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Rezzed 2017!

My usual Saturday consists of me playing video games or binge watching a TV show with my other half while we work our way through a pile of biscuits, crisps and pizza. What is better than doing that? Not much, except maybe going to play video games in a different location! We travelled mildly far across south London, defeated all obstacles that Transport for London threw at us (diverted trains, delayed trains, no trains, optional 3 hour bus journeys which we vehemently refused, and the tube which doesn’t need issues for me to find it an unpleasant experience), we attempted to journey on foot at one point, getting a bit lost and taking a 20 minute diversion but we saw some boats and a really nice pub I’ve mentally made a note of for future outings so it wasn’t all bad. Finally, we arrived at Tabacco Docks where Rezzed was being held.


We had tickets for the day and for the after party as well, and we got lost, so we had arrived pretty late in the day, we managed to see a lot though despite that. I got to try the Nintendo Switch for the first time which was really cool, I would love to get a Nintendo Switch (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is calling to me…) but I need to save up for it first. At Rezzed we played Snipperclips with the Switch which is an absolutely adorable game, I loved it, it did take some getting used to though because the controls are super sensitive and you have to hold the tiny controller sideways, my big thumbs were being a bit clumsy.


My favourite game that I got to play though was The Room: Old Sins. This hooked me straight away, it’s a puzzle, mystery, and adventure game and I really want to play more of it to find out what was happening. Unfortunately this is a game we found at closing time and didn’t get to play the full demo of as they were closing up. When we first got on it though, embarrassingly my screen was the one being broadcast on and I am absolutely hopeless at puzzles, I enjoy them if there’s a good story to the game around it, as there was to this one, but I am useless at them and my gameplay was mostly me adjusting a chair over and over again trying to open a door (for more context there the chair was part of a switch for the door) until one of the guys on the stand took pity on me and helped me out. So that was a thrilling watch for bystanders. I will definitely be downloading this though.

the room old sins.jpg

I didn’t get to play everything I wanted to as we got lost on the way there and didn’t have as much time as we would have liked, and for every game I did play I played two that I was not keen on at all, this is mostly because a lot seemed to be a case of “this is a really cool concept… but what’s the actual game?”. I’m sure I must have missed a few things but here’s a small list of some of the games I really liked:

  • Victor Vran Overkill (aka Motorhead the game). This is simply a very cool game, your guitar is a weapon and you can power slide through enemies to take them out. Enough said.
  • Lost Words. I really like the idea of this game and I am very curious to see what the goals of the game are and where they will take it
  • Muddle Dash. This was just super cute and super fun. A good multiplayer, chill out with your friends game.

Once we got kicked out of the main event we headed off to the after party where they had a bar, a DJ set and loads of retro games set up all over the room. You were supposed to tweet which game you wanted to play and they would come and change it over in the console but I didn’t see them change them that often, I had been hoping to play Kirby’s Dream Course but it was not to be. Instead I had to make do with my boyfriend telling me how amazingly good he was at Crash Team Racing and that he was going to annihilate me at it. Not to sound too much like I’m bragging (ok I am, but I like to indulge in the occasional one) but I managed to beat him both times we played and he accused me of ruining his childhood, it’s ok he’ll learn who the gaming boss in the relationship is eventually and succumb to my superiority. I will break him.


Overall, a good day out and I would definitely go again! Next year I’ll try to be on time!


7 thoughts on “Rezzed 2017!

      1. I’ve played the first two but not the third. I’d highly recommend giving them a go – they’re really good! 🙂


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