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Battling my inner (and in-game) pride demons

After a few uneventful battles where I felt like I was finally getting to grips with this two-handed fighter business, Shawty and co. arrived at the breach. After realising that there is actually a path down to the rift rather than just jumping off the ledge and sacrificing some HP as I had done in previous games (I have no defence for my actions here, I just thought “well there it is” and went for it) a Pride Demon stepped through the rift and I launched into the routine I had become accustomed to in my battles all the way up there. After a long struggle of having the last character standing running around to revive everyone only to have them die instantly again I gave up and succumbed to the ‘Your Journey Ends’ page. I had never died in this part of the game before and I was pissed off.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20170319213422

I came back to that battle with a vengeance and made a lot more use of the tactics screen, this time paying more attention to where Solas and Varric were, I feel bad for such a novice mistake but as a fighter I had begun to feel so over-powered I forgot to use everyone else to the best of their abilities.

Shawty killed the demon and sealed the rift, Cassandra no longer believed I was to blame for destroying the conclave, the Inquisition was re-established and Shawty became the Herald of Andraste, a title she decided she rather liked and told everyone that asked, “yeah, I was sent by the maker, praise me”, I thought I was being a bit pompous but Cassandra actually approved so now I’m considering us on good terms.

I smugly arrived in The Hinterlands where I went to sort out the templars and rebel mages battling in the valley, and well… Prepare yourself for some ranting. I got absolutely annihilated by a mage. ONE MAGE. I got rid of everyone around him and it was just him left there in the valley throwing spell after spell at me and teleporting away whenever I made any headway on breaking down his shield. I simply couldn’t break it down fast enough, it regenerated too quickly to the point that he managed to kill off Shawty, Cassandra and Varric. I had Solas run away to safety in shame, I am blaming all of this on him, Mr “Master-of-the-fade-I-camp-in-ruins-and-walk-in-the-Fade-alone”, that’s great Solas, but can you teleport? NO YOU FUCKING CAN’T. Is your shield as awesome as this guys’? NO. So don’t give me your wise, elven bull.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20170324133038
Solas: “I sense magic nearby. The rebel mages can’t be far” Really Solas? What makes you say that?????

I am also pretty annoyed because I am quite sure that as a mage you can’t get that power anyway which is a bit disappointing, there are similar spells like Fade Step but it doesn’t look like that, if I’m wrong and you know what the spell is do let me know!

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20170323231855
This is a terrible screenshot but it’s so fast, this is the best I could do… What is it?!

I did look into this a bit and there are a lot of people saying that the Walk Softly trial is annoying because you will occasionally come across a seemingly normal enemy who is horribly overpowered, then you’ll come to a boss battle which will be a piece of cake. I’ll leave this on a bit longer though and see how it goes.

Luckily The Hinterlands, while horribly tedious after a while, has seemingly endless side quests that Shawty could make a start on to level up a bit, I am not sure how much this will help as the mage will still be Shawty’s level later thanks to my custom setting, but I assume it will be easier…

Side note: No sign of any bears yet to try out the Grizzly End Trial

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