different ways of playing: I like to explore, have some fun with it, not take it too seriously, use every character equally, and try things out for myself without always knowing what’ll happen. Once I have finished the game and know what is effective, and if I liked the game enough, I’ll play through it again in a more power-centred, effective manner. He prefers to immediately identify the optimal build for his chosen characters, stick to a solid plan throughout the game, and turn that team into an efficient powerhouse (to the neglect of all other characters).

In the case of FFX, I recently recruited Rikku (who is fast becoming my favourite character by the way) and I was changing the party formation round a lot so that she could get a hit in at the beginning of the battle (to gain some experience before being swapped out for someone stronger). This was apparently frustrating at times because I could make the game go faster by simply focusing on three already-powerful core characters (i.e. Yuna, Auron and Tidus, in his opinion). I get that my way makes the grinding go on for longer, but I think it’s worth it to see what the less powerful ones can do later in the game, although my other half insists it’s not worth it. In FFXIII though, I really stuck with the weaker characters like Vanille and Hope, and they were hugely powerful at the end of my game so I think that my theory stands.

Final Fantasy X_D.jpg
My other half’s FF X team. This makes me angry.

Similar to our FF playing styles is Pokémon. He will focus on a couple of main Pokémon throughout the main quest, only working on filling his Pokédex once the Elite Four lie broken at his feet. On the other hand, I will try to level up my whole team equally and if I catch a Pokémon that I think sounds interesting I’ll try it out for a while and see what they’re like. This means that in PvP situations, I’m usually at a huge disadvantage over other players, which I do find a little frustrating, but I don’t play PvP that often and I get emotionally attached to my team so I don’t want to put them in the PC prison. It would be like a Pokémon Breeder taking on a Cool Trainer if I were to battle my boyfriend. You can tell that we’re a cool couple by how we’ve assigned ourselves Pokémon trainer types – actually, he wants it known that I designated him Cool Trainer. I may never hear the end of that.

pokemon team
Here’s my Pokémon team (all nicknamed for the Nuzlocke challenge) you can see that they are all just about the same level, except for Binch who is levelling

For a nice visual comparison to really demonstrate my point, we both played Stardew Valley recently. He’s a little ahead of me but not by that much so it’s a pretty accurate comparison. Here is my farm (aka Awesomeness Farm):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here is his farm:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So as you can see I didn’t focus that much on the money making, or optimal farm spacing. I wasn’t too fussed, I was busy cooing over my animals and experimenting with hats (there’s a mouse that sells hats! Why not?!), and I’m never actually left needing money desperately at this point anyway. I do plan on starting a new game soon where I will focus more on optimising my farm (not to the pixel perfect degree of his farm; I am too impatient to do that) because now I know what to do and how to do it, and which parts of the game I enjoy the most, I can jump straight to it. I know that there is a sort of endgame ‘finale’ after three in-game years which varies depending on how well your farm has done, but that doesn’t affect your playthrough in any meaningful way, just your pride if you take it to heart. You can carry on with the game afterwards just like before, so personally I don’t see a reason to get so mad over tactics.

When I first realised what type of gamer he was, I thought that this might be him obsessing over the game for bragging rights – i.e. being able to say things like “I have over a million gold in Stardew Valley!” or “I took out the final boss in FFX in two hits!” etc, and not actually enjoying playing the game. But talking with him about it, he assured me that that’s just the way he has fun, and he was struggling just as hard to understand how I found it fun taking the long way round and being so underpowered (until the end of the game at least).

So at the end of the day I suppose it doesn’t matter how you play a game as long as you enjoy it! Bit of an obvious moral, but sometimes it’s difficult not to be blindsided by your own playstyle.

We are actually thinking about recording a debate on this subject – voicing both sides of the issue for you all to read or listen to! – in what would surely start out as a light-hearted conversation, before almost certainly turning entertainingly heated as we become more and more passionate regarding the topic at hand. Let me know if you’d be interested in our bickering on gaming attitudes and play styles!

What’s your play style? Is there something about the way other gamers play that makes you angry?


9 thoughts on “Gaming With Style

  1. I often do the same thing your boyfriend does, something I started nick naming the Super Hero strategy, of having a couple of ultra powerful characters and leaving the rest to flounder. This worked really well for me in Heroes of Might and Magic.
    Some games stop you doing that though, particularly the SMT games. If you’re not diverse you’ll suffer later.

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    1. I like that name, I’ll call it that from now on! I suppose sometimes it impacts the story or your understanding of different roles for some games if you just stick with a select few characters but it is nice when you can choose to do whichever method you like.

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  2. Agreed. There is a bit of a “path of least resistance” concept amongst gamers, which makes sense when you consider a game as a challenge. I would say the best way to make people look into other options is to make them as appealing as the “easiest” way to succeed.

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  3. I play more like your style with trying to give each character close to equal time. There are usually ones I favor, but since you never know when/if you’ll need a particular skill? I like to make sure everyone is utilized at some point.

    I’m also a completionist. I want to find as many things as possible, and I don’t care how many hours I put in. Case in point: World of Final Fantasy. I clocked over 200 hours on it, but I have all the Mirages, did the four extra dungeons after you beat it, and my two main characters are on Level 99. I only missed some trophies.

    Games like FF I do like to reply for the same reason I’ll reread a book or rewatch a movie. There’s so much plot, foreshadowing, and symbolism that you pick up more each time to go through!

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    1. That’s exactly why I play like that! I always want to know all the extra bits that you can get from using all the characters and getting to know all their uses. I love ganes that have alternative endings and levels depending on your actions in the game, I’ll play those over and over. That’s an impressive amount of final fantasy time!

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      1. I think you’d like it a lot! It’s a very beloved game and many peoples’ favorite. I’m fond of the battle system. It is still turn based, but the characters move around the screen, and you can see all the enemies you’re going to fight 🙂

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