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The Room For Improvement

I am not a big App gamer at all. I can count the games I have played with an app on one slightly mutated hand. They are: Alpaca World, Bread Kitten, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Pokemon Go and most recently The Room. You may notice there that The Room is a bit different to the other games on the list, mainly because it lacks cute animals/fictional creatures and cartoony colours.

I first came across The Room when I saw their creators’ (Fireproof Games) stand at Rezzed 2017 and had a go on the demo for their new game The Room: Old Sins. I got embarrassingly stuck (which you can read about here) but I think that made me more determined to master it and after talking to the lovely people manning the stand I was told of the three previous games which were a trilogy, Old Sins being more of a stand-alone one. Another big thing that drew me to it is that it is a spooky game but it’s not scary.

the room old sins


I am the sort of person that loves to watch other people play horror games. Five Nights at Freddy’s, Resident Evil and Silent Hill are some of my favourite play throughs to watch but if I had to play them myself I would be incapable of moving around and would stay rooted in what ever the “safe zone” was. Basically, I am a massive wuss. I’m not entirely sure why this is, maybe it’s because of the more cinematic feel of these sort of games which is probably why I would rather watch someone else play them.

A big victim of this is Bioshock which I love but can never finish. I have tried to play it over and over but I just get way too creeped out and can only play it in the daylight. The furthest I ever got was up to the splicers covered in concrete and then I was done. Other than that there are very few scary games I have attempted to play. I made my other half buy Layers of Fear once (which is great by the way if you ever come across it) so that I could watch him play it and he handed me the controller while he ate dinner. I tentatively ventured forward only to be spooked by a rat, screamed a little (a lot) and then just walked in a circle for about 15 minutes waiting for him to finish so he could take the responsibility away from me.

One day I will finish this game… Eventually

Anyway I digress. The Room was perfect for me because the dark colours and sounds around you are enough to create an ambiance that suitably creeps me out but as I couldn’t actually move around I knew it was very unlikely that I was going to have to defend myself against some supernatural being. In fact, the only thing you can do is look and interact with a box on a table. I was a little hesitant to download it after my failure at Rezzed but once I understood the logic of the game I got very into it.

the room gameplay
One of the may puzzles to solve in the game

I’m definitely going to be downloading the next two The Room games and Old Sins, when it comes out, and trying to further my app gaming skills. Any recommendations?


11 thoughts on “The Room For Improvement

  1. That’s my exact problems with horror based games. I have an interesting relationship with horror. I’m a gigantic wuss puss, but I’m fascinated by the idea of horror. I want to write it, my favorite stories center around eldritch abominations, and I love dark fantasy. But I could never play a game like Silent Hill, Dead Space, and god forbid Slender Man D: The Room looks like it might be up my alley though! I like the eerie ambiance, and I adore puzzle games. Is it for iOS or Android?


    1. I get that completely, I like reading about horror and I find all the stories from the games I’m too scared to play really interesting. Do you write anything like that on your blog?
      The Room is on both I think. I’ve got it on Android.

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      1. I wrote a dark fantasy/paranormal romance about decade back, but I shelved it because of all the rejections I was getting. I have plenty of story ideas for horror that I plan to explore in the (hopefully) near future though. I want to read more Lovecraft and definitely Stephen King before I really delve into it.

        I found it! I didn’t realize until recently that a Kindle Fire is technically an Android hehe. I have more room on that then my iPhone, so I downloaded it on there. I’m really looking forward to playing it though I’ve noticed the Kindle will often crash while I’m playing games.


      2. Shame that got rejections, keep on writing! I like reading stuff like that. I got the complete works of Lovecraft on my kindle pretty cheap and it’s great, plus I started playing Bloodborne recently and I feel like that is very Lovecraft inspired, I keep reading about all the story behind it and it’s almost like he wrote it.

        Hopefully the app won’t crash! If it does though it seemed to save automatically and I never lost any progress. I hope you enjoy it!

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      3. I have Lovecraft on my Kindle, too! It was very cheap. Hell it might have even been free; a lot of the classics are.

        I bought it and have had no issues. I really like it! I got past the first chapter (so the safe is open), and now I have to figure out the puzzle box that was inside. The graphics are gorgeous, the sounds are quite terrifying, and the ambience is eerie and cool. I’ll definitely have to talk about it my weekly gaming update!

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      4. I posted it earlier tonight! I then went out and was showing the game to a friend, and of course her seven year old son was VERY interesting, because technology. He and my other friends same age daughter commandeered by Kindle and they both went about trying to solve Chapter 2. I think they figured something out! I was quite impressed, because The Room is quite a puzzler. It took me 20-30 minutes to get through Chapter 1, but it’s highly enjoyable, and that music is so eerie :O


      5. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it and it’s really cool the kids were liking it as well! I got really stuck in the first but too and when the floorboards are creeking in the background I have a temporary moment of “oh no something’s going to jump at me!” I’ll check out your post today!

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      6. I felt the same way! I had to look around and make sure I wasn’t about to be ambushed. It really does make an eerie ambience. I had to promise them I’d let them play with it next time I saw them lol. So even when I finish it, I’ll keep it on my device. Might as well teach them problem solving skills young 🙂

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